The Masjid al-Sultan Qaytbay in Cairo photographed Caroline and John A. Williams. The  complex is considered the greatest work of Mamluk architecture and contains some of the most unique forms in Islamic art. This dome-like structure is decorated with golden Rub Al-Hizb and Mocárabe details, showing the importance of Cairo as the center of the Islamic World.

Emir Sudun Mausoleum by Fouad GM on Flickr.

A 19th century tomb built in the belle epoque architecture predominant during the Arab Renaissance stands next to the late Circassian mausoleum of Emir Sudun (right) dates from 1505.

Emir Sudun, the Emir Majlis, was a commander of one thousand men and guard of the council chamber during the reign of Sutan al-Ghuri (1501-1516), the last Mamluk Sultan. Emir Sudun is reputed for his courage as soldier and was renowned for his equestrian skills. He met his death in 1516, at Marj Dabiq in Syria, leading the cavalry charge against the Ottoman Sultan prior to his invasion of Egypt.

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