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Hey if you're still in Britain you should hit up Primark! They've just launched a huge amount of HP stuff and it's magicool x

(( OOC: Way ahead of you man… 

Also… funny story. There was a little temporary “tattoo” parlor that we all decided to go to. We paid £15 for a guy to scribble the deathly hallows on our arms… and when I say scribble I mean SCRIBBLE. I could have done something better in my sleep… or while being dragged through the streets by my feet behind a pair of goats. 

To top it all off, the guy was a total diva. He thought he was the absolute shit… and all of his poor employees looked like their souls were slowly being sucked from their bodies. 

But it’s alright… because while we were there we saw IRL Wolfstar and Remadora chilling in the corner. Legit, tall dark and handsome, sandy and gangly, and bright bubblegum pink hair with fishnet sleeves. Looks like we paid for the scenery. Worth it. )) 

gifs courtesy of @sirussly ;) 


“Help Me.” 😂 🇬🇧

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