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Hi! Any tips on getting a tilt or second-position extension? I'm flexible enough with my middle splits but holding it is the hard part.

Hi! Well basically you just have to do loads and loads of strengthening exercises! 

I recommend you do lots of leg lifts. There are lots of variations on these to work different parts of your legs. The most basic way is just to lie on your side, lift your top leg and pulse it up and down until you feeeeeeel the burn!!! You can also do this standing, lift your leg as though you were going to do a tilt, but don’t extend it fully. Then put it down, then lift it up again, then put it down etc. On your first day doing this, count until you really feel like you want to stop. Do this same number of reps every day for a week and then increase it by 10 for the next week. You can also try getting some ankle weights which make it harder to lift your leg.

Another great way to strengthen is to extend into the tilt position (whatever you have at the moment, don’t worry if it’s no where near) and hold it. You could time yourself, or try to get to a certain point in one of your favourite songs. As with the reps above, increase holding time every week.

Strengthening can be pretty boring and it can really burn!!! But keep doing it and you will get stronger. Best of luck and I hope some of this helps you :)

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I dont do cheer I do ballet but I really want to be able to do a needle, I know I need a scorpion first which I don't yet have I can't get my second hand over to hold my leg/foot mainly because I don't have a flexible back, have you got any stretches for scorpion particularly back and hamstring stretches :)


If you’re trying to get your scorpion I recommend that you try getting some kind of band or rope, like a skipping rope or a scarf, and tying a loop in it for your foot. Then, you can try pulling your foot up using the rope. Work on walking your hands in closer and closer to your foot. 

To try to pull  your scorpion at first, you can try pulling up with both hands. I’ll explain as if you were pulling up your right foot. Hold your foot with your right hand (your thumb by the big toe). Reach round with your left hand and hold your toes. Then rearrange your right hand and try pulling it up with both hands. Sometimes this can be easier when you’re first starting rather than having to twist your arm up. It’s hard to explain so sorry if it didn’t make sense!

I have just posted some stretches for your back which will help for scorpions here:

and you can find more at my Q&A back page:

Although personally, what I found most useful was using a rope to slowly move my hands closer and closer to my foot. 

For your hamstrings, I recommend this stretch:

You relax into it for a minute or two. When you do this stretch, focus on keeping your hips aligned, don’t let one of them push backwards. 

You can also of course do traditional touching your toes, either from standing or seated. Also try stretching your hamstrings lying down, either with a band or by holding your leg, like this:

Work on bringing your leg closer and closer to your head. 

I hope this helps, if not let me know! Try taking some photos which your can compare with later to see if you’re improving. Good luck :)

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Hey :) do u know any stretches to help turn out?

Hi! You’ve probably heard this before but definitely butterflys and straddles, I like doing them like they do in this video:

You might prefer doing straddles in the V-sit form, to do this, sit facing a wall and wiggle your bum towards it so it touches the wall. Lie with your back flat on the floor, extend your legs (they should be touching the wall) into a V position, like this:

External image

The frog stretch is another one you could try, it looks like this:

External image

Personally I don’t really like this stretch, I find there are much more effective ones for me, but you might find it helpful! It’s explained well in this video:

Another stretch I much prefer is this one:

External image

The way I do it is I lie on my back, with my knees up and feet on the floor. Then rest your left ankle on top of your right knee. You might like to hold one hand behind your right thigh and the other your left ankle. Now lift up your right leg, keeping the same position, so that the shin is parallel to the floor.

like this:

External image

Then, use the hand resting on ankle to gently push the left knee out to increase the stretch. You can also use the hand behind your thigh to pull your legs closer towards your body, this will increase the stretch. Or you can lift your upper body slightly like you were doing a crunch to get a deeper stretch. 

I too have problems with this so I know how frustrating it can be but I hope some of this helps you and good luck!

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Hey Girl! Would you happen to have any good stretches or method for developing your toe point?

