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Actual--Quartermaster’s 00Q rec list:

A collection of amazing works that deserve all the praise. Warnings are added to fics with major concerning aspects, however, be prepared for canon typical violence and sexual content in pretty much every fic– I mean, this is James Bond, he’d manage to get into a knife fight even in a coffee shop AU.

Quriosity by dr_girlfriend

Words: 80495  Chapters: 33/33

Bond finds himself increasingly curious about his enigmatic Quartermaster.

“Your prior hotel is no longer secure, I will direct you to a new location. Your luggage has already been transferred. A field agent and medic from the Diréction Générale de la Sécurité d'État will be waiting at the side entrance. I have cleared them both personally.” In contrast to his crisp dry English, Q’s pronunciation of the French words was fluid and flawless, the throaty tone of the fricatives sending a surprising jolt of awareness straight to Bond’s cock — all the more remarkable given his degree of blood loss.

“You’re wasted on Q-branch, you have the voice for a phone-sex call-in line.” The words slipped out of Bond’s mouth without forethought, although he had plenty of time to think in the sudden pause that came afterward and stretched on for endless moments. Bond hadn’t realized until now how Q was always there, with an immediate reply. In all their banter Q had never before been at a loss for words. Ever.


I reread this fic at least once every few months, it’s that good. I have it saved in the pdfs on my phone for car rides and vacations. This fic stays so true to the characters, with everything from Q’s unceasing exasperation to Bond’s cheeky carelessness. The only bad thing I can say about it, is that it doesn’t follow my “Q is a Holmes brother” headcanon. Honestly, if you haven’t read this fic yet, it’s probably the one you’ve been looking for.


Human Error by thejabberwock

Words: 86107   Chapters: 14/14

007 is the perfect assassin, an artificial intelligence with the ability to think for itself. Human emotions were never meant to be part of its programming, and Q was never meant to be anything more than its creator.


Okay, this was so good, I had to contact the author (@bondsboffin) in the middle of it being written. I was going out of my mind. Bond is so complex and the style is just so intriguing. Honestly, this is the kind of fic that will make you roll on the floor in angst.


Blue-Eyed Monster by Only_1_Truth

Words: 118362   Chapters: 23/23

Yes, this version of 007 was a terrifyingly smart agent, and M wondered long and often whether it had been a good idea to promote him to the position. Usually, the title was the dangerous part - being 007 meant deadliness - but this time, M feared that a certain man with ice-blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair had dragged in more danger to the title than it had previously possessed

Enter MI6’s new Quartermaster: an unassuming, bespectacled genius with no mind for subterfuge but plenty of genius behind a dry smile. Curious 00-agents and young boffins don’t always mix in predictable ways…


This made me cry the first time I read it. Full of humorous chess games, dangerous double 0’s, and domestic (well, at least as close as possible to anyway) Bond. A wonderful Skyfall rewrite.


Beautiful Creatures by 1MissMolly

Words: 63151  Chapters: 30/30

“You smell good,” Q’s drunk words were slurred and raspy.

“I’ve been told.” James smiled at the young man.

“Stay here, I want to snuggle.”


“Snuggle, be my teddy bear.”

“What!? I could blackmail you for that comment.” James joked but Q was already snoring lightly. His arms still wrapped tight around James neck. The older man gave in, convincing himself it was only because Q wanted him there. James own wishes and desires were not pushing him to lay beside Benjamin. The reason he was here, he told himself over and over again, was to protect the quartermaster. His scent and angelic face had nothing to do with it. At least that what he tried to tell himself.

Bond discovers that his quartermaster is an omega, which would be fine, except someone is murdering the omegas that work for MI6.

Very slow build of coworkers to friends to something more. Working together to fight against the monsters in the dark.


Warning: A/B/O fic. An extremely well done one at that. Despite the summary, Q can hold his own, which was awesome to read. A complex plot and amazing development, overall a great read.


Brevity and Opulence by loveindirtytrenchcoats

Words: 7777   Chapters: 1/1

There’s no time to grab anything to defend himself with, because the first hinge on the door snaps open with a bang, and the second follows on the next hit. The door rips backwards, thrown to the floor by the same man Q had been in the ski lift with, who smiles menacingly and draws a knife from his jacket. The Quartermaster wonders how long it will take for James to realise he’s missing.

Before the henchman even gets in his first hit, Q knows it’ll be too late.


Short and sweet, a fix-it fic for Spectre. The best fix-it fic I’ve read at that.


The Love Song of James Bond by Fightyourdragon

Words: 103853   Chapters: 17/17

“Knowing your history, and adding to it the fact that I am not entirely unaffected by sharing a bed with you, I think it would be pointless to pretend that we are going to able to share this house for the next two weeks without fucking over every available surface.” Q smiles at the look of shock on James’ face. Clearly he hadn’t been expecting such a direct approach and Q presses on before he has a chance to recover. “However, when it happens it will happen on my terms.”

There was definitely a significant gap between the time Bond was breaking down over M’s death in the chapel to the time a confident Bond walked into Mallory’s office to accept his newest assignment. What, or more importantly, who, put him back together again? Basically, lots of porn with plot.


