Quick break before I finish HotStuff

This is like the second time I’ve drawn someone’s DnD character for a trade eventually I’m gonna have to start charging you cockmunchers actual people money


Sara and I collaborated on two fics for Emily for Christmas

or: merry christmas, here's over 7000 words of porn of your dnd characters

Part 1  (Dee)

“Do you think there will be ghosts?” Tanum asked Havi, adjusting the straps of his pack again. “Do you think they’re going to haunt the campground? Maybe they’ll know we’re coming!” The thought sent shivers of equal parts excitement and fear down his spine.

Part 2  (Sara)

The bell above the door rings, and Tanum looks up from the seat behind the counter of the shop where he’s curled around the leather diary (journal! Journals were cooler, journals were for adults, not dumb teenagers worrying about dumb events-that-in-retrospect-may-have-been-mistakes they made with their best friends).

Arnam comes into the shop, and Tanum quickly shuts the journal. Arnam is, well, fine, and they’re friends, but…