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Hello everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve barely been on for over a month now. I’ve decided not to be ‘active’ so to speak anymore other than keep up with people and talk to the friends I have made on here. That being said, my message box and inbox and anon box will continue to stay open because I LOVE hearing from all of you and chit chatting with all of you. So all of you, even my gorgeous anons, if you’re still around, drop in and let’s go back to our lovely conversations.

I have a few Imagine requests in my ask box and I will be writing them out soon. Once those are done and I am done writing and uploading the series I have been working on with my Twinnie ( @lane-switch-dolan ), I will stop uploading Imagines and the likes as well (unless I really like an idea or feel the urge to)

I hope to hear from all my lovelies, soon.

All my love,

M xx

I ended up splitting my oc noon into two sisters, here is the first! her name is may and she’s very calm and gentle. 

may is one of the dead demon hunters, serving the underworld to atone for her sins committed in her life time. the hunters are dedicated to catching and returning demons from the vibrant planet of earth, the swampy and desolate planet of KOI-087.01, the budding planet of kapteyn b, and the frosted and once peaceful planet of zarmina.


this was the best angle i could get offhand on the blueprints.. messed with the levels and distorted it into a squarer shape, but i still can’t read anything like.. SUPER vital

small points of interest:

  • labeled 2 (top right) as though there were an earlier prototype
  • i guess ink comes up through a pipe set into the floor
  • the studios are just named Joey Drew Studios
  • mr. “I’M OUTTA HEAH” aka. wally franks appears to be a janitor of some authority
  • the other name on it is Murray Hill, a repairman, which may or may not end up being significant

text transcript, what I can read of it:

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5 strategies Bond uses to try to get an exploding pen out of Q and 1 time he doesn’t have to try  

(Also on AO3


1. Bedroom eyes:

“Off you fuck, go lay someone who doesn’t have more important things to do,” Q says cheerfully.

Bond leaves Q Branch empty-handed.

2. Bribery:

“The answer is still no,” Q says, breaking the gourmet chocolate bar in half. He hands one half to Bond and takes an enormous bite out of the other half. “Mmmmm. Feel free to keep trying, though,” he says.

There’s already a chocolate smudge at the corner of Q’s mouth, and for a moment Bond forgets the pen in favor of fantasizing about interesting ways to clean Q up.

(Q’s answer is the same for the stolen German prototype and the miraculously-returned-in-one-piece Walther. In the latter case, Q takes the time to press a ‘Good job’ sticker onto one of Bond’s hideously expensive lapels and sends him an e-ticket to a Bon Jovi concert.

It’s the first concert Bond has been to in years that isn’t work-related, and it’s brilliant.)  

3. Annoyance:

“For the thousandth time, no, 007,” Q says. “I will not make you an exploding car, pen, boat, shoe, tie, or tube of toothpaste. At this rate, however, I may well be tempted into designing an exploding condom just to see if you try to use it.”

Bond begins, “I had no idea you would be so interested in what I do with my–”

“–with your only exploding device?” Q interrupts dryly. “Metaphorically speaking, that is. Literally, you don’t have any.”

“Yet,” Bond says. “I don’t have any yet.”

Q doesn’t kick him out, so Bond sticks around, gossiping with the other boffins, observing Q, and mourning the fact that the C4 is kept in a room with special “No 00s Allowed” security measures.

He’s been hanging around Q Branch a lot, lately. The annoyance strategy requires frequent contact in order to wear down the target’s endurance, after all.

In the early days he had toyed with the idea of tricking one of Q’s staff into retrieving something from the armory for him, but most of them had demonstrated commendable loyalty and a surprising amount of spine when it came time to turn him down. He had exactly one taker, a lonely technician named Tom Watts who’d only wanted a nice date and a good fuck for his troubles, and somehow Bond’s feet had taken him to Q’s office shortly after that conversation, to report this potential breach in security.

He doesn’t only want an exploding pen, it seems. He wants Q to be the one to give it to him.

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Vivi here! /” Momo drew the Alphys ofc <3 FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Please read before sending an ask. Your answer may be right below! (i also included some questions that i thought may be possibly asked in the future. this may be updated as more asks come in)

(Q) What is FaithTale about?
Faithtale is a Frans comic. Sans gets accepted to become one of Gaster’s many student scientists who will help Gaster find something important that they are looking for. Frisk is a strange human girl amongst others humans who were taken to Gaster’s lab to be used for human experiments.