Warning: BDSM. A majority of this fic is two idiots on an island, fucking and making friends with the old couple who own the local pub. It’s the most weirdly domestic thing I’ve ever read, and its beautiful.


Bal-Chatri by Kryptaria

Words: 46402   Chapters: 14/14

Rising through the ranks at MI6 is enough to erode anyone’s ability to trust. The agents of the Double O program all take paranoia one step further, elevating it to an art form. But everyone needs one person to trust – even James Bond. Now, Q just has to figure out how to convince him of that.

Bal-Chatri: A versatile trap used to humanely catch all types of birds, including birds of prey.


Warning: BDSM. Part of a three part series, and, honestly, it’s beautiful. Q is patient and kind, and together they work through Bond’s problems.


Synchronicity by stereobone

Words: 7600   Chapters: 1/1

It goes on like that for months, and then Q realizes that James Bond is “hanging out” at his flat.


Another short and sweet fic, and actually the softest thing I’ve ever read. James is just so gentle and Q treats him like he deserves. Good rainy day read.


Return the Conquering Hero by 1MissMolly

Words: 41596  Chapters: 14/14

Bond and Trevelyan are sent in to rescue a mysterious hacker out of a corrupt prison. They don’t know who sent them in or how to get the young man out. But the longer they stay in the prison, the more Bond becomes attracted to the young hacker.


Warning: major rape/non-con elements, but nothing truly horrid happens to our boys. Not the most satisfying ending but lovely nonetheless, one of those fics you wouldn’t mind a sequel to. Also, have I ever mentioned how much I love Alec Trevelyan being included? Because this pushes all those buttons.


Redamancy by opalescentgold

Words: 80627   Chapters: 7/8

If you write something on your skin, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well.

James doesn’t quite fall in love over physics discussions and cheeky book quotes and coding and riddles inked onto his skin, but he comes close.

And then he actually meets Q.


It’s not finished yet, I know. But, this fic is so good, I couldn’t put it down. I’m sure I read it in under two nights (that’s with a full time job and full time school). This fic highlights the true discrepancy in age between Bond and Q, and is a whole lot of angst at points, and it’s delightful.


Distraction by Pasteles

Words: 269   Chapters: 1/1

James Bond is an impatient bastard.


Putting this in here because my lovely @actual–007 wrote this for me, AND I OPENED IT WHILE I WAS AT CHURCH THANK YOU VERY MUCH. But, it’s lovely and so is she.

Masterlist of Awesome - Part 3 (Other Fandoms)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! But here’s a new rec list ;) Although, for the Sterek fans following me, this is strictly other fandoms, sorry. Been away from Sterek in a while and that’s the result!  Here’s a listing of what you’ll find!

Merlin / Merthur

Suits / Marvey

Supernatural / Destiel / SamxDean / SamxDeanxCas

White Collar / Peter/Neal/Elizabeth

James Bond (Daniel Craig’s) / 00Q

London Spy / Alex/Danny

Originally posted by paradisebird

Fandom: James Bond (Daniel Craig’s) 
Pairing : 00Q

Temeraire by professorfangirl (lizeckhart) / 8858 w. / E

“At Bond’s age anything like love was trapped and walled away, a scorpion under a glass; what he felt now was like the fire at Skyfall, filtered through icewater light. And yet it was there, it was possible: one more reckless leap, one more deadshot fall, one more defiance of loss. It was there, waiting in the way Q’s eyes lingered on him, the intelligent desire in their depths, patient, saying, ‘we have almost all the time in the world’." 

Does Your Mother Know? by sorion / 17561 w. / M 

“He told me… that he’d loved and trusted people with his life before, and that it didn’t end well. And he told me… that he would trust me with his life… and his death.” 

“Wow. Now I don’t know which one of you to warn off of breaking the other’s heart, anymore.” 

The Inevitability of Time by dhampir72 for missMHO / 27055 w. / M 

When they meet for the first time at the National Gallery, Bond has a strange sense of deja vu. 

For the 00QNewYearParty as a gift for missMHO. 

Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by sorion / 31571 w. / M 

Despite Bond making a kind of running joke out of Q’s “exploding pen” remark by requesting one at every opportunity… it was Q who mentioned it first. The reason behind it is quite simple. They both like to blow shit up. And then they realise that that’s not the only thing they have in common. 

Denominations by WriteThroughTheNight/ 33299 w. / Series / T 

Part 1: Denominations by WriteThroughTheNight

"Q confirms that he’s an Empath three months before his first day of primary school, and the deciding of Denominations that comes with it." 

OR Q is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, and an Empath to boot. 

The Haunting of Skyfall Lodge by BootsnBlossoms, Kryptaria for shipimpala / 36522 w. / E 

All his life, Q has seen ghosts. For years, he’s searched for scientific proof to back up what he knows to be true. Finally, he starts a YouTube channel to chronicle his adventures of exploring haunted sites. His latest location: Skyfall Lodge. 

Yours, J by swtalmnd / 41104 w. / Series / G to E 

Part 1 : Yours, J by swtalmnd

Bond sends letters. Q is vexed. Q-branch starts a betting pool. There are an appalling amount of sweets. Also, 002 is a bit of an arse. 

