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Olicity fanfic: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - ch. 5

Word count: 3,768
Rating: Teen
Summary: Felicity meets with Noah, and Oliver realizes that her past isn’t as normal as she makes it seem.

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Chapter 5

Present day, Starling City

Oliver frowned at the message on his phone.

Not feeling well. Can’t come in tonight. Sorry.

He knew for a fact that it was bull. Felicity had come into work at QC like it had been any other day. She decided not to bring up the conversation they shared in the elevator, and he followed her lead, choosing to ignore the massive elephant in the room and keeping all topics light and moderately work-related.

It was bad enough that Sara was in Central City spending time with her mom, which meant the team was a member down. It was entirely crippling to their organization to have Felicity out for the night.

If he was a betting man, he would have put money on Felicity going off and doing something related to whatever this Myron character had asked her to do.

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