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spaceoldshit  asked:

Hi yogi! I know you started this path for quite a few years now. Based on the wisdom you're sharing, I believe you have learned/realized a lot. Sometimes it seems like you have already known everything. However, I know you're going to refute that. I'm curious about your personal path. What have you learned this year so far? :)

The only thing that makes me “different” is that I meditate and practice mindfulness/self-inquiry, which anyone can do. Other than that I’m just a 28-year-old dude in med school.

In all other pursuits, knowledge is gained in proportion to the things you learn. In spirituality, however, knowledge shines as your very existence in proportion to the illusions you surrender. It is not a path of adding or becoming but of shedding what is false or unreal. 

Here’s a brief overview of my personal path:

I was always into the supernatural and the occult. Then my father died before I graduated high school. It made me start questioning things.

2007 - Freshman year of college. I started meditation practice and I read Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda. 

2008 - Summer after my freshman year, I was working in NYC. I went to events held by various gurus and learned what they had to teach. I experimented with different things as I returned to my sophomore year in college.

2009 - I started to realize that one particular guru had a really transformative effect on me: Sri ShivaRudra Balayogi. His scene was free of charge and to the point. And he made himself available via email. 

2010 - All my friends went to Cancun for spring break. I went to Dehradun, India, to go on retreat at my guru’s ashram. Life changing. But mostly it made me realize I didn’t need to go to India in order to meditate. I started this blog the fall of my senior year. 

2011 - In the spring, I graduated from college and then things got real. Lots of suffering. No job, living at home, broke up with long time girlfriend. I turned to my path for healing. 

The following several years I spent bouncing around, seeking aimlessly, going on some wonderful adventures with friends but also having many “WTF am I doing with my life?!” moments. 

2013 - Spring I decide to pursue becoming a doctor. I am accepted to attend a post-bac premed program at Columbia that fall. 

2014 - Spring, I go on an amazing retreat in California. My path is really ramping up as I discover Advaita, Ramana Maharshi, and Self-Inquiry. However, that summer I am stricken by an illness that still hasn’t been properly diagnosed. Chronic back pain and muscle spasms in my extremities. Sciatica as well. 

As a result, I couldn’t find a way to sit for meditation. I lost all connection with my path for the subsequent year. It was hell.

2015 - I finish my postbac program and begin to heal as I have time for self-care. I met my current girlfriend in the autumn. 

2016 - In the spring, I am accepted to attend medical school. I began in the autumn. 

I know all of this was more than you had asked but I felt it necessary for context. It has been a lot of ups and downs. 

Now that I am in medical school, I have found a proper balance between self-care and work. My spiritual practice has also found its place. I practice three aspects: Meditation, Self-Inquiry/Mindfulness, and Bhakti (Devotion). Devotion is an art, Self-Inquiry is a science, and Meditation is indescribable. 

The most recent thing I have come to focus on is that Enlightenment or Self-Realization has nothing to do with this world or my personal story. So much of what you see in spiritual circles is about diet, vibrations/emotions, esoteric philosophies, and lifestyle. I dig those things but they do not confine the spiritual path. Nor are they even necessary. At best they are props to guide us, at worst they are utter distractions. 

Enlightenment cannot be marketed or placed within a consumerist context. It just wont work. The only place you will find it is in your daily spiritual practice and your continual questioning of life/consciousness. 

So it goes. 

It has been a magnificent privilege and joy to share this space with every one of you. It has made me realize how wonderful and relatable humanity truly is. Thank you, all of you. 

Namaste :) Thanks for this question–it was a lovely opportunity to reflect. 

Vorrei conoscere ogni cosa di te.
Vorrei sapere cosa ti rende felice, cosa ti fa arrabbiare, le tue passioni.
Vorrei sapere il tuo colore preferito, il tuo film preferito, il tuo sport preferito, la tua canzone preferita.
Vorrei sapere che genere di musica preferisci, il tuo cantante preferito.
Vorrei sapere cosa ti piace mangiare, cosa non ti piace mangiare.
Vorrei sapere a cosa pensi quando stai in silenzio, quali sono i tuoi desideri, i tuoi sogni, i tuoi progetti per il futuro.
Vorrei sapere cosa fai al giorno.
Vorrei sapere il perché sei triste, cosa ti rende triste.
Vorrei sapere come ti sei fatto le cicatrici.
Vorrei sapere ogni cosa di te.
Vorrei scoprire ogni piccolo particolare.
Vorrei ascoltarti, guardarti e parlarti.
Non mi stancherei mai di te.
Ma tu non ci sei, o meglio non mi vuoi, non sono nulla per te e mai lo sarò.