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Talks Machina Highlights - Episode 106

Returning after several weeks away from writing these! Huge thanks to @loquaciousquark​ for jumping in. <3

  • The episode begins with Matt and Marisha lint-rolling Darin’s suit.
  • Marisha officially started as CD of Geek and Sundry back in January or February and finally feels like she can start talking about how the work she’s been doing has been coming to fruition.
  • No TM next week due to travel.
  • There were four police helicopters circling Matt and Marisha’s place, during which a police dog came through their backyard and destroyed their backyard couch.
  • Marisha’s doing an AMA on the subreddit tomorrow.
  • Brian: “Banned from every single Critical Role Q&A as of this moment are any and all High Noon-related questions.”
  • Once the party rested for the evening before going to find Ioun, Matt knew they would be too late to prevent Vecna’s ascension, and from there he was just waiting for a good narrative beat to reveal it.
  • Darin thought Sprigg was going to have to sacrifice himself to keep Ioun alive. Matt wasn’t sure how that was going to end, either, but as soon as Sprigg started offering his services, Matt and Darin both saw the opportunity for a redemption arc 37 years in the making. 
  • Sprigg never actually learned anybody’s names in the party.
  • Sprigg’s advice to Vax was something Darin took to heart during a hard time in his life: “Life is loud, and noisy, and it should be a celebration.”
  • Marisha points out that just because Keyleth’s taking a more neutral or cynical worldview in some situations, that doesn’t mean she’s losing the empathy that’s the core of her character. The two aren’t mutually exclusive; she mainly sees it as Keyleth becoming less “stubborn in her self-righteousness.”
  • Matt felt Percy was beginning to fall into the nature of someone who was a seeker of knowledge, but it was knowledge that he coveted for his own enlightenment, as opposed to sharing it with others. “He prided himself on knowing things and being the one who knew things.” Not so much even keeping the guns secret, which was more about the danger involved, but more “just his personality and his lack of faith in the gods in general.” Matt thought about Scanlan, who’d spent his life learning about the world and then conveying and sharing that knowledge to uplift and inspire other people. Between Ioun being a goddess devoted to the sharing and spreading of knowledge, and Scanlan’s newfound interest in faith, those elements came together and made Scanlan “a more pure candidate than what Percival was at the moment.”
  • Matt didn’t have any idea how everyone was going to solve the puzzle, what groups they were going to break into, etc.—he’d thought of a few possible ways for them to succeed, and then had to sit back and hope they’d figure it out.
  • Keyleth doesn’t think being faithless would necessarily disqualify her in Melora’s eyes, especially given the conversations she’s had with the gods thus far; it’s the difference between belief and reverence. She’s more concerned about time right now than anything else.
  • The gods can only give their gifts once. If they give it away to the wrong people, it cannot be given again, which is why they’re running these tests (also because it’s more fun that way). If Scanlan had failed the test, Ioun would not have given him her blessing, and would’ve waited for another powerful adventurer to come by. Matt points out that while Vox Machina are among the most powerful people in the world right now, there’s a lot going on in the world, and other candidates could potentially arise.
  • Darin thinks Sprigg is going to enjoy accumulating so much knowledge and living everyone else’s adventures; it’s his version of heaven.
  • Vecna fundamentally seeks knowledge; he hangs onto it, keeps it secret, and kills anyone else who knows it. Brian points out that Sprigg is also essentially hoarding knowledge (he’s chaotic evil, but he’s not necessarily a villain: he’s selfish), but now he’s learning to give a bit of that back since Ioun shared some of herself with him and he returned it to her.
  • Keyleth is genuinely delighted for Percy and Vex, but thinks Percy is “a little bit of a fucking dick for not telling me.” Keyleth’s also got some jealousy going on given Vax’s situation right now. “Good for her. Good for her. Good for Janet.”
  • Matt points out that the gods they’ve seen are just the most readily available ones to them, and so it’s possible for them to actively seek out the others: Kord, Erathis, etc. But now they have to weigh it against the time (and other things) they’ll lose in doing so, versus deciding to engage in the final conflict earlier. Marisha points out how much Matt loves his timed challenges.
  • Matt: “Someone please make a half-orc named Thigh Gap as a D&D character.”
  • After it appears in somebody’s screen name, Darin learns what “grundle” means. Pointing to his suit: “You know what, this is linen. I spent a couple bucks on this. There’s a fake carnation. Thank you for your username.” Matt suggests “grundle” be replaced by “humble bundle” in the common vernacular from now on.
  • Matt and Darin agree that Sprigg’s alignment has shifted more toward chaotic neutral. Darin: “You get older, you change. You can’t stay the same.” Marisha: “People change you. If you’re left alone, you stay the same.” 
  • During the discussion, Darin and Matt segue naturally into a brief scene together as Sprigg and Dimitri the imp.
  • Marisha talks about the parallels between Keyleth’s connections with Kerrek and Sprigg: both arrived right in the midst of her being stuck in a rut where she didn’t feel like anyone in the party was available to mirror her inner worries back to her. Sprigg talking about forgetting his companions’ names brought up a new fear in Keyleth about her future, but at the same time, his statements about the importance of memory are helping her start to process the possibility of losing Vax.
  • Darin talks about how roleplaying can let you tell a friend how deeply you feel about them without having to say it directly. Brian points out that the genuine openness and emotional honesty between the players is one of the biggest draws of the show.
  • Matt is deeply moved that the show fits into that rare space where people watching the show can relatively easily go out and emulate it themselves. It’s not just knowing people like the show, it’s knowing the show pushed them to start their own adventures and make their own connections that could play out for years… possibly even 37 years and two generations of players.
  • Matt loves having a villain that can pop in and taunt VM whenever he likes. Vecna’s pretty much just going around and trolling everyone who doesn’t believe he’s already won. Having a recurring villain like that also gives Matt more opportunities to develop him as a character and to build more interactions with the players.
  • Brian thinks of the Raven Queen-Vax interactions as a Galadriel-Frodo relationship… but if Galadriel were played by Helena Bonham Carter.