(Q) What is Frans?
(A) It’s what the SansXFrisk ship is called. Meaning a romantic relationship between Sans and Frisk. Even if you aren’t crazy about the ship, i still think you will enjoy the story maybe.

(Q) Is this blog NSFW?
(A) Ok kiddos, here’s the deal! There will be a few suggestive themes here and there, violence, and strong language, but no nudity with nipples or genitalia showing or anything to really have this blog labeled as NSFW. (It might have some kissing and hugs and touch, but thats it)

(Q) Why is Frisk in the tank?
(A) She was brought to the tank to be used as an experiment. You’ll find out more about her history later.

(Q) OMG can Frisk breathe in water!? Can she leave the water?
(A) Yes, she can breathe in the water. She however cannot breathe outside of water. Whaaat!? How, why? Sorry, we can’t answer that right now. You will find out though.

(Q) Can I translate your comic?
(A) Oh my, please do! We would be honored. Just provide the proper credit. Also please let us know! We would love to check it out. Check below to see how to provide proper credit.

(Q) How to provide proper credit?
(A) “Credit to artist” is never proper credit.
Here’s an example of how to credit us:
FaithTale AU belongs to @momoishy​ and @smollvivi​ on tumblr.
Undertale belongs to TobyFox.

(Q) Can I dub your comic?
(A) Same answer as the “Can I translate your comic?”

(Q) Can I write a fanfiction for FaithTale? Or a FaithTale inspired fanfic?
(A) Same answer as the “Can I translate your comic?”

(Q) Where can i submit FaithTale fanart?
(A) We don’t have submissions enabled. But feel free to post your fanart on your blog and tag it with #faithtale. We search the tag often but sometimes we miss a few posts.. if this happens please don’t feel ashamed to tell us through an ask. We certainly don’t want to miss it! We will reblog your lovely artistic masterpieces here unless you tell us you’re not comfortable with it.

(Q) When is the next chapter going to release?
(A) We don’t really have an answer for that  because we don’t actually have a schedule for it and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of pages (like 50+ maybe). We could release a few at a time like other artists but we’re not going to. There’s nothing wrong with releasing a few at a time, we just don’t want to. We’ll try to keep you guys updated at least! Sorry for the wait! We hope you are patient and still here when we release each comic update. Thank you very much for your support and feedback!

(Q) Where can i find the FaithTale comic?
(A) Search “ftcomic” on our blog. This also works for mobile.


Happy birthday to the greatest sunbeam on earth~! 


Q: What is Ignoct Week?

A: Ignoct Week is a week of nothing but pure Ignoct love! From July 31st to August 6th, fans of the pairing Ignis Scientia/Noctis Lucis Caelum of FFXV will be able to participate in fan art, fan fiction, pictures, crafts, cosplay, etc. and share their love.

Q: When is Ignoct week?

A: Ignoct Week will begin on July 31st, 0:00 JST and end on August 6th, 23:59 JST.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Participating is easy! You have two options—Tagging your work with #ignoct week/#ignoctweek or submitting it on here!

Q: What can be part of Ignoct Week?

A: Basically anything, as long as it is new content! Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Cosplays, Crafts, Prompto Pictures—the sky is the limit! The only rule is that the content is about the deep relationship between Noctis and Ignis.

Q: Does the story have to be romance?

A: To be inclusive to fans who may love the characters and the pairing but may want to write something other than romance, non-romance stories will be accepted. If you want to write about baby!Ignis taking care of baby!Noctis, that means you can write as well!

Q: So, if it doesn’t have to be Ignoct romance, then can I write another pairing?

A: Other pairings are acceptable as long they do not include Ignis or Noctis. So, if you want to write a fic about Noctis and Ignis meeting as children with a background pairing of Regis/Clarus, that would be absolutely fine. However, this is a week dedicated to Ignis and Noctis. There are lots of other weeks for the pairings you may like, so I ask to keep this Ignoct-related.

Q: Can I write/draw porn?

Yes! Feel free to fill your smutty heart as much as you desire! However, if you are going to submit mature material you will be asked to simply tag it appropriately.

Q: Can I bash on another ship?

No. Absolutely not. If anyone is found bashing on another ship, writer, artist, etc. they will be permanently blocked and unable to participate in any future ship-weeks. (As in the people who run these ship-weeks all know one another, and we all talk. Don’t be a jerk.)

Q: Can I write questionable content?

As long as you tag appropriately, you are able to write what you like. However, please note that certain content that is considered “trolly” (IE: Written specifically to anger or hurt a group of people, considered racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc.) will not be featured on the main page and may get you a one-way pass to the blocked zone. They don’t have cookies there. Don’t get sent to the banned zone.

