q: trying to be a good student

Youth in Rebellion (working title/au

hey everyone Mr.E here back from month long break. I didn’t mean to be gone so long but i realized after writing for 2 years, that despite the fact there were moments i didn’t write for periods of time, I never actually took a real break from writing and while I didn’t mean to miss Starco week (and I’m trying to catch up) i think i needed it. so I’m back, almost done with the bad boy au. but first I needed to get this out of my head.

So I am a huge fan of the whole gentleman thief archetype. Katio Kid or the Phantom thief kid is my favorite anime character of all time and any time he comes out, it’s always my favorite episode. 

The second half to this idea was the fact one of my favorite game series Persona has finally released the 5th game *i waited 9 years people and no persona Q doesn’t really count * and what do you know it’s all about thieves doing good. 

So I’m hooked but i’m fusing the two concepts because I am not even going to try to explain persona (and it’s a rated M game so yeah) I decided to simplify it.

So in this AU, Connor is a new student who finds an ancient mask that grants him supernatural powers. He decides to rob and teach lessons to those who abuse their power and their positions. Marco is a private Investigator asked to look into this sudden rash of thefts and Nova is suspecting Connor. (they are not friends in this version)

So here’s a small preview. I’m still working things out but i wanted to get this out of my head so i could finish starco week. Let me know what you think, any of your favorite parts or any ideas you have. Italics means flashaback have a great week and I’ll have a story up soon. a special thanks to @artgirllullaby who helped me with the idea and @hains-mae for drawing a really awesome Nova pic that inspired her outfit here

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Q: If you’re on a date, what kind of date are you?
    a. Cat: calm, smart, introvert, lazy, stubborn, much thinker, careful, detail.
    b. Dog: temperament, extrovert, hard-working, reckless, care about feelings and relationship.

SEHUN: A cat. But I really care about feelings and relationship.

D.O: If it’s from my personality, I’m likely a dog type, because I put much attention on feelings and relationship.

LAY: Neither of them. I’m more on lamb type. I’m soft, happy to take care of others and hope to be taken care back by others. Stubborn and clumsy.

CHANYEOL: Dog type, because I really pay attention about relationships and feelings. I love to interact with people too.

SUHO: Cat type. I’m very loyal to my guy friends. Otherwise I’m very polite and a gentleman with girls.

CHEN: Dog type, because I really care about relationships and feelings.

KAI: Half cat, half dog. I love sleep, but careful enough. I will also work hard for the things I like.

BAEKHYUN: I’m an extrovert and temperament as well, so, I look more like a dog type.

TAO: I’m slightly careful, stubborn and a thinker. I think cat type fits me more.

KRIS: A mix between cat and dog. In front of my friends, I’m kinda insane and stubborn. But in front of my girlfriend, I act gentler and I always want to protect her.

LUHAN: Dog type, because I’m a bit extrovert and energetic enough.

XIUMIN: Dog type, because my character is more like dog type.


Q: If you have a chance for a month holiday….

SEHUN: Going to a crowded place and play as much as I want. Then go to a quiet place and enjoy the time myself.

D.O: Take a rest, and try backpacking.

LAY: Travelling to see the world.

CHANYEOL: Go to sea with other members and play freely or going back to school and visit my teachers.

SUHO: I really want to go home and meet my teachers & friends in secondary and high school. Also my college friends and the friends who used to hangout with me.

CHEN: Holiday with family. Enjoying happiness and take our time together as a family.

KAI: Meet my parents. We practice all the time that we don’t have much time to interact with them. I wanna go to the sea with my parents.

BAEKHYUN: Going back home and eat homemade foods. Because our tough schedule, we often eat outside. That’s why I really miss homemade foods.

TAO: I wanna be with my parents while practicing my ability in rap-ing and variety show.

KRIS: Travel around the world to see new things and people in other countries.

LUHAN: Going back to China and spend time with my father and mother.

XIUMIN: I really want to see my friends. Relax and play together.


Q: If you got a chance to be the lead character on a drama, what act would you want?

SEHUN: Chaebol (super rich guy) ha-ha-ha… actually I don’t mind with any character.

D.O: It’s not necessary the lead. As if there’s an opportunity to act, I’ll try my best to do it.

LAY: It’s a chance to challenge my own self. So I’ll do whatever it is seriously.

CHANYEOL: I wanna act the bad student, a good oppa, or anything else. He-he-he… there are so many acts I want to try!

SUHO: I wanna be a trusted seonbae (senior at school), or a rascal but sweet character. Even he’s a bit insane, he initiate to confess girl first.

CHEN: Act as an antagonist.

KAI: Act in a biography. Showing my own life. Since I’m still a rookie ‘till on top of my carrier and how I spend the rest of my life. But it could be about someone else’s life.

BAEKHYUN: A character that likes to joke around and a bit annoying, but always makes other people can’t stay mad at him.

TAO: I think it’s not a big deal with any characters; I’ll try to deal with it ‘till I could express it well.

KRIS: I’m confused. One side, I want to act as a cool assassin (murderer). But I also want to act a sad guy, I’m confident that I can act well.

