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>Wow! I enjoyed this video so much! I’ve been a follower since 200k and I can’t believe you’ve come so far! So proud, love youuu!
>Can relate!! :o Love these guys so much!!

Regular YouTube comments section:
>Wow thsi vid qas cool 😂😂😂
>Go fuck urself
>no you go fuck yourself you fucken bitch ass fucker

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>Sans: You wanna have a bad time? *fist lights up blue with flame* Cus I’ll give yu one if you step closer
>Chara: *pulls out knife* Let’s go, comedian. *she smiels menacingly* Just me and you.
>Sans: I don’t want to do this kid.
>Chara: *lunges att snas, stabbin him*
>Sans: welp guess this sis it. goodbye bro. see u at Grillbz place
>Oh noooo, so sad lol i remember this part

Meditate your ass off

What is meditation basically? Lots of people will tell you that meditation is supposed to calm your mind. 

But what will really meditation do to you is that you’ll be able to CONTROL your mind. Or at least you’ll be better at it, which is something huge, believe me. And controlled mind is a big tool in magic work.

There are 3 basic types of meditation.

1. Just observe your mind. This is something that you can do when you have time. Sit on your couch, lie on your bed - whatever feels good for you - that’s the key. Close your eyes and just try to observe what’s your mind up to. The important thing is - don’t try to think. Just let your mind exist. It almost feels like falling asleep, actually. Once you try it you can feel how freeing that moment is. 

2. Be aware. Yes, awareness of your body and later, of what is happening around you. For example, try to be aware of your breathing. Focus on how you breathe. Just feel how your nostrils feel the air coming in and out. Tap on your forehead with your finger and feel the spot. Be aware of the sensation. Focus on it like nothing else exist. Just the sensation you feel on your skin. 

3. Focus on one thing and one thing only with your mind. As I always say, start with something easy like an orange. Orange is easy to imagine in your mind. Picture its structure. Picture its taste on your tongue. Picture how it feels when you touch it. Basically, put together a picture of everything you know about the orange and keep mind picturing it. Feel the orange for as long as possible. If you lose your concentration, it’s alright and you did nothing wrong - we’re humans, not robots. Just try again :)

Questions you may ask:

Q: What if I don’t have time for meditation? I’m busy with school and work! 

A: Well, of course we live in a world that needs our presence. And number 2 and 3 can be done while you wait for the bus, while you’re stuck in traffic jam, and so on. Don’t lose hope, just because you’re busy :)

Q: Is it really necessary to meditate? 

A: Nothing is necessary, it’s your choice. But the truth is, if you choose to meditate, you’ll be able to control your mind better and it’s not only helpful in magic work. It can help you if you have trouble sleeping and so on. Helps with anxiety, too, btw. 

Q: How does meditation help control mind?

A: Number 1 can teach you: 

- how to be aware of what’s going on in your mind on the level you can’t reach yet. Later, you can use this new entry to your mind and analyze your psyche better. 

- how to not fall asleep when you try astral traveling before going to bed.

- lucid dreaming :)

  Number 2 can teach you:

- how to be aware of what your body wants and needs even though it can’t speak.

- how to be aware of what is happening around you in a crowd - kind of good skill to have these days, sadly.

- how to feel if something paranormal is happening around you.

  Number 3 can teach you:

- how to use your willpower as a tool for your magic work.

- power of good imagination raises IQ and plain common sense. 

Remember that if something isn’t going well for the first time you try, it doesn’t mean it’ll be like this forever. Things can better with practice. So don’t worry. We were all lame shits when we started. 

Enjoy :)

Me: Maybe we’re going to far with this Todd stuff

Me: *remembers Obsidian not getting royalties for New Vegas because of its metacritic score and the only major complaint people had about it was the bugginess and Bethesda was in charge of QA*


A Quick and Sexy Guide to Other Authors

Strange name, relevant post.

When you enter the Wild West that is the publishing realm, you might think you’re surrounded by competition too great to overcome. Where is the divide? How to proceed?
It isn’t so bad. I know a couple of tips that might help.
  • Don’t see them as competition. Your stories are ultimately vying for market and headspace, but other writers aren’t goalposts to knock out of the way or obstacles in the way of your success. They’re people with dreams like you. (If you want to blame anyone for the “competition” aspect of publishing, you can look to uncreative publishing houses for that.)
  • Connect. Pretty much every writer will tell you this “pasttime” is one spent often in solitude. Once you write the thing, though, let people in! That’s how you get beta readers, critiques, reviews, signal boosts, and more.
    What’s more is that other writers can be a wonderful source of both inspiration and encouragement, no matter what stage they might currently occupy. Everyone can work better if they have someone rooting them on.
  • Don’t compare. I’d never get anywhere if all I did was think about how much better, faster, or more successful other people were at this craft; neither will you. You’re the only one who can write what you write, and while someone might look to be doing a cooler job of it, maybe they’re having the same thoughts you are. Try not to fret! No two stories are exactly the same.
    Conversely, don’t deride people you don’t think are doing well. That’s mean. Help others out; that’s how you make friends and get the right message out there.

