7 Day QAF Challenge

Day One - Top Three Worst Brian Outfits

Ep 1.8 – I’m seconding bchenowith on the brief love affair Brian had with matching shirts and ties. Bb boy, look at your life, look at your choices. In what universe is that wardrobe choice acceptable? 

Ep. 1.17 – Admittedly, I believe that Brian was trying to be a total embarrassment to Michael, but damn did he go above and fucking beyond. Gold pleather pants? Snake skin shirt? (…though I must confess that this is also an outfit I love to hate)

Ep. 5.11 – I hate the wardrobe choices for the second proposal as a whole, tbh. No, actually, I hate that whole scene. HOWEVER. Justin’s shirt was hideous, and I found it downright offensive. But this is Justin, and he’s made questionable clothing choices in the past. Brian, however, should know better. I’m not loving the pink. In fact, I’m loathing it. It’s not a flattering color on Gale, imo. 


Day 1. Top 3 worst Brian outfits

1 • The black satin shirt (the large collar is awful) and the long velvet “pimp” coat he wears at Michael’s surprise party – 1.11 – what on earth were you thinking with his outfit, Brian?


2 • The brown polo-neck top, the neck is just too big with it being right up to underneath his chin, camel trousers which are too straight and show his black boots too much and the camel suede long coat that is past knees which is just horrible – when he is with Melanie at the restaurant asking her to represent him in the harassment case with Kip – 1.14


3 • The v-neck light brown/dark brown stripy-ish thick knitted sleeveless top/sweater vest (and grey jeans) when he’s with Justin watching the stripping contest at Woody’s – 3.09 and in 3.06 when he sees Justin sitting, sad, alone at the bar in Woody’s, he is wearing a similar top, I don’t think it’s the same one but it hideous just the same


I have to include this one because I just really don’t like it:

• The bright red pleather jacket he’s wearing in the supermarket when Justin clips coupons and Brian measures up to the Zucchini guy – that jacket is just awful and the thin, almost see-through white shirt underneath doesn’t help either – 2.06


Also, I agree with these choices that have already been identified by others:

• The orange, grey and white checked long-sleeved shirt in the diner talking about “Dumpster Boy” after Debbie has just found him – 2.10 – the colours are just wrong!


• The floral/small roses black long-sleeved shirt when having dinner at Michael and Ben’s house with Eli and Monty – 5.14 – I don’t approve of the majority of Brian’s clothes that have any kind of floral motif on it and this one is just the most offensive!