Is anyone ever going to talk about the fact that George Washington is naked on the US quarter coin?

Look at his clearly defined neck and collarbone. He’s shirtless. Compare to Thomas Jefferson on the US nickel:

or Abraham Lincoln on the penny:

Franklin D Roosevelt on the dime cuts off at his neck, so it’s entirely possible that he’s wearing a shirt but it’s just not showing.

Why did the person who designed the quarter choose to leave him shirtless??? Why would they make the decision to leave his neck and collarbone exposed???? What new conspiracy is behind this wh

Newbie heroes having trouble keeping a lid on it; or alternatively another idea that came from a conversation with my sister
  • Marinette: hey Alya, still having trouble getting an interview with Volpina
  • Alya: actually could I talk to you about that, I may need you to film that for me
  • Marrinette: ok but why
  • Alya: *checks to make sure nobody's listening* because I can't film myself
  • Marinette: *deadpanned stare* ... really?
  • ---------
  • QueenBee: oh my god this is so exciting, I'm getting to hang out with my BFF Ladybug
  • Ladybug: um, we just met
  • QueenBee: no, you guys save me all the time. you come by my hotel and we take selfies
  • ------
  • Ladybug having a sit down talk with QB and Volpina: did your kwamis even mention keeping your identities secret or do me and Chat just get that rule?

Chiacchiere di carnevale

Leggerissime,delicate,croccantissime e facilissime da fare.

Ecco la mia ricetta che faccio ormai da tanti anni,che mi aveva dato mia mamma.

250 FARINA 00-2 CUCCHIAI DI ZUCCHERO-25 GR DI BURRO SCIOLTO-1 UOVO INTERO-2 CUCCHIAI DI ANICE O RUM-1 PIZZICO DI SALE -VANILLINA -VINO BIANCO QB.(Io uso la planetaria per impastare con il gancio a foglia,ma si fanno facilmente a mano)  Unisco tutti gli ingredienti lavorandoli finchè non formo un panetto che  lascio riposare in in frigo per almeno 30 minuti.Passo  le porzioni divise sfogliandole con nonna papera,(sfogliatrice o macchinetta per la sfoglia) un pò come fare delle lasagne,lo spessore deve essere sottile ( io lo passo al penultimo scatto) le taglio poi a quadrotti con la rotellina e friggo in olio di semi,non troppo bollente…le prime che farete non verranno quasi mai,quindi continuate a friggere,tuffando e tirando su subito,si anneriscono facilmente. Per questo passaggio ci vuole un pochino di pratica.Lasciatele freddare bene su foglio di carta assorbente.Alla fine spolveratele con zucchero a velo,immancabile!

Tom Brady thinks visiting Donald Trump’s White House isn’t “a political thing.” He’s wrong.

  • Five New England Patriots players are protesting their team’s visit to the White House this year. QB Tom Brady is not one of those players.
  •  In an interview with NBC Sports’ ProFootballTalk, the Super Bowl MVP and Trump pal went so far as to claim that the visit wasn’t even about politics. (See quote above)
  • It’s convenient that the person most outspoken about how nonpolitical a visit to Trump’s White House would be is the person least likely to be impacted by Trump’s politics. 
  • For the players doing the protesting, however, few things are more political than palling around with the most openly bigoted president in recent memory. Read more (Opinion)

Throwback to 2008 when someone demanded to see my id at a con because I told them my name is Kira and they thought I was just saying it was because of Death Note
​Can’t wait for Death Note 2017 to relive that stage of my life again