Blocks Machina:

  • The inspiration for Vecna’s voice is a bit of Orson Welles with some gravel and a little rounding.
  • Marisha and Darin encourage Matt to look into voice directing, and he thinks he’d enjoy that, but he also thinks there isn’t really a gap there right now with all the wonderful folks directing at the moment. He also finds directing exhausting and has one or two other things on his plate right now…
  • Darin on taking risks like traveling across the country for something you’re passionate about: “You can only take the first step.” Marisha: “It’s good you’re scared. You should be. That’s healthy.” Matt talks about how it’s important to go into it knowing that persistence may not be enough to pay off, and you have to keep checking in with yourself to make sure it’s still something you’re passionate about. It can take a long time, and you have to be prepared for bad years among the good years. Brian points out that wherever you start out, you should already be doing your craft there, because you’re not magically going to find inspiration and the ability to do the work by moving across the country. Marisha talks about the isolation of moving to a new place, and also talks about checking your ego at the door and trying to find ways to pay it forward as you go.
  • Matt talks about how he grew up with the old-school tabletop RPG communities and always wanted to be an ambassador to help bring the old-school fans into the newer/transformative stuff, so in spite of himself he still gets very bummed out when he stumbles across a whole thread of D&D fans talking about how much they hate him and think he’s singlehandedly ruined the game and the genre. Getting that kind of negativity is almost inevitable, but getting it from a group that he considers himself a part of hits a lot harder.
  • Darin mentions that Sprigg’s last thank-you was, of course, to Matt rather than Ioun.
Lights On (S.M.)

Title: Lights On
Fandom: Shawn Mendes
Word Count: 867
Requested? nope

Please share if you enjoyed!

You’d decided it was time. You had sat and discussed it over dinner in Shawn’s (soon to be your) apartment. It had been 2 years since that fateful day when the Mendes family had been seated in your section at the diner where you waited tables on the weekend. 2 years since Shawn had bashfully asked you out in front of his entire family, followed by a “Wow, look at you, Mr. Suave,” from his sister after you had accepted and turned to walk away. 2 years since you mutually agreed that the fans would not know about how whipped you both were.

But last week, as you sat together in content silence eating the pizza you ordered after Shawn burn the lasagna (“I set a timer, babe, I swear I did!”), Shawn’s voice broke the silence in the form of, “I wanna tell the fans about you.”

You stopped mid-bite and slowly removed the slice from your mouth and set it on the plate in front of you. You had yet to look at him since he spoke but you could feel him staring at you, awaiting your response. As your eyes met his you finally found your voice. “Are you sure?” He knew that this was something you had wanted for a few weeks, but he wasn’t there yet for various perfectly valid reasons. He nodded with a smile.

“I love you more than anything and I want the fans to know that. If they don’t like it, that’s too bad.”

You spent the next week deciding how to do it, but to no avail. Neither of you had any good ideas. Taken into very brief consideration was just bringing you out on stage, but you agreed that was too cliché. In the end, you agreed the best way to do it was to just stop actively hiding it and whatever gets out gets out.

Which is how you got here. You found yourself standing in the back of the room where Shawn’s Q&A for the night was happening. You stood beside Andrew, listening to Shawn and waiting for any question that might lead him to bring you up in conversation, just as you’d done the last 3 nights, when finally, it happened.

Upon Shawn’s prompt, a shy girl around 17 or 18 stood and laughed nervously before speaking. “Um, so… My question was, uh, sorry, I wasn’t gonna ask this but I’m curious and my friends said she’d pay me if I went through with it.”

Shawn let out a short laugh and a steady, “I’m ready. Lay it on me.”

She took a deep breath and started over. “I was just wondering if ‘Lights On’ was written about a real girl or it was just, like, a theoretical thing.” You couldn’t see her face, but judging by how quickly she sat back down you assumed she was blushing.

You saw Shawn’s eyes jump to you quickly as you simultaneously realized that this is it. One small word, 3 letters, and the world knows. And you both wanted nothing more.

