Untouchable - L.H.

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Part ¾ of the gang!5sos series! Enjoy

“I’m going to fucking kill him!” Luke screamed throwing his fist into the wall.

“Luke, calm the fuck down,” Michael said grabbing his arm inspecting it. Blood dripping from his knuckles, bruises starting to form around his knuckles as he winced in pain. “I think you broke it.”

“Fuck,” he muttered trying to make a fist with his hand only to wince in pain.

“Punching the wall isn’t going to help her out…you need to talk her out of dating Tanner…out of all people, she’ll listen to you, because she clearly isn’t listening to Adam,” Michael said referring to y/n’s older brother, the man in charge. The man Ben and Jack took their orders from.

“She isn’t going to listen to me, Michael.”

“She’d kill herself if you told her to. Whether or not you two want to admit it, you’re obsessed with each other, and I’m pretty sure she’s with Tanner because you rejected her.”

“I didn’t fucking reject her,” Luke groaned rolling his eyes. “I said Adam wouldn’t appreciate me fucking around with his little sister, after I told her I was in love with her and that I had been for the past five years…if dating Tanner was to piss me off, then that’s a low blow.”

“Well, something needs to change because she could’ve died, Luke…think about that.” The two stopped talking when Jack walked out of the room looking right at Michael before pointing to him.

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