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i love remi so very much and i need more info about him, like??? his full name? where's he from? what is his favourite book? and....how he died? because his ghost is so young. i dont want to be a bother, but i just love him soooo much and want to know everything about him. btw, you and your art are amazing

His full name’s Remington Raven Way and he might be Scottish, favourite book - The Count of Monte Cristo :) Aaaaand the rest you can find here [x] ;)
You’re definitely not a bother!! Thank you! Hugs from me and Remington ~~~

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I recently watched sherlock and also planning to re watch it i did love it but there is a lot going in my head about tjlc i always end up with sunken ships and i dont want it to happen again so just a few minutes ago i watched johnlock video anda Q poped into my mind and couldn't find an answer to it which is why did john suggested a name he hates wich is haymitch to the child of sherlock and irin ???? can someone explain isnt that a prove or something

no it’s not really a proof but john was being jealous and blurted out “hamish” to like remind them that he was here and make a joke (he wasn’t being serious)

but about tjlc, you should totally watch “tjlc explained” on youtube, you won’t be able to doubt after that! 

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hi hi diff anon here and i dont wanna annoy you with janthony stuff but shit i just thought of this and im crying like you know how on facebook a bunch of the obc did live q&as like i was so confused like why havent jasmine or anthony done one and then i thought like what if they're gonna let them do one TOGETHER like wowie

aH that’s true!!

really want them to do it super soon!