guy goes around, showing ppl a picture of tao, asking if they know him

  • a lot of ppl say it’s kris or luhan
  • someone thought it was gd
  • around the 6 min mark, a girl proudly admits she’s an anti, saying that it’s because tao has many bad points. she also says that the antis are very organized but are just being funny and reblogging some weibo posts
  • around 7 mins, there’s finally a true hailang

runeofluna  asked:

Space station AU with high school trio! Can we see the kids being friends with the trio as peers? And maybe Seira and Regis being surprised at who their new friends' "guardian" is?

“Your grandpa’s going to be working until late? Hey, you could come over to ours!”

Seira blinked at Tao’s exclamation. He was walking backwards ahead of the group, facing them with his arms behind his head. He had no trouble dodging the other people bustling around the space station, but Seira suspected it had something to do with his mechanical implants.

“Yeah!” Shinwoo said, nodding. “There’s plenty of stuff to do at the Chairman’s house.”

The Chairman’s house? The Chairman of the space station? She looked between the three brothers, waiting to see if they would agree or correct what Shinwoo had just said.

It was Takeo that spoke up. “Ah, sorry,” he said smiling, “we didn’t tell you, did we? The Chairman’s one of our dads.”

“It’s not exactly something that comes up in casual conversation,” Chin-mae said with a snort, one furry grey ear flicking down.

“If you’re sure your parents won’t mind,” Regis said with a frown.

“Naaah,” Tao said, waving a hand. “Dad loves it when we bring people around.”

“Hm,” Yuna said, her gaze going towards the domed ceiling. “We should buy some snacks before going.”

“All right!” Shinwoo said, pointing towards the shopping district. “That’s our next stop!”

* * *
“Daaad,” Tao called out as he changed his shoes in the entranceway, “we’re back and we brought more friends!”

There wasn’t a response, but Tao didn’t seem worried about that. “Come on in,” he told the rest of them before disappearing inside, Ik-han chasing after him.

Tao wasn’t in sight when Seira entered, though Ik-han was already spreading snacks across the table. She could hear Tao talking to someone, telling them about his day.

There was a clear door leading to a balcony, and someone was standing there, their bright red wings extended slightly and another pair of legs seen from underneath them. Seira would have thought that was where Takeo had gotten his wings from, but the shape of them was too different, too wide.

From the sound coming from the door… Seira peered over as she passed and ah. The balcony overlooked the main area of the space station.

Takeo and Chin-mae went over to the person and ducked into their wings, the wing curling around them. That had to be their Dad.

Seira meant to look away, to help her new friends unpack everything, but she could sense something about the person, something familiar. But it couldn’t…

When he turned around, she was unsurprised to see red eyes greet her.

Seira knew all the noble families, knew all the prominent members of them as well. She heard a sharp intake of breath behind her and Regis must have reached the same conclusion.

There was only one family with the same black hair and that particular aura, and that was the Lord’s.

He smiled at her and Seira dipped her head in greeting. As soon as she was able, she would ask. There were so few nobles left, it would be good to know there were more of them out here in space.

So many people in one scene it was hard to focus on them. x-x;;;


ZTAO/LUHAN/EXO i’m crying