C o m e d o w n

//Your friendly neighbourhood merc with a skeleton here to just let you know that I am sorry about the lack of replies lately.
//I have been in a really weird, spiraling out of control funk for the past couple days and have been unable to actually manage anything in general but sleep and work and talking to a couple people.
//Thankfully, I am back to being my upbeat self and I will be going back to my usual rate of replies tomorrow after work.
//So, don’t worry. Everyone’s replies are in my drafts and ready to be typed up and/or finished. You’ll be seeing more of the inebriated skeleton soon.
//For now, however, I must rest. 
//Night, night, lovelies.

Time off

I need a quick time off alone. A lot of stuff had happened that I need time to process, some time focus in my studies and do some personal work in a bit.

I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I’m sure that it won’t be long. I just…..need time to think.

Ulbert Mun signing Offline

Hiatus warning. :D

//Hey guys, change mun here. I know what you’re thinking, where’s the updates big guy? Weeeeell there are none. In fact, there might not be one for most of the working week from now on till college ends for the semester. Things are hell right now and life is fucking me over pretty hard right now. :)

//I got 30 or so asks that I need to answer and about 5 threads to reply to. Sorry if I don’t get to those till Friday or Saturday. I’ll still post those memes you all love so much to assure you I’m still alive.

//Remember kids, despite the soul crushing hopelessness and despair life feeds you everyday, always try to wear a smile while your worlds collapses around you. =)

anonymous asked:

Perhaps instead of traumatizing Gil, you could do it to Payton instead? They haven't seemed to have any suffering lately.

(( are you the one who sent those nightmares? ))

(( tomorrow WILL be a better day. for you.))

(( not so much for Payton. ))