*blinds you with over-saturated striders*

Every Inch of Kris' Perfection

His flawless jaw line

His eyes that can melt girls into a pool

His mountain high nose

His sjd;klfjads;flasj collar bones

His tatoo which sm failed to hide

His big hand and long fingers

His chest

His 100m long legs

His manly back view

Tall, rich, handsome, kind, and an awesome body … dang who ever marries this guy must’ve saved the world in her pass life

 it feels like nobody is scared of losing me. 

My aprils fool prucan day doodle!!:D (an an excuses to draw matthew with a ponytail and suits.)

I think they would both team up to prank people.XD (that’s probably fake water guns.XD )

for the fishes, for those who don’t know, people in french speaking countries (and some others that took a liking to the trend) we call a Aprils fools “ Poisson d”avril” (Aprils fish) naming the prank.XD It was my fave thing as a kid.XD

So naturally as the giant kids they are

they both put one on the back of the others thinking the other didn’t.XD

Anime!Jesus from saint young men because he is just adorable~

(an actual great deal of effort was made in this poorly done gif QAQ)

no tall kyle is good, so good, i love him, don’t get me wrong. but i don’t think you understand how much i love the idea of kyle being this angry little bug. so small, yet so full of fury. all this anger inside this teeny, tiny little body. where does he keep it all? who knows! and if you make him mad, then he’s at the perfect height to jump up and head-butt you in the chin. yes, short kyle is my everything. <3