7 Day QAF Challenge

Day One - Top Three Worst Brian Outfits

Ep 1.8 – I’m seconding bchenowith on the brief love affair Brian had with matching shirts and ties. Bb boy, look at your life, look at your choices. In what universe is that wardrobe choice acceptable? 

Ep. 1.17 – Admittedly, I believe that Brian was trying to be a total embarrassment to Michael, but damn did he go above and fucking beyond. Gold pleather pants? Snake skin shirt? (…though I must confess that this is also an outfit I love to hate)

Ep. 5.11 – I hate the wardrobe choices for the second proposal as a whole, tbh. No, actually, I hate that whole scene. HOWEVER. Justin’s shirt was hideous, and I found it downright offensive. But this is Justin, and he’s made questionable clothing choices in the past. Brian, however, should know better. I’m not loving the pink. In fact, I’m loathing it. It’s not a flattering color on Gale, imo.