Please don’t reblog stolen art. It happens so much in this fandom and it’s absolutely infuriating.

A huge red flag is if the poster doesn’t tag the art as “mine” “fanart” “art tag” “my art” or anything along the lines of that. If they do have that tagged, and it still rubs you the wrong way, go to their blog and check that tag line. If the art styles are wildly contrasting and the coloring is different, guess what? You found an art theft.

Also, the URL is a huge clue. If it’s something like “Ultimate-kawaii-fangirlotaku487” i guarantee they’re stealing the art. If the URL is something like “blandboy”, you’re probably OK. But it never hurts to check.

If you know/can figure out who the actual artist is, let them know ASAP! Also, calling out the thief helps too!

If artists become fearful of their art being stolen, or if a stolen art post has more notes than the original art, it will discourage artists from creating for a certain fandom. They will pack up and head to a different fandom and you won’t receive any new fanart, or worse, stop sharing their art altogether. When a fandom dies out, the first to leave are the artists, then are the writers, and since there’s no new content, it dies. Do not make it so that your artists want to leave. Do not reblog art theft.

It hurts the artist and the fandom. Seriously. Just. Don’t.