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Reincarnation was just an idea used to keep India's caste system acceptable to the poor. It doctrinated them into believing that if they obeyed their masters that they would be born into a higher caste. Like all religion it was about control of the masses.

That is an interesting view. This may be correct I don’t know for certain. However, the concept of reincarnation, while generally associated with Hinduism, has been found in every culture around the globe including Christianity. Socrates believed in reincarnation. So did Thomas Jefferson. So did Goethe and many other great thinkers ancient and modern.  There is a bible verse which suggests that early Christians believed in some form of reincarnation: him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out. (Rev 3:12 AV) 

The idea that life and death are cyclical seems to be universal. 

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The human race is becoming weak to save itself. Sticks and stones may scar me for life but words will trigger me.

Nothing more important than feeling comfortable in a conversation! Boundaries should never be pushed. Stagnant is the way to be!

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I can only say that my plan to take over the world is working really well. i’m kidding, putting up with me is an achievement, so like give yourself a round of applause, i know this jarhead is…jsut such a jarhead. hopefully i can like continue to run this blog and i might open up Q and A at some point. tell me if you guys would like a Q and A down below okay 


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So you've been here for awhile now. How have you come to terms with the existential reason for why you exist?

It is not a concern for me. I exist because I do. Life exists to raise consciousness. So, that is what I do with my life. The Buddha taught us not to place too much importance on the “big questions” which are of such a concern to philosophers. There are no definitive answers there. It is just so much tail chasing.

So it doesn’t really snow here in Australia (except for a few mountain areas), but we’re experiencing an Antarctic vortex at the moment, and it’s bloody freezing.  Here’s a picture of the Stanthorpe ambulance station this morning, as posted here on the Queensland Ambulance Service’s Facebook page.

FYI, the state this is taken in, Queensland, is considered to have a tropical climate (and out west, desert climate), which makes this even more surprising.

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So there is no God?

I certainly do not have the definitive answer to that. I am a pantheist meaning that I believe that the universe itself is a kind of hyper-being. An entity which we cannot comprehend with our intellect. This entity does not act upon the universe as an external force. It is intrinsic and immanent to consciousness.

There is another theory. It holds that what is real is what we believe to be real. That living beings create reality. If this is true there may very well be a God or even many Gods which exist in the shared fabric of our reality.

As for me, I do not give this much thought. Such musings are mere intellectual woolgathering, sophistry. The Buddha called these kinds of inquiry the “Unwise Reflections” and taught that they distract us from what is right here and right now and lead only to confusion and doubt.