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1. Favorite movie animated - omg I have a lot uh, tekkonkinkreet.

2. 3 Favorite food - pizza, lasagna, kebab.

3. 3 Name your favorite character in a book - Gregorio Samsa, Gandalf, Principito.

5. Videogames. Pc or console - I can do both, but I prefer consoles.

6. 3 Favorite games - Zelda, StarCraft, MGS.

7.What do you usually do on friday nights - nothing :( I have no life jaja most likely I’ll be watching anime or reading something.

8. What you don’t like doing on sundays - Waking up early.

9. Favorite time of the week - 4pm :D

10.  Favorite TV show 90’s - omg I cannot answer this, I LOVE swat kats, streetsharks, animaniacs, gargoyles, pokemon, digimon, etc etc ♥ 


My questions

1. What do you do in your spare time? 

2. If you were a character who would you be?

3. Favorite book/manga/comic?

4. What kind of music do you like?

5. Favorite movie?

6. Favorite quote? 

7. Greatest villain?

8. Favorite place to be?

9. Favorite pokemon? :3

10. Where would you go if you had one chance to move through time?


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