Q: Do I have to participate in every day?

No! You can choose to participate in one day, two days, all days or multiple times a day! It is all up to you.

Announcement - Batman Beyond Slash Serial

Heya, folks! I hope that you guys are all doing well. I know for some that you all endured a last minute snowstorm surprise courtesy of Elsa, Jack Frost, Iceman, Sub Zero and Mr. Freeze. So I hope you guys are staying warm.

Anyway, I have a very special announcement to make. While I’m sure most of you remember this, I want to ask this just to be sure. Does anyone remember the old 2000 era DC animated series Batman Beyond? You know, one of the shows that used to come on the old KidsWB channel that you would actually wake up at seven AM/eight AM central on a freaking Saturday just to see and enjoy with your Pop Tarts and milk or a bowl of CoaCoa Puffs?

Originally posted by thewillywills

Remember now? Great. Now onto my point of this announcement…

I’m going to rewrite the Batman Beyond series in my vision, like I’m doing now with Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated on Fanfiction. Net. And just as I have done with that series fanfiction remake I will be featuring slash in this take of mine. But it will have three special themes to it; 

1. Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics.

2. Terry is the son of Clark Kent(Alpha) and Bruce Wayne(Omega).

3. Since the DC Company couldn’t budget for it, I will make the fourth season we never got.

In my take I will feature various forms of DC lore throughout the comics, movies, games and TV shows of the franchise. This idea has been in development for at least two and a half years so be assured that I’m not cutting corners. It may seem confusing at the beginning of the series, but as Dirk Gently said it’s all connected. Everything will come full circle throughout my takes on the original three seasons of Batman Beyond and my vision of what I think season four would be. Granted DC may not use slash of Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics like I am…but you get the idea!

I will be posting the story like an episodic series would appear on TV, starting sometime in April at 9:30PM/10:30PM central with encore showing at 11:30PM/12:30AM central every Sunday. Some episodes from the original show will be combined, allowing certain characters to appear earlier than usual, and to fill the void I will include episodes I made up. I’ll be posting on Fanfiction. Net, deviantArt and Archive of Our Own. Then after the episodic chapter has aired I’ll hold a Q&A session here on Tumblr, and you guys can ask any and all questions you have about the current episode. As the series fanfic progress you’ll see familiar faces, new faces and learn things you may or may not have known about DC lore. Also, while I will be featuring as much DC lore as I possibly can, this series will center mostly around the events of the Batman Arkham game line. Don’t worry though - the reason of how everyone forgot that Batman is Bruce Wayne will be explained later on. To differentiate between the seasons each one will be a story of it’s own with a side title that comes after “Batman Beyond”.

That’s about it, folks. I hope that you enjoyed my announcement! Oh, and be on the watch with my Fanfiction. Net, deviantArt and AO3 profiles. I’ll be posting some chapter updates soon enough. And just to wet your appetites, here is a summary sneak preview of what to expect for season one.


Terrance Wayne-Kent, or Terry, is many things. A loving son, a loyal friend and a light that brings a shine to dismal Neo-Gotham. He is also an Omega, taking after his Omega parent Bruce. And like his second father Terry isn’t the usual Omega who preens and expects to be waited on. In fact you might say he waits on the city of Neo-Gotham, and does so in the same way as Bruce did so long ago. For the past two years Terry has been more to the city than just it’s New Favorite Son. He has been protecting Gotham as their new Batman, the Knight of Tomorrow. Because of his heroic persona Terry usually guards his heart whenever he deals with Alphas. But that all changes when he has a fateful encounter with the handsome Alpha half-blood son of Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, Rex Stewart aka Warhawk. Watch as two successors of lofty hero legacies battle together, taking on the worst of the worst one night at a time, and slowly but surely fall for each other.

Coming to your computer in April 2017, it’s “Batman Beyond: The Heir”.

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Headcanon #5: Q doesn’t stop (aka I can’t think of a good title right now)

If you thought that Q only went search crazy when Bond went missing, then you are sorely wrong. Q values all his 00′s. To him, every agent is his personal responsibility. That being said, when one goes missing, Q does not stop searching until they are found. Q will use his personal time if he has to. It doesn’t matter what MI6 says, It doesn’t matter what M says. Q’s personal rule is if there’s no body then they aren’t dead.

