Am I the only one?

I miss Luke’s lip ring lowkey… is it just me or like… yea. I wish it’d make a comeback lowkey. Lowkey.


In the first one you can see Mama and Papa Hoech filming it, her on her pink phone on the left and his dad on the right, in the classic Dad shirt. In the second one you can see Mama Hoech going straight for Dyl and not TH.

PS I’ve just noticed that TH is talking with Jeff his roommate from college in the last gif. So he could have asked his best friend for years to catch for him but instead he asked DOB. 🤔 plus that special handshake took time to perfect.

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Toothbrush - L.H.

Okay…so I (obviously) got this idea from listening to Toothbrush from DNCE. I’ve also decided I want to update every Friday so every time I finish something, I’m just going to queue it up. Enjoy

Also…I know I said no more Luke pieces for awhile, but this literally came to me in class and I wrote it in fifty minutes so….

Luke woke up early from the sunlight pouring in through the window on the other side of the room, body still bare from the night before, the only thing covering him being the stupid little close to nothing sheet resting on his hips. His bright blue eyes fluttered open slightly, heart sinking as he sat up confused as to why the body next to him had disappeared at such an early hour of the day, the clock reading a mere 6:17 in the morning, no longer confused when he heard the toilet flush from the bathroom just down the hall…unless it was Ashton of course since he was the usual prospect that would be up this early in the morning.

He ran a hand through his tousled hair, bringing his palms down over his face rubbing the tiredness from them slightly as he waited for his lover to return to the room.

“You’re up early,” she mumbled seeing him awake as she leaned up against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest as she looked over the tired man’s features, a lazy smile gracing his perfectly pouted lips. She had on his torn Nirvana tee, the fabric falling to the tops of her thighs, and with the way she was leaning against the frame, he could see her favorite pair of navy blue panties from Victoria’s Secret. Her feet were still bare, probably having lost her socks in his sheets through the night, as she always did, even though she refused to take them off before falling asleep. He’d always loved her sense of style, but he always thought she looked best dressed in his shirt with no pants on laying in his bed.

Her hair was still a mess, sticking up slightly in awkward directions, most likely extremely tangled and in desperate need of a pound of his conditioner to comb out the knots before she left. Her eyeliner had run across the side of her face lightly and he was sure there was glitter on his pillows from her eye shadow as well, small love bites gracing the length of her neck, small enough for him to miss if she had her hair styled the right way covering them perfectly. It was a sight he always loved, even if she did look like a hot mess. She was his hot mess.

“Luke, are you listening to me?” she asked smirking slightly knowing he wasn’t. He never was when he was looking at her like that…not that she knew exactly what that look on his face was, but she knew it enough to know he was lost in his train of thought.

“Not at all, sweetheart,” he hummed leaning back against his pillows, arms making their way behind his bed as his muscles shifted slightly, eyes daring her to make her way back to bed with him, and she knew she would. “Close the door love.”

She did as she was told, feet padding softly against the dark, hardwood floors as she climbed into bed right over to him, swinging her leg over his hip so she was straddling him, as placed strategically against his pelvis, knowing damn well if she wanted to at any point in time she could change the entire mood.

“What were you saying?” he asked, hands making their way to her thighs rubbing the soft, bare skin lightly leaving goosebumps behind.

“I said I can’t stay long. I’m working at eleven,” she said running her nails down his chest lightly, up and down, over and over, Luke shivering slightly at the feeling.

“That reminds me..I need to talk to you,” he mumbled, hands slowly making their way to her hips as he ran his thumbs in small circles under the fabric of his shirt along her bare skin.

“What about, rock star?” she asked, brows furrowing together confused, not sure if she should be worried or not. Usually he’d just come out and say it, not making it a big deal unless it was something important.

“Well…I mean…we’ve been doing this for what…five months now…?” he asked stumbling over his words as she giggled slightly.

“Six,” she she said smirking slightly. “Where are you going with this Lu?”

“Well, I was thinking…that maybe you could like…leave some of your stuff here so when you do have to go in the morning you don’t have to leave so early…” he suggested making her heart melt as she smiled softly at him. “Like..maybe that coconut shampoo you have or your toothbrush…”

“And maybe some clothes considering I can’t really work in your tee and panties,” she teased as he blushed more. “You’re too cute, you know.”

“Are you going to answer me or just make fun of me?” he pouted as she leaned in pecking his lips quickly.

“I’ll bring them over when I see you tonight.”

Gangs and chocolates AU

Request: “Drive!” with Luke
Summary: someone just jumped into your car and oh my god, is he being followed by the cops?

