qamar bani hashem

Shrine of Abbas ibn Ali at the Al Abbas Mosque - Karbala, Iraq

Abbas ibn Ali (647-680 CE) was the son of Imam Ali, half-brother of Imam Hussein, & grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. He was martyred during the Battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura.

Shaban 4th,Birthday of Hazrat Abu Fazal Al Abbas a.s

السلام على قمر بني هاشم أبي الفضل العباس سلام الله عليه السلام عليك يامولاي ياساقى عطاشى كربلاء

It was the 4th of Sha’ban in the year 26 AH. In the holy city of Madina ,a man came running to the Prophet’s Mosque. The man was none other than Qanbar the faithful servant of the Imam.
He wiped the sweat off his forehead and said: “ My master I am coming from your house now and God Almighty has blessed with another son. I have come to give you this good news and ask what should he be named “.
Happiness could be seen in the Imam Ali ’s eyes. He smiled and said
“ This child has a high status before God. I will come home now. I will name this son Abbas like my Uncle. That day was the fourth of Shaban ”
Hazrat Abbas (a.s) Qamar-e Bani Hashem :
He was wise and knowledgeable as well as tall, handsome and brave. Among the Arabs it was a tradition to name beautiful children Qamar or moon.
And Hazrat Abbas acquired the epithet of Qamar-e Bani Hashem or the Moon of the Bani Hashem Clan.He was also polite and patient and this was a reminder of his father’s words that No heritage is worthier than politeness.
Hazrat Abbas (a.s) in Siffeen:
During the Siffeen war against the rebel governor of Syria Mua’wiyah ibn Abu Sufyan L.A ,when the enemies blocked water to camp of the Muslims, Hazrat Abbas who was in his early teens entered the battlefield with a veil on his face to hid his true identity. Mua’wiyah ordered one of his powerful men Abu Shasa to confront him.
The Syrian arrogantly said: People compare my bravery to a thousand riders, now you want me to fight this young boy? Abu Shasa sent his youngest son to confront him. But his son was soon defeated and killed. Abu Shasa then sent his other son, but to his surprise, he was also killed.
Then Abu Shasa fuming with rage swallowed his proud words and personally entered the battlefield seeking to avenge the death in combat of his sons. But the boy was such valiant that he defeated him and made swift work of the infidel.
At this sight, the Muslim army rejoiced and felt surprised at the bravery of the young masked lad. Imam Ali a.s called the youth and took the mask off his face. Then everyone saw that the brave youth was no one but Hazrat Abbas a.s .