anonymous asked:

Hello! I really love your art, you have such a unique and colorful style. I was wondering if you have any tips for other artist? Like how you color the way you do, it looks really amazing!

Hey Anonymous!! Thanks for the kind words!! 

As far as coloring goes, Part of the reason my style is so colorful is because I’ve accumulated a lot of colorful pens and markers to work with.  That means I have several different shades of blue or green that I can use to outline and then create dimension with.  This can make my coloring feel more dynamic than just filling in something with one solid color (Not that I don’t do that sometimes, most commonly with the pure black figments). Even if you don’t have a lot of colors you can still achieve the effect by coloring more solidly where you want it darker and letting the paper come through where you want it lighter. 


 I don’t feel like I’m explaining this well at all. Maybe I’ll try and make a post sometime down the line that shows my standard coloring process is steps. 

But the truth is while I have a way of coloring that I’m fairly comfortable with now that doesn’t mean I don’t change it up and experiment. I love to pull back with color and do mostly black and grey with one or two color pops.  I like drawing the figments or whatever I’m drawing in black and white and just coloring a background around them.  It’s all a process with no completely right or wrong answers.

So make mistakes!! Color on!!