Prince Harry made a visit to Epping Forest to see the Wood Pasture Restoration Project, which is part of the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) initiative on March 15, 2017. 

“The QCC is a conservation initiative which aims to create a global network of indigenous forests to benefit communities and wildlife, now, and into the future.” 

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The number one thing I want from season 5 is the next time Steven sees the Crystal Gems, they’ve all reformed. Like they just bust in somewhere and are taking out all these Homeworld gems and Steven realizes they all look different, they’ve all lost their physical forms multiple times trying to get him back. That would be the best initial gut punch before the heart-wrenching reunion.

Thinking about bazzzillionaire Greg makes me so happy.

Giving $1,000 tips to Kiki or Jenny for Fish Pizza delivery, giving Peedee $1,000 tips for the bits.

Driving Steven to the library and while he’s there paying overdue book fines for everyone in Beach City.

Paying to have Vidalia and Yellowtail’s entire house rewired so they don’t blow a fuse or brown out as often when Sour Cream is working on his music. At first Vidalia tells Greg she absolutely will not let him do that but he tells her to consider it payback for all those times he bummed around her place and ate her food when she really didn’t have food to spare.

Donating lots of money to schools, hospitals, and museums and then commissioning Vidalia to paint the artwork that will hang in the building named after him or more often named after Rose/the Quartz-Universe Family.

Donating lots of money to nonprofits that help single parents who struggle to make ends meet.

Dropping large bills around the boardwalk for anyone to find.

Dropping all the money in his wallet into a street performer’s guitar case.

Offering free waxes at his carwash indefinitely.


Bazzzillionaire Greg Universe

Post “That Will Be All”

I just had a thought so gut-wrenching/terrible and I can totally see the Crewniverse doing it.

What if 

the next time we see a Homeworld gem we learn two things. The first will obviously be what Yellow and Blue’s next plan for the Earth is. The second is worse. So much worse.

We will learn that the Zoo is gone. The humans, the Rose Quartzes, and the whole Famethyst. Done away with. 

(Yellow finally convinced Blue to be rid of it all because they’re going to do something like “preserve” all of Earth’s current specimens on a new planet that isn’t about to explode into a geo-weapon.)

And all the gems are tense and trying to process it, except Amethyst. Amethyst is already in action, weapon drawn and screaming at the Homeworld gem. It’s a lie. Her Famethyst isn’t dead. Take it back! Or if the messenger isn’t physically there, Amethyst has her weapon out and bolts toward wherever a known enemy is. In either case Garnet and Pearl try to stop her with words and then physically stop her. They dodge her attacks until they can hold her down. She lands a few hits and continues to struggle against them until they get her to listen. “You know what happens to gems who are controlled by their grief and rage in war? They end up shattered too!” And that gets Amethyst to stop fighting. And soon the rage subsides and it’s grief ten fold. And Amethyst experiences her first loss to an enemy gem, to war, as Garnet and Pearl hold her while reliving their own.

I’m not sobbing pretty sure that’s you.