Hi! I’m definitely not an expert on this, but, from what I have heard, traditional methods of stretching your feet aren’t very effective. Check out this passage from an article in Dance Magazine…

Forced Feet: Don’t Sit Tight 
Dancers sometimes use gadgets or extreme pressure to achieve well-arched feet. Some ask a partner to push their toes toward the ground when they are sitting on the floor with their legs extended, or have them sit on their feet while pointed. Needless to say, these tactics put the entire ankle and foot in jeopardy.

“That kind of force can stretch the wrong joint,” says Henry. “Pointing the foot requires mobility in the ankle and foot joint, and the amount of give needed at each joint is different for every dancer.” If you’re not satisfied with your arch, have a physical therapist recommend exercises that are tailored to your particular feet. Henry says stiffness in the front of the ankle is the most common complaint she hears. To help release the ankle, she suggests sitting on your heels in a kneeling position, keeping your spine long to apply low-level pressure.

So, it might be an idea to have a trained professional look at your feet and you point and work out what is restricting you and how to improve it. 

I hope this helps and good luck!

sassy-catt asked:

Firstly i just want to say how much i love your blog! i find it really inspiring. So I can sit flat in all three splits my when i do split leaps etc my legs still arent high enough. how do i fix this? xoxo

Thank you so much!

Firstly, to get your legs higher in your leaps, definitely start doing oversplits! If your oversplit is strong, you’ll find you’ll get into the split position much better in the air. One way to do this is to use a stair or step, put your front foot on it, then slide your back leg into the splits, then put your back leg on the step and slide your front leg. You could also try putting a cushion or a book under your foot. Or, recruit a friend or family member to help you! Go into your splits and get them to lift up your front or back foot until you get a good stretch and hold it there.

I also suggest you do some strengthening and jump work so you are more powerful and explosive. Then you get more height and consequently more air time which gives you more time to hit the split position in the air.

 I’ve written some tips for improving jumps here. You can also do leg strengthening exercises like squats and lunges, try doing jumping squats to incorporate jumping power. You can also standing and then lifting your front leg up like you do in a split leap. Hold it there or do pulses to strengthen the muscles you use to pull it into the air. 

If you have a trampoline, use it! It gives you much more air time to get into your split and is a great tool. If not, you could try jumping off something like a step. Only do this if you have lots of space and it’s safe though! 

Finally, you just have to split leap over and over again to get the feeling of it and they will get better

! I really hope this helps and good luck!

craveur asked:

hey i a dancer but i really want to be able to do a "needle" that you do in cheer, what stretch postitions should i have down before i do one?

Hi! For you needle first of all you will need to be able to do a scorpion. 

If you have your scorpion, your next stage is basically just pulling your scorp a lot (after warming up) and trying to pull your leg a little higher and straighten it a little more each time. Then you need to start moving your hands down a little so instead of holding your foot, you’re holding your ankle, and then your calf.

In terms of stretches, make sure that you are working on your front splits, and oversplits. Try leaning backwards as far as you can in your splits. You can also try stretching in a door frame by pushing your back foot up the door frame. You can get a friend to help you stretch, or tie a band round your foot and pull it up that way if it helps.

For your back, check out my back Q&A page here:

Good luck with your needle!

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After I stretch I'm sore and when the soreness goes away I'm less flexible than before. Why? I stretch daily and I'm a dancer. What is wrong with me

Hi! Most people find they are a little sore when they stretch hard and really work on their flexibility. You are not actually less flexible than before, but your muscles may feel tight the next day.

If you feel extremely sore, you are probably overstretching your muscles. To prevent this, try cutting down the time you spend stretching. If you really need to improve your flexibility urgently and can’t cut down stretching time, try splitting it into two morning/evening sessions that are shorter.

It may also help if you slow down a little when you stretch too and don’t always push yourself too far. Take a little longer to ease into difficult stretches and try not pushing yourself quite as much. If you stretch slowly but regularly, you can still have really good results. Sitting in really uncomfortable oversplits for 10 minutes will make your muscles feel tight the next day!

