do u ever look at ur fav and just sigh bc they r so beautiful and ur whole body just kinda floods w emotion and ur heart swells w love and u can’t think of a singular reason to not love and support them? and like they do stupid stuff sometimes and u hate them but u don’t leave bc u r here til the end?? like ur ride or die whether or not u wanna be.

Why does everyone have so much faith in 5sos being the cliche boyfriend who says all the right words?? Like $10 says that if you told Luke you loved him for the first time he’d just be like “that’s cool” and then realize three days later that was the worst possible thing he could’ve said

thinking about little 4 year old mali getting so excited for a little brother or sister and then finally meeting her baby brother who is just a tiny squish in blankets at first but she still loves him so much and plays with him all the time so they’re naturally best friends, and she’d always look out for him, even now, twenty years later, just makes my whole heart melt into a puddle i love the hood fam so much like i guarantee that ben and jack hemmings used luke as a ball for the first 3 years of his life


he’s so pretty omg