Letting out a breathy laugh and looking down to hide not only his suddenly rosy cheeks but also the grin he reserves only for you and the stage, Shawn nodded twice and faced the expectant crowd once more. “Uh, yes, actually. It is. It’s about my girlfriend, Y/N.” He ended his answer there and nearly every hand in the room immediately shot into the air as whispers were rapidly exchanged between friends and strangers alike.

The girl he pointed to this time seemingly jumped off the floor and didn’t hesitate in asking, “You have a girlfriend?!”

The grin had yet to leave his face as he looked to you once again before responding. “I do. I have, actually, for two years now. Do you guys wanna meet her? She’s here if you want me to bring her up here with me to answer some questions.”

The response was automatic and unanimous. You began walking up to the front to join him, and the crowd parted for you once they realized where you were coming from. When you go up to the front, you turned to face everyone and sat on the edge of the stage next to Shawn. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and you instinctively leaned your head into his neck as he planted a kiss on top of your head. The crowd went wild. Once more, every hand in the room went up, waving frantically to grab more attention.

For the little time that was left for the Q&A, you and Shawn shared stories of your relationship with the fans, equally as thrilled as they were that they finally knew the truth.

That night, Shawn brought you out on the stage for the “official” announcement and the first real kiss you ever shared in public. The support was endless, as was your love for one another. And as you stood on that stage in the arms of the love of your life and in the eyes of the entire world, you knew that no feeling in the world could possibly compare to the joy you felt in that very moment.

Shawn's Chicago Q&A Breakdown
  • "Side note this was supposed to be my concert date but I had to cancel so I'm sad but my I'm happy that my mutuals are seeing him tonight"
  • "The first song I wrote was called my time. I think I was 14. It's super shitty"
  • "The more pressure for the show I feel like the better the show is" - Shawn Mendes
  • Shawn would love to tour with Jon Bellion!
  • "Besides Toronto I think Chicago is probably my favorite city" "IM CRYING CHICAGO IS 2nd FAVORITE CITY THATS MY CITY BOI"
  • Shawn followed one of the fans at the Q&A on Instagram to see her covers! How cute!
  • Shawn said that lately it's been taking him a long time to do his hair. He has so much hair, good thing he's getting a haircut next week! ✂️
  • Shawn would love to collaborate with Alicia keys!
  • Shawn refused to talk about the strangest dream he's ever had lol
  • Shawn has a pizza date tonight with his manager ahaha
  • Shawn was biting on his nails and a fan told him to stop so he put his hands behind his back aw he's so cute
  • "Why don't you tweet about social issues?
  • -I don't want to tweet if I don't know a lot about the issues"
  • Woah turns out that the end of bad reputation was inspired by ruin. My mind is blown.
Kent Parson’s Birthday Bash 2017 Masterpost

Hello wonderful people! 

All participants should have received a gift today, so we’re ready to publish our masterpost of every fic produced for the challenge. Woohoo! We know you guys are reading like mad already and we’re excited to see the level of interaction and love going around. Remember to leave comments and kudos galore for all the wonderful creators!

You can access the AO3 challenge here at any time.

This masterpost list is organized alphabetically by recipient and will be updated on July 10th after author reveals! 

All this week, we will also be publishing several smaller posts that will organize fics by ship to make it easy for your shipper heart to find the fics you want! 

Thanks for much for participating in the challenge this year. It’s been a blast & we’ll see you next year!

Happy birthday, Kent Parson! 


@whiskeytangofrogman & @iamneversleepingagain

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00Q Fic Rec Masterlist

Updated: 31st Jan 2016

I thought that I should be making one of these since I really enjoyed the 00Q pairing.

Note: the ratings used in this list are based on the ones from Ao3. Summaries are also from the author on Ao3. Also all of them are COMPLETE because I understand how annoying it is when you fall in love with a fic and it is just abandoned. 


The first time Bond flirted with Q, it was purely out of self-defense.
The second time Bond flirted with Q was largely manipulation.
The third time Bond flirted with Q, he just wanted to feel something.
The fourth time Bond flirted with Q was out of sheer boredom.

Somehow, flirting with Q became something of a habit for Bond.

And then, it became something else.

if I couldn’t be strong

But this? There was no excusing this as anything other than what it was. Pathetic longing, and a need to be close to Bond to comfort himself. Q couldn’t even pretend that he was visiting Bond to keep the man company. No, this was about Q and the fact that the majority of his nightmares lately had featured an empty hospital bed and another trip to the local cemetery.

“You need to wake up, you sodding prick,” he said to Bond, not bothering to lower his voice. The only other sound in the room was the beep of the heart monitor. “I can destroy these people very easily, but I don’t want to hear you whining about having missed out on the action later on.”

Blue-Eyed Monster

Yes, this version of 007 was a terrifyingly smart agent, and M wondered long and often whether it had been a good idea to promote him to the position. Usually, the title was the dangerous part - being 007 meant deadliness - but this time, M feared that a certain man with ice-blue eyes and scruffy blonde hair had dragged in more danger to the title than it had previously possessed

Enter MI6’s new Quartermaster: an unassuming, bespectacled genius with no mind for subterfuge but plenty of genius behind a dry smile. Curious 00-agents and young boffins don’t always mix in predictable ways…

A Mountain That Has Been Moved

There is something strangely threatening about the realization that he finds James Bond attractive. 