Finally, make sure that you are really warming up effectively to reduce soreness. It might help to stretch after class when your muscles are all awake, or take a 10 minute jog around the block. You may also find it helpful to do a little cool down at the end, with some low intensity stretches followed by a short walk.

I hope that some of these tips help! Good luck and keep persevering :)

if-i-stay-and-never-go-away asked:

I can do my splits, but for some reason I can't when I jeté. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel as if I might need to get wider splits ( I can do a little more than 180 degrees) Is this what's holding me back?


Getting an over split will certainly help you because it will mean that your legs can get into the split position in the air with much more ease. I have written about different ways to stretch your oversplits here:

so try to work out what works best for you.

This is quite a common problem, so I have answered given quite similar advice which I will link you to below. You need to be doing loads of jumping practice to get used to it, using a trampoline or something to jump off. You can also try some plyometric jump work to get more explosive leg power and leg strengthening like squats. It can take some time to see improvement, but if you keep practicing it will come.

These links aren’t all specifically about split jumps/jetés but the same things apply.

I hope that this advice helps you and let me know if you need any more tips :)

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hey im a dancer and i just saw that person ask about the back leg flexibility in splits and i dont understand. im finding it hard to do the splits and i do a slight oversplit on the front leg to help give me that extra stretch. should i do the back aswell to help me? how is this any different? thanks xxx

Hi! I would work on both, and then when you get more flexible, work on having both of your legs elevated at the same time. You should feel a different stretch when you lift the back or front leg in an oversplit. When you lift the back leg the stretch in the groin of the back leg more, whereas when you lift the front leg the stretch is more in the hamstring of the front leg - or maybe this is just me!? Try it and see!

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do you have any tips on getting a leg extension/tilt? :)

To get a tilt, you have to work on your strength and flexibility. 


You will need to do lots of work on your middle splits. Here are some stretches to help your middle splits. I also suggest you stretch your hamstrings and your oversplits too. This will allow you to reach the position with more ease.


I recommend you do lots of strengthening exercises of your legs and butt. 

This video is really good and offers some helpful strengthening exercises. 

I also recommend you do lots of leg lifts. You can do them in all different directions, but this one would be helpful to get a tilt:

External image

Also, try doing half a tilt while standing, and hold you leg in that position. You can try doing pulses and repetitions too, I’ve explained these here.

You may also find it helpful to do some balance work. For this, I recommend you stand on one leg whenever you can e.g when you’re brushing your teeth! Also, try doing some positions (such as a half tilt) with your eyes closed. By taking away one of your senses, it becomes harder to balance. Try holding on to a chair at first too. 

Good luck with your tilt!

anonymous asked:

I have an overstretch split for my right and left leg, but i can never seem to get a good split when doing split jumps, leaps, or split handstands. do you have any tips to get them?

This is probably because you have a lot more flexibility than you do strength. When you sit in your splits, gravity is pulling your flat so you don’t really have to use your muscles much. But, in split leaps and jumps, you have to work to pull your legs up into the split position.

For your leaps, I recommend you follow the advice I gave here about getting jumps higher. It’s not specifically for split jumps but will help you strengthen your legs, also, you make more time for yourself to hit the splits in the air with strong jumps.

I also recommend you do lots of leg lifts. You can do them in different directions so that you get better at holding your leg out in front and behind. 

You also just have to do lots and lots and lots of them to get used to the feeling.

Finally, try stretching your splits lying down on your back and lifting one of your legs up to your head. This is harder because your other leg isn’t bending behind you like in normal splits. This may help some of the moves when it may not be the regular split and will also improve your flexibility overall. 

