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What I want from Voltron S3

- Pre Kerberos flashbacks
- Holt family reunion
- learning more about Hunk, Shiro and Lance’s families
- King Alfor and Zarkon’s relationship
- Shay becoming part of Voltron
- other resistance fighters??? 👀👀👀
- full on Galra form Keith
- more Thace
- back story on Haggar
- Coran Coran the beautiful man

True Q - 6.06

Oh, Q, you rake, you scalawag. You’re so mischievous that you’ve snuck into one of these mostly-unis episodes like the scoundrel you are. Also I believe this episode title, much like Return of the King, contains a spoiler within the title. But we’ll get there.

“Don’t even try to out cheekbone me, girl. I’ll eat you for lunch.” —Bev

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Q smut!!! (Joker x reader!)


Tonight the boys were coming over to watch some movies and just have a good time. Usually it’s at Sal’s house but they decided to change it up a bit.
Q was in the kitchen making food for the boys while you cleaned the living room the best you could, cleaning was never your favorite thing.
Looking up you saw Brian looking so focused on cooking making sure that it was going to be great. He has this habit when he is really focused to bite his lip, it absolutely drives you up the wall and he knows it.
He stole a glance of you watching him intently and smiled to himself as he stirred the food. He reached to grab a spice and bit his lip as he was looking for it, he knew exactly was he was doing as he smiled a little bit more to himself.
You got up from the living room and made your way to him and wrapped your arms around him placing your heat on his shoulder.
“You can’t just do that without warning babe”
He chuckled slightly and put the spoon down turning to face you.
“Do what? Cook?”
You gave him an annoyed look as he cocked an eyebrow up and smirked.
“You know exactly what you did!! Briannnnn you know it drives me crazy.”
He wrapped his arms around you and put his lips next to your ear knowing that it was a sensitive spot for you.
“Oh I make you crazy? How crazy?”
You took a short breath of air as he spoke and looked up to him, and that’s when something clicked tonight was not going to be the night were he teases you all night like usual. No tonight you were going to get him back for all the times he’s made you flustered around others.
Your eyes met his and you gave him a slight smile which threw him off a bit since his words usually make you melt like a puddle.
Pushing your body on his you ran your fingers through his hair and put your lips next to his ear
“I guess you’ll have to wait and see.”
Before moving away you kissed his neck and let your hands come down tracing down to his chest. All of this took him off guard as he stood there in shock.
Your hands continued to get lower and lower until your fingers grazed his already hard member. You took your hand away and bit your lip before placing a small kiss on him which he tried to made longer but you wouldn’t allow him.
“y/n what are you doing?”
You shrugged and giggled a bit at the fact you could see the out line in his pants
“Hmm I don’t know but it’s almost 7 and I don’t think you want the guys seeing you like this.”
You winked at him and walked back to the living room and began to tidy up some more.
“If you keep this shit up all night you’re in for it when they leave.”
Brian looked at you from the doorway with narrow eyes, all you could do was smile to yourself knowing that you made him this flustered. He sighed and turned back to set the food on low so it would be warm when the guys came in, when he turned around he saw you bending down trying to get something you had dropped on the ground.
Q came up and placed a firm grip on your ass making you squeal and stand up.
“You little tease, I’m going to destroy you tonight for making me like this right before guest come over I can’t believe you.”
You smiled at him and kissed his cheek and took his grip off your ass.
“I guess I’ve made you upset but you’ll just have to wait daddy.”
His eyes just about popped out of his head when you said that, you knew his biggest turn on was when you called him daddy no matter what it always made him go crazy.
He gave an annoyed looked and made his way to the bathroom to probably rearrange himself so it wasn’t to obvious.
Not even a minute later you heard the door bell ring. You had already put the cats up due to Sal hating them and went to go open the door.
There stood your boyfriends life long friends Sal, Joe and Murr it seems that Sal and Murr had already started an argument and Joe looked as if had been baby sitting them all night.
“Hey guys!”
They all snapped their attention to you and smiled, you’ve known the guys since your sophomore year in high school so it’s like you’re one of them. You and Murr went to the same college and somehow he bumped into Sal and the rest is history.
You gave all of the guys hugs and let them all come in closing the door behind them.
“Where’s Q?”
Joe asked looking around and stepping into the kitchen to scope out the food.
“Oh he’s in the restroom I think, he said something about his hair sticking up in the back or something I’ll tell him you guys are here!”
Stepping away you walked back to the rest room and opened the door slightly and walked in. You saw a very annoyed Q trying to fix his “problem”
“Damn it y/n it’s still noticeable!”
You looked down at his hard on and smiled shrugging.
“Baby the guys are here I suggest you work something out”
He sighed and found a quick solution before pinning you against the wall for a brief moment.
“I highly suggest you stop playing this game because at the end of the day you’ll be the one begging me to stop.”