“Shit,” you mutter as you hear police sirens in the distance. You’re not exactly parked legally, but you had a midnight chocolate craving and this is the only shop open 24/7.

You quickly put your bags in the back seat (because why just buy chocolate when you’ve driven all the way there anyway) before settling in behind the wheel. You can see the sirens now, blue and red lights speeding down the road, and start the engine.

Just then, someone rips the passenger door open and throw themselves into the passenger seat.

Drive!” He yells, and you automatically do before realizing what the fuck just happened.

You steal a quick, panicky look to the side, but there isn’t any gun or other threatening object pointed at you. There’s just an out-of-breath twenty something wearing a dark hoodie.

You’d call the entire thing anticlimactic if he wasn’t so out of this world beautiful. That puts you on edge – you’ve read enough YA novels to know that stumbling upon gorgeous boys in dangerous situations is always bad news.

“Faster!” He says, throwing a look back.

“Are you being chased by the cops?”

“Yeah I was. But they think I’m by foot, so we might get away.”

You bristle at the use of ‘we’, and then realize that there are probably more pressing issues, such as:

Why are you being followed by the cops?”

He looks backs again, a smile slowly forming at his lips.

“I can’t believe this worked,” he says before turning to you and shaking his head in consternation. “Also, what the fuck, do you have no sense of preservation? A complete stranger jumps into the car and you just do what he wants?”

Why are you being followed by the cops?

“You’re pretty, young and to be honest, harmless-looking. What if I was a real criminal? A rapist?”

“I am about two seconds from dropping you off at the police station,” you warn in a shrill voice, “so you’d better tell me–”

“Vandalizing, petty theft,” he interrupts, counting off his fingers, “breaking and entering private properties. That made the two previous ones possible,” he deems necessary to clarify. “They also have ‘possible evidence’ of me selling drugs and ‘consorting in suspicious group eactivities’.”

He grins, and looks impossibly gorgeous. It kind of makes you want to slap him.

“I love that last one. It sounds like I’ve been part of depraved orgies.”

You scoff and there’s a bit of silence, before you break it with a deadpan:

“So you’re in a gang.”

There’s been rumors of gang activity in the area for the past few months, with renewed vandalism in the houses of the rich neighborhood, especially the ones with families known around town for their conservative views. To be honest, you’re not fully unsympathetic to the cause.

As for the selling of weed, well, as long as it’s not to minors, you couldn’t care less yourself.

“A gang,” he snickers. “I prefer to call it youthful protest.”

You roll your eyes.

“Maybe all your members should get the words YP tattooed on your cheekbone to give you some more edge.”

You’re focused on the road but can hear his laugh.

“I like you,” he chuckles. “Do you wanna join us? You could be our PR representative. I feel like you’d be good at it.”

A smile tugs at the corner of your mouth.
“No thanks.”

“Too bad. I’d tell you my name, but if you’re not joining I’ve gotta keep the whole mysterious anonymous thing going on.”

“Yes, clearly I’m dangerous to the continuation of your youthful protests,” you snigger, a hint of fondness in your voice. “So where do I drop you off, mr. mysterious anonymous?”

“You can’t drive me home, so where you want, doesn’t matter. Can’t let you see my headquarters, obviously.”


You’ve given up on preventing the smile from spreading on your face, but you refuse to meet his eyes, despite feeling them burning into you.

“So what were you doing in the middle of the night anyway?”

“Went to buy chocolate.”

“Buying chocolate at 1am? Ugh, my kind of person. Is it the thing in the backseat?”

You hear a shuffling before he gets the bag of food to the front and opens a chocolate bar. He takes a bite and half-moans.
“Are you sure you don’t wanna join?”

“Pretty sure,” you grin. “Hit me up with some chocolate.”

He puts a piece of chocolate in your hand before saying:

“Just drop me off here.”

You park the car on the side of the road and he gets out, flashing a bright smile and waving goodbye at you as you drive away. And keeping the rest of that chocolate bar, you notice with a half-irritated half-amused sigh.

With a slight shake of your head, you’re about to eat the piece of chocolate he gave you before realizing that he slipped a piece of paper into your hand along with it.

It’s a phone number, with ‘call me - luke’ scrawled underneath. You roll your eyes, pop the chocolate in your mouth and as the warm flavor bursts against your tongue, a smile forms on your face again.

‘Luke,’ you mouth, testing out the name. You think back to his bright blue eyes, excited grins and dry jokes.

“Guess I’ll see you around.”