So If You Give

Bond gives Q things because of reasons. Q thinks that Bond completely misses the point.

it was dark when i found you

Bond stares at him. There are two men tied up against the wall and four more lying on the floor, bleeding and hogtied with duct tape.

“I ran out of rope after the first two,” Q admits.

The World We View

“If you were a woman he would want you.”

He hopes that, if he were a woman, he might have better taste.

The Courtship of Mr. Bond

In which Bond is a retired naval commander with too much house, Q is a mechanical engineer with too many sisters, and they have lengthy conversations about decorum, bonnet-ribbons and philosophy in Regency England.


“I just thought you might go pay a visit,“ his mother suggested.

“Me?” Q asked, aghast. “Pay a visit?”

“He must be starved for proper gentleman company, now that he’s settled in so far from London–”

“I am far from proper gentleman company.”

“–and perhaps if you befriended him he could introduce you to some nice heiresses.”

“Heiresses?” Q repeated, baffled and horrified. “What in the world would I do with heiresses?”

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

What followed was the most bizarre courtship Q had ever—well, heard of, certainly. He didn’t have much to compare it to, but Moneypenny confirmed that normal people didn’t flirt like this. Not that he was normal. Not that any of them were.

Or: Q has a past, a cat, and a dangerous new boyfriend. Two of these things keep him up nights, the other pees in a box.


In which Bond develops a preference for sleeping on Q’s couch rather than in his own bed, and Q is rather more warm-hearted than M when it comes to throwing him out.


The one where Bond really, really isn’t used to sleeping with people who don’t tragically die soon afterward.

Ordinary Numbers

More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until he got a very unusual tech support call.


It goes on like that for months, and then Q realizes that James Bond is "hanging out” at his flat.

The Love Song of James Bond

“Knowing your history, and adding to it the fact that I am not entirely unaffected by sharing a bed with you, I think it would be pointless to pretend that we are going to able to share this house for the next two weeks without fucking over every available surface.” Q smiles at the look of shock on James’ face. Clearly he hadn’t been expecting such a direct approach and Q presses on before he has a chance to recover. “However, when it happens it will happen on my terms.”

There was definitely a significant gap between the time Bond was breaking down over M’s death in the chapel to the time a confident Bond walked into Mallory’s office to accept his newest assignment. What, or more importantly, who, put him back together again? Basically, lots of porn with plot.

Updated: 31st Jan 2016

The One Who Made Him Stay

Twenty-one days after the Double-oh programme is reinstated, James Bond returns to MI6 with his Aston Martin and without Dr Swann. This is only the beginning of Q’s problems.

A Spectre Fix-It. COMPLETE.

I just simply love this one, very well-written, Q and Bond are very in character. The relationship progresses naturally and some of my favourite tropes are in there. <3 this 

Markiplier tour in Indianapolis

So today me (Q) and my partner Kin went to @markiplier‘s earlier showing of the You’re Welcome tour. I just wanna say holy shit it was amazing.

I wont’ spoil anything but the opening for the show was incredible, and actually connected to how i found Mark’s channel. (Although we were still getting our merch when it started cause we couldnt hear any announcement if there was one)

Both me and Kin have been watching Mark’s videos for about a year and a half now and we were so excited to have the chance to go to the show. Mark’s videos are what help us both when we are stress or dealing with panic attacks and it’s helped us through some very hard times just knowing his videos are there.

I’m gonna share some highlight’s from today’s show (specific to our show)

-Mark’s stepmom being in the audience along with Tyler’s parents i believe

-That one girl who thought she was called up but wasn’t but Mark was super nice and made her his assistant for that segment

-”I’M A STARFISH” -Ethan

-Mark tagging out Bob and saying “I’ll save you”

-THE drugs

-the 11 year old girl in the audience with a sign saying “Mark it’s my 11th birthday”

-Bob helping the girl who couldn’t figure out the switch controller

-Intense screaming anytime Mark changed jackets

-The girl behind me screaming “What’s up my cranky crew”

-Mark and Tyler can lift a couch super easy

-As an artist i find this interesting and guess Mark might be about 5ft 6? (Edit: people are telling me he’s about 5'10, thank you! I’m bad at guessing heights)

-Ethan may be smaller than Mark??? cant tell

-The dude who piggybacked on his super tall friend


-The room wasn’t very big and the AC was shit so at the end Mark had us all use the voting paddles to fan them

-Mark accidentally spitting into the audience

-Wade saying he won’t stop being a youtuber till YouTube quits him

-Mark saying he’ll create till he dies

-the chairs

-upon leaving the theater there was this grass patch and a tree and like 4 squirrels??? and they were everywhere on the walk to the car??? I think Mark might be summoning them somehow

edit:more stuff I’m remembering the next day

-Mark being a traitor and switching back and forth between red team and green team

The show was honestly amazing and we are both so happy. I don’t think ill be able to physically stop smiling for at least a week. Thank you so much for everything Mark, Tyler, Ethan, Bob and Wade. (also shout out to Amy and Kat being sweet and going in the aisles)

Thank you,

~Q and Kin

ps be on the lookout im gonna draw something cool and then maybe doodle some of my fav parts. I’ll post a few pics i took but maybe not till the tour is done idk

@markiplier @crankgameplays @lordminion 

I Don’t Know Myself

1/50 - RaeX

Raven pitched forward, barely resting on the edge of his sofa as she surveyed the board. She really hated when they got to the end of a game and she was trailing behind by four points. How in the world was she always so close to winning, and yet every time she lost, Setting her jaw, she shoved two of her letters in between two vertical words. Jason took a long drink of his beer and lifted his eyes to meet her own, a grin pulling at the barest edges of his mouth. She knew that particular beer made his lips taste like caramel, even though she had yet to test this theory.

