Inuit family in traditional made qaspeqs.

Made from the hides of different arctic animals the qaspeq is still prevalent in our Yupik- Aleut culture. The ruff typically made of a combination of wolverine and wolf fur which represents the sun with the silver strips of wolf fur emitting outwards to represent the rays. Although not many people of the younger generation own a full qaspeq we still hold up with the tradition of adding a fur ruff to a more modern jacket or parka for added warmth.  

Animals are held in high regard within our culture so waste of any kind is looked down upon. When an animal is sacrificed for human use, it is critical for every part of the animal to be used for good use and to be respected in every aspect so as to not anger the animal’s spirit. The meat is used for food, the hide is used for clothing ,oil for heat and the bones for shelter. 

-Ellam Yua