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i’ve been hearing this argument about if heteromantic asexuals/ aromantic heterosexuals are actually a part of the lgbtq community
so, what i’m hearing is “i don’t actually see asexuality or aromanticism as their own completely independent and valid lgbtq identities” and “i don’t care about ace/aros i only really care about the other part of them that is queer”
so hey! how about we stop gatekeeping the lgbtq community!!

Some questions from the Q&A

I’ll just put kind of a big sloppy narrative about some of the better questions and funny responses. For the anon asking me earlier.

Only bad thing was I kinda didn’t like the lady walking around w the microphone for ppl to ask question cuz whenever someone would direct a question at all of them, one would answer and then she’d just hand the mic off before the others could answer.

When asked about their experience at Rio they were all pretty salty about not getting gold haha. Chappy said she would have rather been playing in the gold medal match against the US 😁😝 When asked about their favorite restaurant that reminded them of their native food Poli and Andi both replied chipotle hahaha no translation was needed there.

Moe watches ANW (American Ninja warrior) and I think I freaked her out when I cheered and yelled “no spoilers” as she went to talk about it.

Someone asked about her book tour and if she planned her wedding herself and Carli has planned her whole wedding herself. She said she went home after the Atlanta game and the whole living room was filled with packages. She’s going to 11 cities in 12 days for her book tour and getting a final dress fitting in there somewhere.

Janine and Chappy loved meeting drake and when Carli asked if a medal was required to meet him Chappy sassily said “you could just dig through your gold pile” and Janine said it was a “Canadian connection” thing hahaha.

Then someone asked what sport they would play regardless of skill or gender. Chappy would love to play R winger for the Toronto maple leaves (hockey). Janine said she’d play beach volleyball. Carli said same or swimming. Lydia said tennis or “bar sports” 😂. When someone (cough @michaelcx) yelled out “beer pong” Morgan looked absolutely traumatized lol. moe and Andi both said bball (Andi said something about San Francisco warriors and Lydia laughed her head of and corrected her to golden state) and Poli said track.

I asked them what was fun/interesting about playing w so many people from all over the world and Lydia instantly said “making fun of their accents” and then moe pointed looked and her and said “making fun of YOUR accent”. They said its kinda rough when communicating but they are learning words from each other.

Maybe that was too long and no one cares but that was some of the more notable, interesting questions :)