If she could just win this game then maybe tonight would be the night he gave into her.   

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Someone asked “Fred Weasley is bisexual and aroflux /H”

(Showed up in activity feed, but not our inbox.)

One of Fred’s personal projects when he and George open their shop is to finally create his line of bi joke products. It includes a powder inspired by Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder that, when thrown, creates a pink, purple, and blue cloud of smoke that allows the user to escape from biphobic people and situations. (It becomes so popular that he creates powders in as many pride colors as he can.) He also has sweets that will become near impossible to chew if the person eating them starts to say something queerphobic. And he makes ridiculous pink, blue, and purple hats that spout bi puns and proclaim their wearer’s pride at anyone they pass. These become popular at parades, and a few get confiscated by the Ministry because they were worn to muggle pride events. Muggles grew suspicious when the funny hats started giving intelligent answers to questions asked of the wearer.

He starts getting requests from his friends in the a-spec community, so he starts a line just for them. Aros love the mini “bow and aro” sets that shoot (harmless) arrows that trail green, white, grey, and black smoke. Aces love the decks of cards (nothing but aces of course) where each card can be thrown into the air and it will fold itself into an origami dragon that glides back down. During the next year’s Ace Awareness Week a student walks to the middle of the Great Hall during breakfast, yells ACES WILD, and throws the entire deck.

Fred’s favorite thing is when customers come in and tell him what shenanigans they got into with his products.

- Ravenclaw Mod

When Clocks Break

Requested: Yes, “ So soulmate au that you have a clock on your wrist that counts down to the moment when your soulmate dies And the clock on Mark’s wrist suddenly jumps from sixty-something years left to a few hours (he hasn’t met the reader) and make it really sad and shit (Maybe if you’re going to include the reader, she’s watching his livestream whilst driving or something) “

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Markiplier/reader

A/n: So I only made it three years instead of sixty. Sorry! Also my friend seems to be really into soulmate Aus so I’m warning you now, there aare going to be a few more after this.

Originally posted by mimzystar

               Your phone buzzed with new notifications as you finally left the dead zone that you seemed to have been trapped in for the past hour. You had been driving all day, trying to get home from your visit to your sister’s place. There were lots of empty and wide roads so it would be fine if you checked them, right?

               You picked up your phone and began swiping through the many YouTube notifications. One caught your eye though. You plugged your phone into the aux cord and clicked the video, intending on only listening to the video while you drove.

               “Alright so for the next question.” Mark’s voice came through the speakers of your car. Apparently they were doing another Q and A. “How much Fanart do you get a week?” He read the tweet out loud.

               “We get a lot.” Amy said from somewhere behind the camera.

               “Oh, yeah. We get a ton. Like, we can’t even count them all! But that doesn’t mean we want you to stop.” Mark began waving his hands around. “Send us more! Lots more! We love them so much.”

               You looked down to watch for a minute before you looked back up and realized you had been drifting toward the cross traffic lane. You quickly swerved back and took control of the car. You couldn’t keep your eyes from drifting back to your phone, though.

               “Next,” Ethan began. “What does Mark’s soulmate clock say?”

               Soulmate clocks were what people called the watches on your right wrist. They told how long you had until you met your soulmate. Whenever your soulmate would get hurt physically, a scratch would appear on the watch and when your soulmate died it would speed to zero and crack before falling off.

               “Um, mine says I still have about three years.” Mark said showing his watch to the camera. You looked down at your phone again, ignoring the road. This seemed to be the last mistake fate would let you would make.

               You merged to the left, into a line that had traffic going the opposite way of you. A semi-truck turned around a corner and because he couldn’t see you from his previous position, he ran into you head on. You died moments after the impact.

               “And if I ever do-“ Mark’s voice still played through your speakers despite the fact that your car had been crinkled up like a ball of paper. He had been talking about what he would do when he did meet his soulmate.

               Mark stared in shock as the hands on his watch quickly sped backwards many times before reaching zero. Scratch after scratch appeared on his watch before multiple cracks spread out from the center. The latch that was supposed to keep it on his wrist until he found hi soulmate undid itself. A tear rolled down Marks face as his watch fell to the floor with a thud and just as his watch broke, so did his heart.

               “My soulmate just died.” Mark muttered. It was barely loud enough for his viewers to hear.

               “I think we should end the live stream here.” Ethan said as he watched mark get up and walk out of the room. A door slammed shut just as they canceled the livestream and Mark flopped onto his bed.