Remember: we’re all a bunch of crazy kids with images, words, and ideas that haunt our minds and overtake our lives. Sometimes the greatest solace is each other.

Who am I, and why am I telling you this?

I’m nobody in particular. I’m simply a writer, like many of you, who’s learned a thing or two about writing and grammar over time. Visit my blog for information about me and what I’m up to.
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anonymous asked:

Can you explain what "as above so below" means? Thanks :)

This is the first line of the “Emerald Tablet” Hermetic document. The document purports to be the philosophy of a Great Teacher from ancient times. The words “as above, so below” is a simple statement of the recursive, fractal nature of the universe. This is something that the ancient alchemists discovered that is, the macro mimics the micro. The galaxy in the tea cup. Repeated patterns, within patterns, within patterns. As above, so below.

fangirlofcookies  asked:

any headcanons about the height difference between mal and evie for malvie

I have to thank you because things I didn’t know about myself? That I can make angst out of height. Also, I eventually had to stop myself because I could’ve kept going.

  • Mal always knows she’s going to be short. It’s a point of pride because her mother, the most terrible and powerful villain on the Isle, is also short. They’re compactly evil, Maleficent says once. They’re fae.
  • When Mal’s small and still growing, limbs too thin and lanky and nothing at all like her mother’s, she worries. Magic green eyes catch on the humans that fill the Isle and she thinks of her father. What if she’s not dainty and cruel and sharp? What if somehow her blood betrays her and makes her tall and gangling?
  • (And Mal does grow taller than her mother. Mal slouches, careless and villainous, trying to hide the height that marks her not quite fae.)
  • Evie just hopes she’ll be the right height. What that is changes by the day with her mother’s whims. Tall and statuesque with a classic nose to look down. Or petite and slender with dark eyelashes to peer up through. Or…
  • Instead, Evie disappoints them both by landing somewhere in the middle. At sixteen she is neither tall nor short. For months her mother measures her, for if she cannot be petite than she shall be statuesque. When it becomes clear that Evie has ceased to grow the Queen has her minions retrieve a pair of broken glass slippers from the Auradon garbage barge.
  • (And Evie learns to push back her shoulders and sway her hips as her heels clicking down lonely castle hallways. It’s the price to be fairest.)
  • They meet. Mal glares up with eyes green like magic but never straightens from her slouch. Evie stares down with eyes brown like earth but never bends her posture. They almost hate each other.
  • Until they don’t. Hate each other, that is. It’s suddenly commonplace to see Evie with one arm slung around Mal’s shoulders, porcelain cheek pressed against violet hair, lips curled into a pouting smile. To see Mal curl a possessive hand around the curve of Evie’s hip, compact fae cruelty in the sharp lines of her face, lips pressed into a challenging sneer. To see power where there used to be insecurity.
  • (And Mal teaches Evie to take off the broken glass slippers while Evie teaches Mal to stand tall and fierce. They live Happy Ever After.)
  • <p> <b>Thomas:</b> ACCEPTING ANXIETY, PART 1/2<p/><b>Me:</b> FINALLY WHAT I WANTED I CANT WAIT FOR THE PART TWO OF THIS WHOLESOME VIDEO<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay I'll just start watching this beautiful video now<p/><b>Thomas:</b> is careless, has no anxiety<p/><b>Me:</b> This Is Not What I Wanted<p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Gay Pride Month is coming to an end. Any notable gay people you would like to write about?

Wow. There are just so many. Alexander the Great was gay, Julius Caesar was bisexual, Sir Francis Bacon was a gay man and the first “modern” scientist. Michaelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were gay and da Vinci almost went to prison for it. Sir Issac Newton was asexual. The great Anthropologist Margaret Mead was a lesbian. The great historian Jan Morris was trans. 

Alan Turing the father of modern computing and who might have contributed more to the winning of WWII than any other single individual in history by inventing the Enigma Code Machine which was every bit as important as the atomic bomb was gay and in fact convicted of homosexuality and later committed suicide because of it. 

You couldn’t begin to name all the writers, actors, filmmakers, painters, sculptors, dancers, designers and other artists. There are just too many of them.

mostlymaybe  asked:

what are some of your favorite book/s that you would recommend reading?

Here are some of my favorites for a handful of different reasons:

Great for readers new to classics:
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Betty Smith
Cannery Row, John Steinbeck

Great for readers who want more contemporary, character-driven novels (where plot is less integral):
The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera
The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje

Stunning prose and beautiful stories:
Stoner, John Williams
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers

Older classics:
Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas

anonymous asked:

what do you think a.d will make each girl to in the game???


