two old men teasing together in #Qatif. photo by ( @mkharari )
اثنان من كبار السن يمازحان بعضهم البعض . صورة من القطيف بواسطة @mkharari

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شاركونا صوركم ولحظاتكم التي تحكي حياة الشارع والمجتمع في السعودية عبر الهاشتاغ #everydaysaudi

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So Today, May 22 2015, there was a suicide bombing attack on a mosque in the village of al-Qadeeh, in Qatif governorate during Friday prayers. 21 deceased and more than 100 injured.
The Islamic state (IS) group has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, even children were killed In cold blood today
There has been very little media coverage so please reblog this post, people need to know what is happening they need to know that the people of Qatif aren’t safe that we aren’t safe not in our homes not even in a house of God.

My heart goes out the family and friends of the deceased, may Allah give them strength at these horrible times

“They lied to us and told us that Shi'as don’t do Friday prayers because they’re waiting for the Mehdi, we believed the lies until we saw their corpses coming out of the mosque.”

Praying for the victims of the Qatif bombing. Innocent Shia Muslims were performing Friday prayers at the Imam Ali mosque in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia when a suicide bomber went in and blew himself up while they were in the middle of prayer. Children and elderly were among those slain.

“Whoever kills a life it’s as if he’s killed all of mankind, who ever saves a life it’s as if he saved all of mankind.” - Holy Quran


Mashaya Procession l موكب المشاية

Taking place in Safwa, a city in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, where Shia walk barefooted crossing the main ways of the old town. It takes the time after Aduhur prayer and lasts nearly to an hour which is the time that Imam Hussain, his relatives and friends were martyred in Karbala'a.

Photographed by Ahmed Al Essa.
5th of Nov 2014.


Over the past 48 hours in Saudi Arabia, two protesters have been killed as a result of clashes in Qatif. On Friday, security forces opened fire on demonstrators, killing one and wounding three, adding to the casualty count of one dead and three injured from Thursday.

The first victim from Thursday has been identified as 21-year-old Munir al-Medani, who, according to another activist, took a live bullet to the chest and later died of his wounds in the hospital. The latest victim is identified as Zohair al-Saad.

Above is a screenshot from this activist video of the protests and a photo of protests in Qatif today posted to the Revolution East activist Facebook page.

Protests began last March in Eastern Province, triggered by Saudi Arabia’s support for the crackdown in Bahrain, and since then six have been killed and more than 500 arrested.

[Al Jazeera English; Washington Post; Lede Blog/NYT]

Has the ‘Arab Spring’ Finally Arrived in Saudi Arabia?

The Eastern Province is boiling. Mass rallies are taking place while condemnations and demands for the release of the detainees can be found all over the media, social-networking sites and in YouTube videos. The mounting level of anger is threatening to inflame the situation.

More about this breaking story on Al-Monitor:

A fish seller at Fish Central Market. Fish Market in #Qatif is one of the largest fish markets in the Gulf, where many of the people of the region to engage in fishing. Photo by ( @atheer93 ). يعتبر سوق السمك في القطيف من أكبر أسواق السمك في الخليج حيث يعمل العديد من أهل المنطقة في صيد السمك، رجل داخل سوق القطيف المركزي للأسماك أمام بضاعته. تصوير ( @atheer93 ). Share us your photos and moments from the streets and life in Saudi Arabia with Hashtag #everydaysaudi

شاركونا صوركم ولحظاتكم التي تحكي حياة الشارع والمجتمع في السعودية عبر الهاشتاغ #everydaysaudi

#everydaymiddleeast #everydayasia #everydayeverywhere

( Abu Abdullah )

Saudi by citizenship.
Abu Abdullah have his own workshop to fix default cars. He’s more than 40 years experienced in his field. Amazingly he still strong of handling heavy car parts like a twenty years old strong guy. Abu Abdullah is great example for youths to depend on theirselves and never wait others help to have a job.
Location: Safwa, Saudi Arabia.
Photographed by Ahmed AlEssa.

( أبو عبدالله )
مواطن سعودي.
أبو عبدالله يمتلك ورشته الخاصة لإصلاح السيارات. يعمل هذا الرجل في هذا المجال بخبرة أكثر من ٤٠ عاماً. بأعجوبة يستطيع هذا الرجل حتى الآن حمل قطع السيارات الثقيلة كعشريني في الشباب. أبو عبدالله يمثل مثال عظيم للشباب كي يعتمدوا على أنفسهم وأن لا ينتظروا مساعدة الغير للحصول على وظيفة.

المكان: صفوى، السعودية.
تصوير أحمد العيسى.