               For the rest of his life Mark would look at that broken watch and think of what could have been. If only you hadn’t done what you did, been so distracted. You could have kept him happy if you simply paid mind to the road. Sadly, that was only a fantasy now.

               Now, Mark had nothing. His life was lonely and the excitement he once had dulled to nothing. People’s clocks always broke and he knew it. He just never thought it would happen to him.

Early Retirement

Four days. Four wonderful, peaceful days in Wales have gone by far too quickly. Four days of long walks to the local village and then back again once the pub closed. Four days of James getting to tend the garden while Q watched, and four days having very loud sex in every room of the cottage. The closest house is nearly a mile away, and the woods shield them from the worst of the winds from the cliffs. Even the constant rain can’t keep back some of the more tenacious plants. It’s turning quickly autumn, and the leaves are starting to shed their greenery for brighter reds, oranges, yellows.

Q’s weary from a long, chilly walk back from the pub for a weekend quiz night, and he and James are curled up in front of a crackling fire to warm up. Their clothes are scattered about the room, and they’re cuddled skin to skin beneath a dark blue throw. Q leans back against James to trade lazy kisses as they talk—well, as Q talks and James mostly listens. As much as he wants to enjoy the cottage a little longer, Q needs to start shifting back into his work headspace.

“No calls all weekend. I think R will be fine to take over. She’s been the best second in command I’ve had as Quartermaster, and she’ll be able to take the reins with ease. It helps that the other minions already respect her.”

James nuzzles Q and presses a gentle kiss to Q’s earlobe. Q groans and leans into the warmth of James’s mouth while his ear tingles from the kisses. “Do you like it here, Simon?”

“The cottage?” Q asks.

James hums a yes, still kissing Q’s ear.

“Yes, I do. Very much so.” Q squirms a little and presses back against James’s chest.

“Because I was thinking I might buy it.” James stops kissing him and sits up, letting Q turn to look at him.

Q’s blinks a few times and stares at James. “Buy the cottage?”

“The owners want to sell and move to be closer to their grandchildren. And I put down an offer today.”

Q’s hearing the words, but he’s barely processing them. James wants to move here. James wants to leave London… and Six.

James starts speaking a little faster, his lips hinting at a smile. “We could move in as early as May. Sell the flat, leave London. We’ll still travel several times a year, but it would be a chance to get away— And you’ve talked about passing the mantle to R for a few months now—”


James stops speaking and meets Q’s gaze. “Yes?”

“I going to spend this week starting the process to retire. I think it’s time, and I want to spend the next however many years with you.” Q’s beaming now, and he nods.  “I will move here with you.”

A slow grin spreads across James’ face, and suddenly he’s kissing Q, kissing him deeply and tenderly. Q shifts to straddle James’ hips, wraps his arms around James, and kisses back, . “Bloody hell, we’ll both be retired,” Q murmurs when they break for air. James presses warm kisses to the still slightly chilly skin of Q’s neck, making Q moan softly.

“Think they’ll give us watches to commemorate our tenure?” James says with a barely concealed chuckle as he nibbles Q’s ear before kissing back to his mouth.

Q snorts and shakes his head, pulling back to fix James with a resigned look.. “Knowing you, it’ll be a bloody exploding pen.”

For @timetospy

Heya !

I just wanted to tell you guys that I won’t be there until wednesday~ 
There’s a screening of Warcraft and Q&A with Duncan Jones in London next week and I thought it’d be a good occasion to pay a visit to one of my favorite cities~ ♡ 

I just wanted to say this here cause I don’t wan’t to worry anyone if I can’t reply to messages for a few days~ ! If you write to me, I’ll be very happy to read and reply as soon as I’m back ! (Maybe I’ll check with my phone when I can too -w- ) 
(Again, if your message wasn’t answered yet, don’t worry, it’s probably because I’m drawing something to go with it and it takes a bit of time~ ! I read and love all of them !)

I’ll miss you guys, and I’ll miss drawing Khadgrin x3 !! But I’ll be back with more things to draw, fufufu -w-

Fic Recs

This list is for you if you’re a brand spankin’ new 00Q shipper. It is by no means an exhaustive list of the brilliant writing out there, it’s just what I have come across in my limited time reading fanfiction. Please check out @00qrec @00q-archive for more recommendations!

You’re all welcome to reblog and add your own recommendations! I will add them to my fic recs here.

All works are finished. Please heed all warnings and tags. I haven’t included any crossovers because I’m a crossover whore and the list would never end if I included them.

*Not all works are pure 00Q.

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anonymous asked:

50,88 with chanyeol pls ^^

send me number + an idol’s name an i’ll write a drabble for you!

Once more, your boyfriend had lost the keys to the apartment. You were watching as he was trying to sweet talk his way into the building. “If you let me in, I’ll shower you in kisses everyday for a week,” he promised sweetly, which you replied to with a noise of disgust. “Did you just hiss at me?” he exclaimed. “Y/N!” he shouted, looking back to the camera. “Tell me you need me,” you smirked, enjoying his face screw up as he tried thinking of his next plan. 

 “If you don’t buzz me in right now, I’ll make you watch as I throw every drop of ice cream onto the pavement,” he warned.