sirius offline

Remus: *Walks in* Sirius have you eat-… what is that? 

Sirius: Nothing… 

Remus: wow… thats not funny Pads 

Remus: Idiot. have you eaten or not? 

Sirius: no 

Remus: Right, come down and i’ll make something *turns to leave* 

((OOC: And with that im going to have to call it a night guys <3 thank you to everyone who sent messages)) 


As you realized (or not, I think you don’t, it’s okay…), I am not as active as before and this because I have to prepare something, big and important.
So to do it properly and finish it before school starts again for me, I’m going to be offline most of the time.

This gif is just a preview. Hands are hard to draw and even harder to animate.

That doesn’t mean I will not be here at all, be just… Fews minutes a day… Maybe…

Thank you for understanding!

Bye-nee!! ♥

I'm beginning to wonder...

Why do I even try?

368 followers, and hardly anyone seems interested in my content.

I feel like turning my asks off and just disappearing for a while.

This used to be fun, and it would make my day so much brighter especially during the time I lost literally everything, and it made writing and drawing so much more fun.

But now, it’s just a blog that is dying.

I hardly get to talk to people. I hardly get to create with others. People are leaving, people are busy (which I totally get, but it still hurts because of my loneliness). I wish I could talk to others about it, but I know if I do, I will only be seen as a kid who is crying for attention when that’s not the entirety of it.

Living with depression because the fun is gone is beginning to be such a drag. It’s holding me back, making me feel like my art is worthless, that my stories/content is boring.

No one seems interested in asking me things, even about myself.

Am I really that boring?

I don’t know what to do to keep you all entertained. I feel like disappearing for a while because I want to be happy, I want to enjoy the things I do during the day, and I want to create.

But getting no feed back from people is literally killing me. There’s no curiosity, no interest, just dead silence.

I’ve become invisible, and it hurts so much.

So why not disappear?

No one would notice….