qunarians-deactivated20131230  asked:

i need to know everything about qanik and i need to know right now

ummmmmm. Ugggh. Where do I begiiiin? HAHA.


  • He’s actually Chasind
  • but he left his tribe to avenge his sister who was raped and killed by an outsider
  • and he (luckily) ended up in Lothering
  • luckily because his sense of direction sucks
  • He met Lady (owned by my dearest friend, Anas). Who later became his wife. (NOT GOING TO EXPOUND BECAUSE I’M DOING A THING THAT WILL BASICALLY TELL THE STORY OF THIS)
  • They’re precious together. Really precious.
  • He’s a giant chasind puppy
  • really tall
  • and rather buff
  • but he’s basically the gentlest
  • and his heart is full of love for Lady
  • I hope you’re starting to ship it now
  • because I ship it hard
  • Anyway, back to Qanik
  • He’s really handsome, but he doesn’t believe it. XD
  • idk what else to say
  • (okay edit because the co-mother reminded me of some things *bleurgh*) 
  • he likes sweets
  • he makes flutes very well
  • scary when angry. luckily doesn’t get angry very much. but will get angry a lot faster when you threaten lady and/or their kids.
  • Good with axes but would rather not use it
  • He’s a great dad. (They have 5 children later)
  • he’s a hopeless sucker for anything that needs help
  • so they end up adopting three billion strays
  • His wife can’t say no to him. 
  • He lets his daughters braid his hair with flower crowns. It became a family tradition after a while.

Yeah. So… something a bit about Qanik? XD