The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock’s Place in Queer History
The modern understanding of queerness and fandom, in all its myriad forms and complexities, owes the lion’s share of thanks to James T. Kirk and Spock.

Contributor Vrai Kaiser breaks down just how important it was that Gene Roddenberry okayed Kirk and Spock’s queerness. 


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Shout out to queer people who:

• have known their orientation their whole life
• only just recently figured out their orientation
• are still figuring out their orientation
• thought they knew their orientation but now have to go back and rethink it because of learning new information or feeling something new
• struggle with their orientation
• struggle with others telling them their orientation isn’t real or isn’t natural
• struggle with stereotyping and other ignorant comments made by others

I love you all and I feel your pain. You’re always welcome here.


Queer Space is Here!

This project has been brewing for a long while! In January, a long Twitter conversation happened between several MCAD students where we came to the conclusion that A) the world needed more queer content by queer creators and B) MCAD needed a fresh new comics anthology.

The anthology features queer work by queer creators, making the comics they’ve wanted to see in the world. Ranging from goofy sci-fi to high school comedy to introspective reflection, there’s a story in here for everyone.

This anthology features contributions by myself, Alex BergmanRemy Ripple, Nathan Fredette,  Lauren Faulhaber, and Puck Saint.

Queer Space is available for download as a PDF on Gumroad. Donations are appreciated, but not required.