“Offline” (Final Chapter)

Holla for some smutty smutness, and then some hardcore feels. Love you guys for all the encouragement and sweet comments on this fic!


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Looking back, perhaps their first time should have been different. Softer, slower, maybe less about the fucking and more about discovering each others bodies. How Bond reacted to Q’s touch and the way Q sighed every time his agent kissed him. How the Quartermaster arched his body into every roll of Bonds hips, or how Bond’s breath seemed to catch whenever Q called him James.

Perhaps it would have been sweeter, a better story for later on, if they had taken their time and spent hours in bed mapping every inch of skin and memorizing every gasp and breathless sound each other made.


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11/19 学園トライアル大阪(チュンチュン・N14)

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Pansy: Potter is wandering around the corridors near the dungeons all alone.

Draco Malfoy is now Offline.

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