His warm breath sent shivers up your spine, you giggled at him and wiggled out of his grip.
“That’s if you can even control yourself until then.”
You slipped out of the bathroom and left him with that, you walked into the living room were the guys had made themselves at home.
Soon after Q came out and greeted everyone.
“You guys just make yourselves at home I’ll get the food.”
Q soon directed his attention towards you and began to walk your way.
“I’ll help you babe”
The rest of the guys went and sat at the outside table that you had already set up. Q started turning off the stove and looked at you almost expecting you to do something.
“Brian, baby could you please hand me that wine bottle I’m going to get the guys some wine.”
He did just as you asked, you already had the cork screw but dropped it. as you bent down to get it you made sure to time it so when he looked at you your ass would be what he saw. Coming back up you flicked your hair back and looked back at him knowing that when you do that it turns him on.
“Fuck y/n…”
was all he could mumble before the back door opened and Joe walked in.
“Hey guys those two are arguing like 5th graders do you have any wine? Cause you’ll need it.”
You laughed a bit and Joe and gestured to the wine that you were already opening.
“Man times like this I wish I drank ha, but Q it sure does smell good in here!”
Q laughed a bit and thanked him as he gave Joe a plate of food.
“Ah I’ll get out of your hair I’ll try to calm the toddlers down before you come out there.”
Joe patted your shoulder and made his way out.
“It feels like it’s already bees hours I don’t know if I can wait y/n”
You smiled at him and kissed his cheek once more
“Well good boys wait”
He sighed and grabbed the rest of the plates and you both made your way out side.
The night was filled with riotous laughs and many bad games of charades, but also many upon many little things you did to get Q riled up. At one point he had to excuse himself to the restroom once more.
It was soon time for everyone one to go home as you and Q waved good bye to your friends he shut the door as fast as he could.
It wasn’t ever seconds until he had you pinned up against the door kissing you roughly and made his way to your neck leaving marks.
“Br-Brian oh my god”
He stopped and looked at you and picked you up swiftly, you wrapped your legs around him as he carried you to your bed room and put you on the bed.
“Clothes. Off.”
You did as he said, you loved when he got this way so demanding. You soon were left with nothing on as you went back to sitting on the bed. He pushed you back so you were laying on your back and crawled on top of you. He bent down to whisper in your ear
“One rule you can’t make a noise while I eat you out.”
You bit your lip and nodded in agreement. He kissed your neck and left a trail of kissed down to your thighs before he pushed your legs open.
You could feel his hot breath on your core you could almost feel him smiling.
“You’re going to regret what you did baby you’re not going to be able to walk I promise you.”
He licked up your slit making you want to scream you held your breath as he hovered over you. You felt two of his fingers push into you roughly making you gasp for air. You put a hand over your mouth to keep yourself from moaning. He soon put his tongue to work as he licked your clit almost as roughly as his fingers slipped in and out of you.
Your hands flew to his hair as you arched your back, he showed no signs of slowing down any time soon and he could tell you were close as well. Bitting your lip to keep from screaming his name, you felt your orgasm coming up quickly.
“Go ahead baby. Cum for your daddy”
He mumbled in a husky voice as he curved his fingers making you go over the edge. But he didn’t stop he continued as you made a loud gasp and tugged on his hair. He slowed down not wanting you to be too exhausted for him.
Getting up from his knees he almost ripped his clothes off trying to get undressed. In one smooth movement he flipped you so you were on all fours. You could feel his throbbing hard cock slide up and down your entrance making you shudder with anticipation.
“How bad do you want me baby girl?”
“I want it so bad daddy please give it to me I’m begging.”
You could heard him chuckle as he slammed into you not giving you time to adjust to his size. Going rougher than he was before and hitting your g-spot with every thrust.
“Oh d-daddy it’s so good more more!”
Not even questioning you he began to pound into you fast than ever before, he grabbed your hair and pulled it which almost sent you over the edge.
“Da-I I can’t”
You heard him huff as you felt your walls clenching around him.
“DADDY YES!” You exclaimed as he pulled out and quickly flipped you over one last time and you opened your mouth wide for him to cum in.
Some got on your face but you swiped it up with your finger and swallowed it down as well.
The both of you collapsed onto the bed huffing and looking a mess.
“God you drive me crazy I love you y/n”
Turning on your side and kissed his cheek and smiled
“I love you too”
Seconds later you heard the front door open and a loud joe came walking in.
“HEY GUYS! I left my wallet! Have you guys ha-”
Joe walked in and stumbled upon you and Q making you both scramble for covers.
“Woah I thought I heard screaming but I thought you were just in a fight with your dad… I uh I’ll just get my wallet tomorrow you two have fun.” Joe tried to get out as fast as possible, you and Q looked at each other and both just burst into laughter.
“I’m glad it was Joe and not that ferret!”
Q exclaimed making you laugh some more.
“Doesn’t matter who it was though they know I’m yours.”
Q kissed you passionately after you said that
“You’re damn right you’re mine baby girl even if you are a tease.”

