q:on hiatus

I am very sorry my friends, but this blog will be on hiatus until further notice.
I cannot deal with Elinor’s death and I refuse to take any part in it.
I trusted the writers and I was disappointed and I feel angry and sad
I may be back in the future, but I won’t promise anything, I cannot deal with this right now.
I love you all and I am terribly sorry to leave for a while, especially leaving you alone in this mess.
If you want to talk to me, you can still reach me through messaging, I won’t be off tumblr, I will just be off Holby and Berena for a while and will not be posting anything.
Imagine I was sitting in a cave in a mountain in the Himalayas, meditating =)
I love you all, my Fräuleins.
Come talk to me in my cave if you need anything at all. ❤


I’m on complete and total hiatus until further notice.

Pretty much done with this shxt.

No, I do not want to talk about it and no, I do not care anymore. I’ll talk when I want to talk. Maybe. I don’t see much point in it anymore.

So, yeah. I’m outie.

♥ hiatus & blog change notice ♥

hello friends! after much deliberation, i’ve decided to move my focus to a different blog. you are more than welcome to follow me on my new blog, but i will understand if it’s not your cup of tea! please don’t feel pressured to follow me on my new blog if you’d prefer not to. 

this blog and all of its posts will remain up, but it will function more as an archive than my main blog. i need a tumblr restart, and i feel like this is the best option for me right now. i want to start creating more of my own original content and have a fresh start, and have the chance to meet new people and reconnect with old friends. i will queue this post a few times, but after that i’m going to let this blog be for a little while. you are more than welcome to signal boost this if your heart desires!

here on out, i will be blogging from @chrisnevans if you would like to follow me there.

i want to thank all of you for your endless support and kind messages: you have no idea how much it’s meant to me over the past few years. if you choose to make the switch with me, know that i’m endlessly grateful for your friendship! i wish all of you the best: you are all wonderful people who deserve beautiful things!

On Hiatus

So I’ve not been feeling this blog for a while and with only three active RP partners I’ve decided to put Riq on Hiatus for the time being until I’m ready to run his blog again. There haven’t been many threads involving the High Council of Ricks lately so I may just pull him into action when relevant plotlines arise.

You can contact me over on my other blog at any time - @evilgsanchez if you really want Riq back for something but in the meantime I’m afraid he’s on hiatus. 

@thekindestrick - I know you haven’t been RPing lately, so this may take the pressure off of that particular aspect. 

@baristarickyjoe - I know you’ve also been away for a while, so I thought I should let you know he’s ‘away on business’ for a bit.  

@ask-36-e - You’ve been replying regularly I know, I’ll come up with a plot for an interaction with ER. 

Thanks guys. 

Welp, guess there is no denying it any longer.

My friends, I am at an all time low. I’ve fallen back into a pretty deep depressive episode and try as I might I can’t shake it off.

I think what compounds the issue is how mad I get at myself for not being able to get out of these funks and keep going with my life. That it sometimes feels like I have to hit the reset button every time and start back over from scratch.

So as per usual, I am withdrawing from Tumblr for awhile. I hate that I keep doing this, and hate, more, that I feel like I am just trying to get attention by making posts like these. Like, oh I am so desperate and pathetic weeeeh.

I’m tired, friends. I am very, very tired. So instead of trying to power through and pretend like I’m fine and everything is all hunky dory, I am going to step away and take some time to heal again. It’s easier for me to find that quiet, calm place again when I am not checking my phone every 5 minutes.

Idk when I will be back, exactly, but be good to each other while I am gone.