Good luck with them :)

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i'm a dancer and i was wondering, what's the best way to stretch out hamstrings, hips, and thighs? those are the tightest parts of my body and they are really tight. i do splits all the time and sit in the frog position but nothing seems to work :/

Hmmm that’s weird if you don’t feel like those stretches help you. But there area lots of other stretches you can do. For your hamstring, try the hamstring stretch for the splits I explain here. Work on getting your face to rest comfortably on your knee. Also, work on your hamstrings using some sort of band like a belt. Lie on your back, fold the band in half and put your left foot in the middle. Lift your leg up to 90 degrees (or wherever you can get to) and hold onto the strap fairly high up so that your arms are straight. Your other leg can be bent up so your foot is on the floor or just straight out. Think about really grounding your hips, don’t let them rise up, and slowly bring your leg a little closer to your head and hold the stretch. 

For your hips, definitely try this stretch here (a bit like the yoga Fire Log pose). And also the yoga pigeon pose is a good one to try. 

For your thighs, I recommend doing a quads stretch when you do a deep lunge and then hold your back foot up to your bottom . You can also try doing this while you are in the splits if you can. Also work on your abductors by doing this stretch: kneel down (so you’re sitting on your feet) and stretch your knees apart as far is comfortable. Then, keeping your bottom on top of your feet and your toes together, put your arms in front of you and reach down and forwards until your chest is right down. You might need to bring your knees a little closer together if it’s uncomfortable.

I hope these stretches help you and that you finally start seeing some progress :D

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Hi! My dance teacher says I was born with turn-in hips, and that's why I'm struggling to get into the middle splits. I am flexible enough to get to the front splits, but it's the muscles on the inside of the thighs I'm struggling to stretch. When I try to stretch for the middle splits, it is much harder for me to stay those kinds of stretches. Do you have any tips that can help me to become more flexible? A routine or something, for instance? By the way, thak´s so muck for making this tumblr! :)

You’re welcome - I’m glad you like it! 

Not having much hip mobility can really hold you back when trying to get your middle splits and it can be frustrating! One tip is to stretch after you have had a bath or shower because then your body is warm and relaxed so you will get more out of your stretching. Also, you’ve said you have trouble holding stretches, I’d advise you hold stretches for 20 or 30 seconds because this is much more manageable than a minute or two, then walk it out before repeating, this should make it easier. 

While you’re stretching, it’s really important to remember your breathing - this also might help you with holding your stretches. 

Routine-wise - I suggest you find some stretches that you are comfortable doing and that help improve your middle splits. I’ve listed a few here and you might like to check out some of the turn out stretches here. Then you can put these together to create a routine which you can do repeatedly in the day. Make sure you finish off with going into your actual splits - you need to stretch them first.

I hope this helped you - let me know if you still have questions! 

truli-aicelem asked:

Hi, I love dance but I am 21years old. And just now trying to get started, do you know if at this age my body will ever be able to stretch out and become flexible or is it something you only obtain as a child or preteen and you continue into as an adult?

The truth is that it most probably will not be as easy for you to become more flexible as it would be for a 5 year old. There may be some limits to your flexibility that you might have over come if you were 3 years old.

But - unless you want to be a world-class contortionist - this will not be a problem. You most likely still have the capability of achieving the vast majority of positions that you want to, you just need to be aware that it will probably take you longer. 

You may feel ridiculously far from where you want to be now - but stretching takes time and you can’t rush it or cut corners. You really have to listen to your body and take it slowly. If you have the dedication and patience, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve your splits, or whatever else you want to, in time. 

Best of luck with your dancing - I hope this has answered your question!

grandeallegro-deactivated201402 asked:

My teacher told us that we needed to stretch more and well I don't think I can stretch anymore. I have my right split. My middle split is like a foot off the floor. I can't seem to get any lower because my knees start hurting me when I sit in the split. Then my left doesn't want to go all the way down either. Do you have any advice? Should I just sit through the pain?

Hi! I hate to sound like I’m blowing your question off, but if you are in pain then I suggest you book an appointment with your doctor or if you’ve ever seen anyone for sports injuries before - then them.

