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If you haven’t already listened/downloaded, here’s my 4th beat tape ’phendrana drifts

Filled with beats and such. I dunno what to say besides thanks for even reading this :) I appreciate the support as I produce and move up in the ranks. Man, I can’t say thank you enough haha I’m just so happy to have people listen to my beats, I guess. Enjoy the music!

Thanks again! I appreciate you so much, and if you liked what you hear, give me a like, and maybe even a reblog.



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I started this beat earlier before I took a nap

Using the Nas “The World is Yours” sample

I thought the world was mine

But it isn’t, huh?

Shouldn’t get my damn hopes up man

Just listen to the beat, please

I love you

Red Dress
  • Red Dress
  • QBundlez

Oh my god this beat makes me wanna take a white girl out to dinner in a fancy ass restaurant and buy lobster like I can afford it then make love under the moonlight and 15 ninjas come out and I gotta kill em all before they steal her to finish their evil scheme to take over the world and shit oh my god listen!!