To any A Song of Ice and Fire followers on my blog, where is my Barristan Selmy LOVE!?! That grandpa knight is a total and complete badass a la McGonagall and Gandalf. Ahhh I may not have been prepared for the Red Wedding, despite spoilers to the general notion of what would happen (due to my impatientness to join the fandom!), but my god the Whitebeard/Jorah unmasking just made my day. <3

I dunno about most people, but this battle and strategy talk is some of my favorite parts of this whole series. I LOVE this shit, and I wonder if the books go into even more detail about this. I’d love to see a detailed war/battle history of this stuff!

Robb is proving to be more and more like his father, putting honor before reason in deciding to let a scout they captured just go without even detaining or anything. Again, very good qualtiies usually Robb, but like Ned, they can really turn out to be flaws sometimes!

Well that was a random shot of Ned lying in the dungeon. Did we gain anything at all from that super-short scene? It was only like, 2 seconds or so. Just someone kicking him and waving a torch at him. What was the point?

And Cersei and Joffrey decide that we don’t dislike them enough already, and proceed to kick the dog further by forcing Barristan, probably the most loyal knight in all of Westeros (Hell, he was in the Kingsguard back when AERYS was still King), even though he clearly intends to keep up in his duties until he dies. Poor Barristan. He flips his lid, but eventually just leaves because he’s not stupid. Though I have a feeling that booting him will prove to come back to bite Joffrey in the ass later! I hope it does, anyway.