q: london shenanigans

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Zach talked a little about doing Trek press in London yesterday, but sadly he didn't give away much info: ew(.)com/article/2016/04/18/star-trek-3-zachary-quinto-justin-lin-jj-abrams But hey, it's something!

Thanks for the info, anon! So they did some press after all. Good to know! Hopefully that means we’ll get some more Trek news/interviews soon!

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thats his denim jacket :( there are pictures of him carrying it around while wearing a green sweather the day he left to london are on instagram.. sadly, he took 2 denim jackets 😭😭

Yeah, I know he has his own denim jacket. We saw it before at Sundance and he was wearing it in this picture that he took in London. But it’s like…EXTREMELY similar in style to the one Chris is wearing in the pap pics. The pockets are the same, the buttons are the same, they have the same stitching down the front. But…the color isn’t the same. (I don’t THINK that’s just because of the lighting? I mean, Zach’s jacket is significantly lighter than that.) And it looks like the jacket in that plane pic is the same color as the one Chris was wearing last night.