LUHAN: I think as long as it’s the lead character, I will take anything it is. He-he-he… I will try my best.

XIUMIN: It’s better to be a cameo, because right now I’m focusing on singing and dancing.

Hullo lovelies! Can I ask for 00Q prompt where Q is in fact a law student (Harvard Law School or whatsoever) without any formal education on CS and hacking/programming are more of a hobby? So when everyone find out they are so impressed and a little bit scared? It would be wonderful if you make it a Bondlock fill <3<3 Love you girls! – anon

I had fun. Jen.

Nobody quite knew what to do, when the accommodation building was stormed by a collection of armed men with a lot of gun and even more muscle. Most of the responses were along the lines of panic-and-cry.

When the boy down the hall had his door kicked in, there was no way in hell anybody could have been more shocked; he never said boo too anybody, he was a very quiet and very accomplished law student with good grades and not too many friends. He was actually mostly antisocial.

Everybody supposed it probably made sense that he was actually involved in a fair amount of illegal behaviour. God alone knew what he’d done. He was skinny, so maybe drugs. Something interesting, in any case, and everybody was gossiping ad nauseam.

M was naturally fascinated by the kid. They hauled him into an MI6 interrogation room, sat him down, and Her Majesty’s Finest began their good work trying to establish quite what a reticent law student was doing hacking MI6 firewalls with a beautifully constructed programme and no knowledge of IT.

The boy was known only as Q. MI6 did not want any forces externally knowing the identity of their newfound hacker, especially when fully intending to absorb him into the general melee of MI6 and leave him there. Whoever ‘Q’ once was, he certainly was not any longer.

Of course, everybody in Q-branch hated him. He was called Q precisely because he epitomised what they all did, only he did it better, which was galling to say the least; he was a law student, for the love of god, and would attempt to bleat about his rights while in the middle of some truly exceptional programming.

They would get used to him.

For now, everybody settled for general distrust, and watched him warily, waiting for the slightest of excuses to depose the upstart boy.

“Q, is it now?”

Q glanced up at his erstwhile brother, who – to his frustration – looked ridiculously smug.

“What do you want?”

Sherlock sauntered in, elegantly draping himself across Q’s chairs and smirking outright. “Mycroft is livid.”

“Sherlock, what do you want?!”

“You hacked MI6.”


“You’re now working for them?”


“You knew how.”

“We underestimated you.”

“Yes,” Q completed, with tangible exasperation. “You were busy getting high, Mycroft was just busy, and I am a bloody Holmes. Of course you underestimated me. You assumed I was an idiot, because I didn’t feel the need to show off.”

Sherlock raised an eyebrow.

They sat in silence, for a moment.

“Got any coke?”


Sherlock rolled his eyes.


Q let out an aggrieved sigh, and went to make some.

I ADORE YOU FICS! When you have time, could you do a fic where James has never been taken care of his whole life, and now that Q seems to care so much for him,he doesnt know how to react. – anon

Catatonic fluff! Hope you enjoy. Jen.

Q loved him so much it was truly, honestly frightening, in a sense that was regrettably literal: Bond had no idea what to do with himself. Q was so open, in a way that seemed to contradict-but-not-quite all of his personality.

Ultimately, Q never pretended to be anything he was not. Whether that was contemptuous or amused or entirely unperturbed, he was consistent: it made sense, then, that his love for Bond was as utterly constant as everything else he did in his life.

“You need to be looked after,” Q told him quietly, with awe-inspiring simplicity, as though it could be that simple. “Go home. There’s food in the freezer, you can put it in the oven for half an hour at 180 and it should be good to go.”

Bond’s brows contracted with distrustful confusion. “You made food?”

“I cook, yes,” Q smirked. “Not quite a student any more, although not for want of trying; I can’t spent the rest of my life on ready-meals. There’s a stew that didn’t have a recipe so I’m calling it ‘Q stew’ and you can’t stop me, and there’s a korma too.”

Q couldn’t help but smile at Bond’s expression: he looked utterly lost.

“Don’t laugh at me,” Bond griped.

His expression only got worse when Q opted to pull him into an impossibly tight hug.

The younger man refused to move. The older wasn’t quite sure what was happening.

“You stupid man,” Q sighed fondly, head curled into Bond’s shoulder.

Bond would have been insulted if he had thought it was an applicable response. It might have been. He stayed quiet instead, and after another moment or two, began to incrementally relax. So much so, in fact, that by the time Q began to pull back, Bond couldn’t stand the idea of not having his Quartermaster’s arms wrapped around him.

Q smirked, unseen, as Bond held him back.

The man was learning, bit by bit. Time would tell, but it seemed that Bond rather enjoyed being truly loved and cared for, to not need to be almost aggressively independent in the way he had been for so many years previously.

Instead, Q looked after him quite entirely.

“I make better curry than you,” Bond pointed out, abruptly.

Q pulled back, eyes wide. “Well you cook then,” he returned, tone martyred, Bond managing to avoid being categorically dressed down for being unkind before he answered, tone playful and careful and full of care Q always loved to hear on his lips:

“That’s the plan.”