002 has been missing for 7 months and 3 weeks. She had been declared dead after the first month and M had ordered him to stop searching after the 3rd. That doesn’t mean that Q listened. No, even when he’s busy doing his job, Q still has programs scanning the globe for any sign of their missing agent. If there’s no body then she’s not dead. And Q very well may be right.

(I don’t know what time it is for you guys, but it is literally 3 am over here and I’ve been working on this since 6. This headcanon has taken a life of it’s own, I…I don’t even know what happened…it just….???)

Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook information PART 3

Note: This will be most likely the last part (for now). [Need to focus on my exams T_T Maybe I’ll translate more in May when I feel like it/have time]

Read part 1 here 

Read part 2 here 


(Sadly there’s no Q&A part for the vampires, but a „rumors“ category)

Mikaela Hyakuya

  • Birthday: 1st May ( Taurus)
  • Age: 16
  • Height: estimated 173 cm
  • Weight: estimated 57 kg
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Blood, predominantly blood (he can’t eat curry anymore)

Rumors about Mikaela Part 1

1: Mikaela’s duty/role in the urban protection/defense is to exterminate the enemy .

The urban protection is also separately engaged with the annihilation of the sorcery organization which conducts the research of „Owari no Seraph“.

2: What is Mikaela’s daily schedule except his duties as a vampire?

Not to drink blood and trying to endure it

The sole food supply for a vampire is blood. the temptation is strong but he keeps holding onto sanity everyday. [this sentence was translated by @nicaniiluv Thanks a lot! ]

Rumors about Mikaela Part 2

3: The period Mikaela is not drinking blood and could endure it, becomes shorter day by day.  

To control his physical condition and his urge to drink blood on that day, he certainly was getting close to his limit.

4: The name of Mika’s weapon is…. First-class shooting type (射出型)

A first-class rig that allows to attack from a long distance. It strengthens the body of the owner and it also makes slashing attacks practicable.

5: Mikaela’s favorite phrase after becoming a vampire is Yuu-chan

In these 4 years, Mikaela’s purpose in life is to meet Yuuichiro Hyakuya again.

Krul Tepes

  • Birthday: 27th October (Scorpio)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 145 cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rig: First-class
  • Favorite Food: Blood

Rumors about Krul

1: Krul likes to take naps as a sham. Her favorite place for naps is a hammock.

It’s a silent place where no one disturbs her. She likes to roll around and makes herself home in the hammock.

2: the vampire queen surprisingly feels lonely.

Krul has lost her important existence in the past. As expected, of this character….

Ferid Bathory

  • Birthday: 31st October (Scorpio)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 182 cm
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: the blood of good-looking young girls and boys

Rumors about Ferid

1: One person of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army he’d like to drink the blood the most is Guren.

It seems that he wants to drink Guren’s blood in front of his underlings before Guren achieves his aspirations/ambitions.

2: The reason why he wears the ribbon that’s tied around his hair everyday is…. because it’s cute.

In addition to his love of cleanliness/ fastidiousness, it seems that he possesses a great number of favorite ribbons.

Crowley Eusford

  • Birthday: 5th December (Sagittarius)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 190 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Blood

Rumors about Crowley

1: The thing that Ferid (leader of his clan) told him and makes him feel troubled is…

Let’s make „Nabe“ (japanese hot pot)

Nabe – a container with various ingredients, As a vampire who can only drink blood he feels puzzled/confused

2: Crowley’s favorite spot is where Ferid is.

Even though he feels tedious towards anything and everything, he’d respond if Ferid calls him.

Chess Belle

  • Birthday: 1st April ( Aries)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 151 cm
  • Blood Type: B
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Crowley-sama’s blood

Rumors about Chess

1: As a follower of Crowley the thing that Chess is trying to do her best is to study.

She doesn’t want Horn to make a fool out of her and besides that wants to increase her knowledge about humans. That’s why she’s trying her best.

Horn Skuld

  • Birthday: 21st September (Virgo)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 167 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: Crowley-sama’s blood

Rumors about Horn

Her bust-waist-hip measurements are

B 100 / W54 / H90

When she drinks blood directly, her corpulent boobs are a bit of a hindrance.

She needs to pay attention that she won’t make her chest dirty.

Lacus Welt

  • Birthday: 21st August (Leo)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 175 cm
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: blood

Rumors about Lacus

1: The blood Lacus prefers to drink is the blood of young boys.

If he had to say, it’d be the blood of young boys. The blood of young girls is for Lacus’ taste too tender.

René Simm

  • Birthday: 9th September (Virgo)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: estimated 180 cm
  • Blood type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: blood

Rumors about René

1: The reason why René cooperates/conducts with Lacus is….he’s the first friend he made.

