q; work

[ID: nine photos in a grid, description left to right, top to bottom 

  1. the back of a black electric wheelchair; in the middle is a black sheet of metal with “cripple” spray painted in white; the L is backwards 
  2. q seated in their wheelchair at a park; a sign reading “QueerCrip 4 Black Lives” in rainbow caps is attached to their wheelchair
  3. q’s torso sporting a black tank top with “the future is accessible” in white caps (courtesy of @annieelainey​) 
  4. a green bathroom stall door with “today was a good day” carved in all caps
  5. a golden sunset over a silhouette of trees, houses, and train tracks 
  6. an albino raccoon with its mouth wide open, wearing a little blue and white bib 
  7. a close-up of two buttons on a midnight blue vest; one is black and reads “the future is disabled” in white caps, and the other is white with a black picture of an accordion, with “this machine kills fascists” around it
  8. two more buttons, sitting on a desk; one is yellow, reading “caution blind” in black caps; the other is white with “piss on pity” in red caps over a black border 
  9. a pink triangle button on a midnight blue vest]

@beeth0ven​ tagged me to make a moodboard using only pics on my phone so now i feel like one of the cool kids lmfao 

i tag… ah anyone who wants to do it, im too tired to tag people <33 

|An OC Post? From ME?|

It is a rare occurrence, but yes, posting a drawing of an OC for once. 
Felt burnt out from commission stuff so I drew something for myself of my unicorn OC Ethos. I’ve had her for like 7 years, so since 2010. She was for an rp group that ended up dying out but I never dropped her. I still rp her with my best friend whom I met in that group and her character, who is Ethos’ BF<3 If you’re curious the watermark on her hair is my DA account.

Might upload the other doodles I did of her sometime. Sorry for no fanart lmao

Please do not repost, edit or claim as your own. And do not delete the artist comments, thank you!

this is la vie en rose

@re-unknown and I finally got around to doing a collab; he linearted (very beautifully) chat and i did mari, he coloured (very nicely) mari and i coloured chat and finally i did background and lighting (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