hi guys! ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ

starting August 28th, this blog will be on semi-hiatus! i’m going to be studying abroad in Japan for a semester! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ so i probably won’t have as much free time on my hands as i do now to update. also i’m not quite sure how much internet access i’ll have on a daily basis while i’m there. but of course, whenever i can get wifi, i will be on to browse tumblr,catch up with Exo ( ˘ ³˘)❤ and answer any lovely msgs you guys may or may not leave me [≡] 〆(・⺫・‶)

but, i’ll have my queue up as i always do, so my blog won’t be completely dead. 

also also, if you guys are interested in staying up to date with me and my scary adventures abroad you guys can either follow my instagram(i tend to post doodles and sketches on there more often than on tumblr~ i’ll also try updating it with pics every once in a while) and and! i made a side blog on here where i’ll upload pictures~ it’ll be co-run with my friend Sammo who is also studying with me! 

i will try to update with comics once in a while as well ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪♥♥

that’s right, folks! it’s about that time of year when everyone picks up the books and heads back to that hellhole called school, and apparently i’ve gotta go too idk psh

as of sunday, august 24th, i am moving back into college, which is gonna make for some pretty drastic changes around here - most noticeably on my activity, as i need to focus on my education and also balance it with my social life. sooo basically, here’s what’s different —

  • i will no longer ask who wants starters. i might post an open now and then when i have the chance to be online for a period of time, but i won’t be asking the dash who wants them.
  • i won’t be accepting new threads. right now i have about twenty-ish active ones and i don’t want to go beyond that; if, however, one or two get dropped, i’m totally down to plot and i’ll let everyone know if and when that time comes. this only applies to middle-long length threads, not gif/icon and a few lines.
  • i’ll be watching the episodes as much as i can, but i’ll probably fall behind. so if you have my skype or kik pls no spoilers heehee
  • while we’re on the subject, please please please feel free to ask for my skype/kik if we’re mutuals! i’ll definitely be accessible really often if not always on these two, though my reply time might be slow.
  • and speaking of reply time, most importantly — i might take as long as a week-2 weeks to reply, especially when it comes to longer threads. if this is going to be a problem (which i understand completely) just let me know now! i’m totally cool with dropping some threads or putting them on hold.

these sorta rules are really only gonna apply while i’m at college. every so often i come home for the weekend for a dance/family thing, and when i’m around i’ll let everyone know. i also have a long weekend in october and thanksgiving break and all. 

but yeah! i’ve had a blast meeting all the wonderful new people i have this summer and writing such amazing and exciting threads c: i hope we don’t lose touch, and pls pls pls add me on kik and text stiles and i to distract us from all of our work hahahajklm;jlk;;l

catch you around, babies, and good luck with everything as y'all go back to school and work! <3 

Semi-Hiatus from the 12th-14th

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I’m not going to be able to access my laptop from the 12th, seeing as I’ll be off on holiday. And my Mum’s evil and won’t let me take it. I would say I’d get online through my phone, but this also means I won’t be able to watch Teen Wolf. And I’d like to avoid all those spoilers. I’ll set this up on a queue so it posts a couple of times, but yeah. Don’t miss me too much, and I’ll be back probably early evening on the Wednesday.

Love you all <3


Also, if any of my wonderful followers don’t mind me queuing from their archives would you please like/reblog (preferably like so this doesn’t get too many notes) this post to let me know :)

I’m looking for fandom/photography/basically anything

Thank you!

//Just thought I’d let everyone know that I’m on a semihiatus until I get out of the hospital. I’m not allowed allowed access to the Internet unless on my phone, and I don’t have a lot of access to data…I miss you guys, and as soon as I possibly can I promise I’ll be back to do replies. I’m sorry for this, and I hope you stay with me until I come back. I love you all.


I’m going to be on hiatus/semi-hiatus for the next week and a half because I have finals next week. I have a queue that will be running so don’t worry. But I will only be coming on to answer asks etc. like once or twice. I really need to focus on my studies. Love you all!

- Ali

Gods oh mighty I missed being on tumblr and seeing everyone’s crazy post and super funny shit!
Just wanted to tell you all that all though I’m going to be posting soooome things and like a lot of others, I’m still on semi-hiatus! So feel free to bug my message box and tell me to start writing again because I’m aware I left my fic all paused and tense… Ok, maybe not tense but I did leave out a lot. Also I am homestuck trash now so I will be reblogging some stuff too to my personal account FYI. You might want to hide the “Kimm HStag” so you won’t get mega spammed, so sorry…
So glad to be seeing you guys!

PSA: semi-hiatus or hiatus (again)

For more that I hate it… I can’t be online during week as much I wanted, because, hell I’m tired from my school, with my exams near (also my finals too) I’m so stressed with all. So probably that is going to be a sort of semi-hiatus to hiatus. I will be lurking and watching my dash to no lost my threads… but yeah… if I can do I will, if not I will take a little.

Sorry for take so long to answer.

oI have decided to actually be smart this quarter.

The thing is, I am, but I haven’t been spending my time wisely at all, and partially due to this website. However much I love you all and tumblr, I know I need to step away just for a little bit, just so I can make sure I get out of my circle of failure. I need to learn to balance both school and tumblr, and hopefully this quarter I’ll be able to do that. I’ll be using the SelfControl app to control the time I can spend on here (unless someone knows of one that’s better!)

So, I’m going to be on a permanent half-hiatus as of Oct. 1st until further notice!