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hoshino’s sketchbook that was bundled in with the newest chapter! super happy bc sketches and wips are the actual best; it’s like watching magic happen Q U Q

please, does anyone have larger/higher quality scans? I’ve been looking everywhere for them but to no avail…

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youtu(.)be/PmRtuZ5YaNc Here's the interview where I interpreted Taylor's look being sad but upon looking at it again it could've just been resting face but he still doesn't seem thrilled about Chad in general but what do I know? lol

oh man that interview i never really noticed him looking sad (tho i see what u mean now) but i always notice how ugh he seems when the person to him is like “is that song about chad for you too” like he don’t wanna go along w the joke but does to be polite but has that tone in his voice of “i’d rather not be part of this joke”

kinda like did you ever see the parahoy 2 q&a?? when hayley got congratulated on her wedding and naturally t being the little shit he is was also like “THANK YOU” but the second hayley was like “taylor is married to me and chad” he was like “fun!!!!” but uno had that kinda ugh tone in his voice

“I believe I said, ‘Bring it back in one piece’, not, ‘bring back one piece.” Q snickered at his own quip.

“Was that supposed to be funny?”

“Well, it’s not like /you’re/ exactly hilarious,” Q shot back, mortally offended by suggestion that he wasn’t funny. “What, with your cold, and cruel demeanor…”

“And you have the social skills of an amoeba.”

“Says the man who kills half of the people he ever speaks to!”

Bond took a step closer to Q.

“Exchanging cat photos with strangers on the internet does not qualify as socializing.”

“Then perhaps I could use some…practice?” Q whispered in James’ ear, as he awkwardly placed his hand on the small of the older agent’s back.

“For God’s sake, Q, that was utterly terrible. I’m taking you out for dinner tonight to show you what real flirting looks like.”

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Q 10. What do you look for in a woman?

Does it have to be a woman? Why are you limiting my potential significant others! lolol Whether it’s a woman or man, what’s important is that we share the same sensibility! If that person lets me deactivate my restrict jokes switch, then I’ll definitely go for him or her.

This is from seven’s Q&A page on cheritz’s official VIP package, so I think its safe to think so! ^^

@beautifulbishokuya hit the blip!

⊰ ❧ ❉ ☙ ⊱

She had never seen someone… With such hair. Such garments.
Had she truly been caged within Pithos for so long to miss so much of the trends?

Granted, people looked at her in much the same manner; standing just across the way with a perpetuating stare that narrowed in angry slivers, jaw tightening, and doe-like ears shifting this way and that, the illuminated veins dancing across dark flesh brightening with tension —

{ Perhaps, not Q U I T E the same. }

Who was this? Why was this? What did he want?

If her aching contempt for the man were any the more palpable, maybe she would have voiced it like a normal woman. But she was no normal human. Not even human, even. The boughs of trees above her head whistled eerily to her distress… But where was the wind?

{ … He had better watch his path, lest a wary root rise suddenly to catch ankle. }

Hide and Q - 1.10

YES, it’s another Q episode. We’ve actually done this one before - it was, like, the second post on this blog. It’s one picture of Q in a Napoleon uniform and it’s boringggggg. So I’m re-doing it under our new paradigm. 

The episode opens with someone calling the ship for medical help as Bev walks around in the hallway:

Walk walk fashion baby / This is a five-year-old Lady Gaga reference

Look at how well her coat fits! In other episodes, we’ve seen MAJOR volume in Bev’s coats, so this one is a nicely-fitted change. I’d like to see her pair this with some graphic leggings and a nice pump. (Side note: come on, pumps!)

