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Oh Dusky, I read recently that due to Benedict's schedule, they'll be using a body double for many of his shots (stunts??) in Infinity Wars. I feel guilty for being greedy for more than he can manage, but I know I won't enjoy seeing someone else in his place; he was magnificent in every aspect of Strange (& so beautifully buff!) so I rue missing even a moment of what only he can do so well. PIease--I need your wisdom to set my heart at ease. xx

Hi there :-) I miss Stephen Strange so much so I am delighted to talk about him… But I don’t think I’m going to really cheer you up with my rather long reply…

Firstly yes you’re right; Page Six (here) reported way back in January that cumber-doppelganger Broadway actor Aaron Lazar will be cover BC for some wider and possibly stunt shots as BC was unavailable for the Georgia shoot (he was making The Current War in time for the 2017/18 Oscar season). But at a later interview (see here) BC said he had read the IW script and said it’s a real ride, saying “don’t worry I’ll be there”. They won’t superimpose BC onto the Lazar shots; it sounds like they’ll just use AL for the wide, ensemble shots done in the studio.

My gut feeling for Infinity War (based on 90% intuition and 10% speculation) is that Doctor Strange won’t play as a big a role in IW as we hoped. Benedict is now filming The Child in Time, and they recently announced that Melrose begins filming as early as July (here). 

Plus, unlike the Infinity Gauntlet comics, the MCU story has a cast of thousands. I’m kinda expecting Thanos will go on a road trip seeking the stones; the blue Space Stone (kept in the Tesseract) is in Asgard, the red Reality Stone is with Benicio Del Toro’s Collector, the purple Power Stone or Orb is currently with Nova Corps vault on Xandar (thanks to the Guardians), the yellow Mind Stone is in the middle of Vision’s head on Earth (uh-oh) and of course the green Time Stone is in the Eye of Agamotto at Kamar-Taj (also Earth). We haven’t seen the orange(?) Soul Stone yet; probably will in Thor Ragnarok or maybe Black Panther

I am hoping SO much Doctor Strange kinda helps form the beginning of the Illuminati to protect the stones at the conclusion, and also provides the cross-dimensional access to the more terrestrial less powerful members of the Avengers. But given BC has a filming window of less than 2 months, I’m more circumspect now. I guess he’ll be amongst the May roster of IW actors arriving in Edinburgh.

What I am worried about :-( and which has made me much more circumspect, is Kevin Feige’s recent comments about Phase 4 (or at least, there may not even being one…). It’s so weird to me that a Doctor Strange sequel hasn’t been announced (c.f. Ant-Man’s sequel announced after 3 months of release, Thor having three films, Guardians now getting a trilogy) and now Papa Feige saying that Phase Four will break the MCU mold. Some outlets are now speculating that sequels might now be replaced by pairings or cameos meaning a DS 2 might no longer be a given (see here for example). 

I want to be wrong SO MUCH on this. But I dunno; something deep down about the silence on the DS2 thing makes me worried. Still; there are still three unknown 2020 MCU films scheduled (see here) so… maybe I’m horribly wrong. Recent talk, though, about the Inhumans making an appearance, and now GOTG3 looks like at least 2 of those might be gone already. 

Anyway, that’s enough from me. I hope this answered a little of your q xx