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Nuri-Jones here wanted to bet his hair that we’d hear from some potential board members in like three weeks or more. I laughed at him, said he was dumb and made the bet anyway. We have our business plan sorted out alongside a Lawyer and a few more meetings to help get us up as soon as possible. I’m just happy to see that something’s actually happening ya know?

Anywho; We now have a meeting/presentation to organise… And Nathaniel now has until Monday to get rid of the mop 🙃


i am so sorry,
for slipping into my old habits,
i thought that i wasn’t afraid anymore,
but the thunderstorm got too close,
and my chest got too
tight as i 
watched the lightning split
the sky in two and  
there was nobody around
to console me
so in blind panic i un
plugged all the phones and
with the sound
of what mightaswellbeen
bombs destroying our hometown
for all that i knew
i locked myself in the closet and

i’m so sorry for disturbing your sleep
i really hope you don’t mind me here though?
you put up with me so long after all, before, and
     (((deep breath))) 
can i stay till the storm passes
and cuddle onto the memories of you?
i’ll just fidget with the ring you gave me and,
maybe caress a hand bone or two?
if you let me?
i hope i’m better company than moths
and dust mites and spiders and old clothes-

oh god another thunder
another close fucking strike
i can’t
i can’t fucking do this
please let me stay
for the love of all deities
and gods and angels and demons
all the things you now know and i don’t
i just want a little comfort in the eye of the storm

you know what,
i’ll quit asking.
might as well ask a mountain or a rock.
both as cold and dead as you are.
i’ll just make myself welcome
and hope the howling wind brings a new dawn.

national poetry writing month 2017: 
9. last night she slept in the closet with her skeletons

What is it with toddlers and personal space? If this little bald asshole touches my knee one more time, I’m launching him across the parking lot.
—  Akutagawa Ryunosuke

anonymous asked:

I just want to say that your minfics make me happy :) If you have time, can you write one where Beca secretly does little things that make Chloe happy but one day gets caught?

If anyone were to ask Beca Mitchell why she was spreading avocado on a wheat bread sandwich at three in the morning, she would deny vehemently the possibility that she was making that sandwich for her girlfriend, who loved shit like avocados and wheat bread, but never had time to make herself lunch before her 8am class. In fact, she would probably claim that she was acting in an impressively strong bout of sleepwalking. Because she hates avocados, wheat bread, and being “an adorable romantic”, but she loves Chloe Beale. 

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I’m sorry but like

Don’t call the bonding moment “queerbaiting”
Like I get it I’m impatient too but it’s literally only the first season of the show. It’s way too early to make any ship canon that fast. I’ll get it if shit like that keeps happening throughout the seasons but

At LEAST wait till season two before y'all start up with that