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I’m still not over this…

Who are you mystery child who is exists as Goner Kid’s back sprite?!

Are you really a clue to what Suzy might look like? 
You’ve got thin vertical line eyes like Papyrus does on his sprite:

So you could be a skeleton kid, you could be Suzy-Q.
Sure, you don’t have a nose hole like Papyrus and Sans, 
but mystery-man/Gaster doesn’t have one either and everyone thinks he’s a skeleton.

I want answers. I want the truth.

Isayama’s Q & A from November 2015

[translation: @yusenki | editing: @thirstylevi]

Q: Why does Annie like to wear a hoodie?
A: When she wants to be alone outdoors, she can just cover her head with the hood and feel alone.

Q: What is the inspiration behind 3DMG?
A: I got the idea from a game called “Rockman Dash” (Eng. version: “Mega Man Legion”). In the game they made weapons from garbage and scrap pieces, and that inspired me.

Fan-selected nicknames for the 104th cadets:

Jean: "An unfortunately handsome guy with a long, thin face” (horse face)
-Reason: Although he’s fairly good looking, somehow his attempts at being charming don’t work.
-Editor’s comment: You can see Jean’s sincerity even through he’s often not very suave, and in the end he’s just another cadet who’s quite similar to Eren.

Annie: “Big sister with a low kick”
-Reason: She has a basic fighting style in which she mastered how to ruin someone at the start of the battle and kick the wind out of them by delivering a swift low kick.
-Editor’s comment: Get them before they get you (Annie’s philosophy)! She definitely might have been called this nickname by her fellow cadets.

Still about Colin's M&G

Q: How does it feel to know that so many people look up to you, that you’re their inspiration, that they became a better person because of you?

Colin: *gets speechless* Oh, oh. You know, that’s… I’m just an actor, you know…

Fan: “And a singer”

Colin: “No”

Fan: “You’re a great singer!”

Colin: *blushes and continues to answer* “You know, it’s nice to have people like what I do. It’s great for everyone, I guess. I’m very grateful. Thank you for saying that”

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!! can you tell/show us more about seven being canon attracted to men and women?

(Taken directly from the VIP handbook, Q&A with 707)

What do you look for in a woman?

Does it have to be a woman? Why are you limiting my potential significant others! lolol Whether it’s a woman or a man, what’s important is that we share the same sensibility! If that person lets me deactivate my restrict jokes switch, then I’ll definitely go for him or her.


140922 Japanese magazine Haru Hana 10 Cnu

Q. ”Pretty" is a song that says everything that the girl does is cute, but there is something that you can’t forgive (You don’t think it’s cute) from a girl?

I want my girlfriend look at only me. I would worry only with see that she is talking to another man so I would like that only have female friends.

Q. With whom do you feel pampered (From whom you like to depend)?

Usually I depend on Gongchan. Although is the maknae he is very mature and tends to be like a big brother, when I realize I’m always depending on Gongchan.

Q. What thing you can’t (You don’t like to) do alone?

I can do anything alone but I don’t like. I can do but I don’t want. What I hate most is eating alone. It is more delicious if you eat with someone!

Q. Something that was “OH MY GOD” for you? 

Although it is somewhat small, when we were in the flight bound Japan from America the plane was shook a lot in the landing. The way it moved was shocking. What glad me and I was surprised was when we got the first place with “Solo Day” in Korea. I was moved. We know how much the fans strive to give us the first place, each and every one of the time are special to me

Q. The BANAs are cute because…

They only see us♡

Prompt Fill - h/c 00Q "Aftermath"

Maltypass requested: “00Q of course; Bond gets back from a mission furious at the techs in charge for fucking up and goes to complain/rage at Q who is somewhat lacking in his usual comebacks before realising something’s up with Q that was bad enough to keep him from running the mission.


Up to you whether the something in question is physical or emotional and whether it’s established relationship or the beginning.”


Note: Definitely OOC for both Bond and Q. I tried to do something new instead of of my usual idea of “something is wrong with Q so he must be sick or hurt or kidnapped, etc” but came up blank. Fortunately this is a favourite trope of mine, so no harm done xD Also, author liberties taken because hell if I know if there really is a helipad on the top of the HSBC building. Doubtful, but for this story, there is one. Use your imaginations :3


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