Sometimes our muscles feel uncomfortable when we stretch, but when you’re joints are in pain (like your knees) I always suggest getting it checked out. Joints are prone to injury and you can seriously damage them by putting them under pressure.

I really hope you sort it out and sorry I can’t help you much on this :(

star-of-hearts asked:

Do you know how to strengthen/increase flexibility in the wrists and Ankles. I really need to know >.< Thank you!

I’ve posted some strengthening exercises for your wrists here which you should try!

For your ankles, I suggest you try the following exercises:

Sit with your legs straight out in front of you. 

Point your foot and try to get your toes to touch the floor.

Flex your foot as much as you can.

Repeat this a number of times.

When sitting or standing, make large circles with your foot through your ankles. 

To strengthen your feet and your ankles, try tensing up your foot and holding it, also try separating out your toes and holding it. Repeat these at least ten times. 

I hope this helps you - good luck!

liquid-cure-deactivated20120224 asked:

Hi! I'm a figure skater at intermediate level and I want to begin ballet classes, but I'm 16. I used to take some but I didn't have time with skating. I really think ballet is so beautiful. Do you think I'd be able to get into it even though I'm so old (as most people start at a young age)? I think with skating I might have some good predisposition since I've got my splits, beillmans and a pretty good spiral, but I'm scared to try!

I’d love to start ballet too but I don’t because I feel too old too :S I came into skating pretty late considering people start at 4, but you get over the fact that you’re not as good as others your age pretty quickly.

But, I’d say just be to give it a go!!! When you’re 26, you’ll be wishing you started at 16. Take Holley Farmer - she started ballet at 16 and danced with The Theatre Ballet of Canada and other professional companies.

Hopefully because you’ve done it before you won’t have to start right at the bottom. You might even be able to get into an adult class which may make you feel more comfortable. I’d definitely advise you go for it, it may be a bit awkward at first but I think you’ll could really regret it if you don’t. 

I wish you all the best with it!

circlesandsoundwaves asked:

Hey! So I did dancing, cheerleading, and gymnastics growing up, and was always pretty flexible, but ever since I hurt my knee 3 years ago I just haven't been stretching much. I can still do side splits but I can't do oversplits or middle splits anymore. I'm taking a dance class in the spring, and I want to work on my flexibility over break to get ready- any tips on getting back in to it after being out so long?

Hey! It’s great that you’re going to get back into dance! 

To be honest every one is different when it comes to getting back into flexibility so it’s hard to offer any specific advice :( Some people retain quite a bit of their flexibility while others find they have to start from scratch.

I advise you to set aside some time to find out exactly where you are at in terms of your flexibility by experimenting and testing out different stretches for different parts of your body like your back and your hips, not just your splits. 

Once you know what needs work, you can start a stretching program to do 6 days a week if you can.

The most important thing in your situation is to be patient and no to get frustrated with your body. It will take time to get to where you are but you have to stay optimistic and determined!

I hope your stretching goes well and that you enjoy dance again!

saintslucia asked:

Hi! I'm a dancer, I've taken classical ballet for over 12 years, but I've never been very flexible in my back at all. part of it is just I'm not a naturally flexible person, and to get where I am in ballet has taken lots of hard work, but every time I do any kind of basic back stretches, the muscles in my mid-to-lower back cramp like crazy. it's so painful, I don't want to pull anything, and I've been working hard to gain back flexibility for years, but this problem keeps coming up! Help?


Considering you’ve been having this problem for some time, I really recommend that you see a professional who can examine you properly in person. Your ballet teacher may have someone who they recommend, if not you could go to your usual doctor and they can refer you. I’ve had really great experiences with my osteopath so you could see if there is one in your area. 

Really sorry I couldn’t be more help, but I definitely do not want to give you advice and then find that you have a different problem and get injured anymore!

I hope that you get to the bottom of this :(