  • Hanna’s turn will likely involve her career, maybe Mona.
  • If Spencer goes again maybe it’ll involve both Mary and Veronica.
  • Alison’s turn we know will trigger a forgotten trauma. It’s unlikely, but I want it to be about the night she crashed Spemily’s sleepover. I want answers about that scene.
  • Emily’s turn could risk her job, force interaction with Addison, something involving Alison’s baby, perhaps getting Paige fired?
  • Aria. I don’t even know. She’s doing a bunch of shady shit in 7B.

eruditeprincess1993  asked:

Reading 'Isle of the Lost', it felt like I was reading a dystopian novel then something for Disney. I cringed at the moments they ate spoiled and rotten food. King Beast sounds more like a dictator since he allowed children to live in these conditions.

I think a lot of time the fandom focuses on the ways that the Isle of the Lost serves as a dystopia. That makes sense. It’s a prison island where they live off the literal garbage of Auradon. Everyone has cracked, twisted, warped. Survival isn’t something that comes easy; no matter how many dubstep dance numbers get included or how snarky the kids are about it.

Still, that focus on the Isle means that the fandom as a whole seems to miss how inherently horrific Auradon itself is. We’re treated to a country were:

  • sentient animals (apparently capable of university-level education, even!) are denied personhood and are enslaved to complete menial chores for the upper class
  • faeries and other magical humanoids (such as the Genie) are restricted not only from the use of their magic, but also from traveling without permission from the crown
  • dwarfs (specifically the seven dwarfs) are forced to meet mining quotas to satisfy the desires of the upper class, and are not compensated fairly for their labor or allowed days off
  • the entire kingdom of Atlantica has been transformed into a tourist attraction, where mer and sea creature alike must work without compensation or days off

Basically? Auradon Prep is an extension of the Court, which is made up of the wealthy, important, and human. It’s heavily implied throughout Secrets of Auradon Prep and the rest of the Descendents tie-in media that there is little to no social mobility, even among the humans we see attending Auradon Prep. For example, Doug may be allowed to attend Auradon Prep due to the “helpful” actions of his father, but he’s certainly not given any attention beyond what Ben occasionally deigns to give.

What we see in Descendants is the elite. The less that 1% of Auradon. The people whose lives are enabled not only by a mass incarceration re: the Isle, but also by the systematic and institutionalized enslavement and exploitation of literally every sentient being who is not part of that less than 1%. This system was explicitly put into place by King Beast. Within the novel, it notes that attempts at reform have never succeeded due to Beast using tactics of intimidation that he encourages Ben to use as well.

True, Ben displays throughout the novel and the movie a genuine desire to initiate reform. His decision to bring the Rotten Four over from the Isle is perhaps the most obvious example of that. He also, in the novel, makes the first steps toward dismantling the worst aspects of this oppressive system.

Still this world is broken. The Lost Children aren’t the only ones who have been cracked and twisted and warped by what they survived. Jane is frightened of her own magic because it marks her as other. Doug is passive in the face of injustice because for years he and his kin have been helpless in the face of it. Audrey is determined to remain in power because her parents foster those who have fallen out of power. And they? They are the lucky ones.

This is the legacy that Beast as wrought.

-drops the fucking mic-

A Quick and Sexy Guide to Beginning a Book

For those who don’t quite know how to jump in.

Starting a new book is exciting.
If you don’t know where you’re going with it, however, it might also be nerve-wracking in the worst way. 
There are always ways to make the process simpler, though. Here are a few.

  • Plan the prologue/first chapter out. If planning is your thing, why not get the nitty gritty of the beginning on paper? It could be the roadmap you need to get into gear.
    • What’s more is that, when you know where you want to go, it’s easier to dive in. (This does not require being a planner in any capacity.)
  • Write something later on. Again, as a momentum trick, you could always skip to a section you really like (or just would rather write) instead. With that, you’ll need to describe the events that lead to the scene…and then the events that lead to that scene…and so on.
  • Switch environments. Maybe you’re just so used to being stressed out in one place that you need another! Take your chosen writing medium to a cafe, library, on the road, or wherever to give yourself a change of pace.
  • Think on all the wonderful, horrible, gut-wrenching, squee-inducing things to come. That is to say, get hype about your writing. Nobody can force you to actually want to do it; if you don’t want to, don’t!

And, as always,

  • write. Unless there’s some reason you have to force yourself to write something you don’t want, do it at your own speed. Know what your goal is - envision it, write it down, shove it down other people’s throats - so the path is clear.

Now excuse me while I eat very cheaply-made garlic bread.

Who am I, and why am I telling you this?

I’m nobody in particular. I’m simply a writer, like many of you, who’s learned a thing or two about writing and grammar over time. Visit my blog for information about me and what I’m up to.

You can find previous Quick and Sexy Guides here or check in every Monday afternoon for a new one.