It’s usually rare for vampires to hang out with each other, but for René Lacus seems to be his first friend.

Lest Kerr

  • Birthday: 5th May (Taurus)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite food: ???

Rumors about Lest

1: In order to win the the battle of who would become the (most) powerful person, he’s putting a great effort to expand the territory he’s in charge of.

He’s considering to control the whole world and be on top, even though he’s the third among 3 progenitors

Lucal Wesker

  • Birthday: 20th February (Pisces)
  • Age: ???
  • Height: ???
  • Blood Type: A
  • Rig: first-class
  • Favorite Food: the blood of children

Rumors about Lucal

1: Lucal who fusses over garments shows attachment to his fashion item: a hat.

Recently he likes bowler hats. He prefers rare hats that he hasn’t seen yet.

The vampire’s part was hard to translate tbh. Please forgive me if there are mistakes and tell me per dm if you know a better translation for any part.

Please do not repost this or claim it as your own. I needed quite a long time to translate these facts. (Reblogs are appreciated)

The Blanket Fort Headcanon:  The Double Oh’s of MI-6

Obviously, James Bond isn’t really the only Double Oh running around and we sort of have a nice little Wikipedia article about the other Double Oh’s.  However, this is my own personal headcanon/fancast for the Blanket Fort.  I don’t have a complete history yet for all of them - but it helps the imagination immensely! :D

001 - Edward Donne

There’s a lot of scary, horrible things that could have happened to London over the past several years, including one that could have sunk the city into the Thames.  They never happened because Edward Donne was there to stop it.

002 - Wilhemina Murray

She’s Q’s mother.  Yes, she really is.  Dame M knows exactly why is it that she hasn’t aged a day and the two of them, with the legendary Peggy Carter, have maintained a long friendship over the years.  Also, there’s a lot of supernatural horrors that could have happened to England but didn’t, mainly because Madame Mina was there to hold the darkness back. 

A certain ancient Romanian prince may worship the ground she walks on. 

Also, a legendary Winter Soldier is not sure why the first thing he blurted out when he saw her was the Romanian word for “mother.”

003 - Annelise Song

There’s a certain powerful Triad in Hong Kong that no longer exists because of the woman they call the Jade Dragon.  And there are a great many young women and children whose lives are no longer living nightmares because she helped them get out.

004 - Julian Kim

It is an in-joke that Julian and Mina call each other “cousin.”  Julian has been a Double Oh for nearly as long as Mina…. and she actually brought him in to join MI-6.  Q has also been heard to call him “Uncle.”

005 - Dr. John Watson

Officially, 005 has retired. 

Unofficially, he’s still about on Her Majesty’s business, aiding and quietly protecting a certain consulting detective, who has yet to figure out his partner’s real past.  The British government is very grateful for his continuing service. 

Also, he’s one of 007′s favorite drinking buddies. 

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hello everyone! I know I haven’t been as active lately, school has been insanely busy, and I’m playing tennis 6 days a week now (bonus: I’m getting kinda tan!), but you have all been kind enough to follow me and stick with me through all this. So, I now have over 1.5k followers, which I can’t believe. thank you so much for following me, and I want to celebrate this milestone. 

below are some options for the celebration (and of course the requirements), I hope you all participate! and thank you again!

R E Q U I R E M E N T S :

  • must reblog this post
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O P T I O N S : you may choose as many as you would like, but keep in mind some may take longer than others! 

🕊url edit: I will make you a custom poster or moodboard based on your url. for my inspiration sake please have your url be wizarding world focused or focused on another one of my fandoms (list here!)
🍍personal moodboard: I will make you a personal moodboard revolving around things such as your patronus, hogwarts house, and ilvermorny house! in order to create quality content, please include such information in your ask (houses, name, patronus, wand, favorite class - anything I can use)
🌾hp life: I will create a detailed hp life reply to your ask, this will include unique headcanons and other fun elements. these will be truly personalized, and I will use your blog(s) for reference
🌸queue my content & promo: I will queue at least 20-50 posts from your blog, and give you a shout out when those queued posts are running! this will hopefully help your blogs be noticed. because this is an exclusively wizarding world blog, I respectfully request that your blog also have wizarding world content.*
other: if there is something you would like me to do for you that isn’t mentioned above, please send me an ask about it. this celebration is truly meant for you guys, so let me know if there is something you would like to see! 
* - note: my queue process involves me liking posts through my main blog @gardeny before the posts are queued. if you get spammed with likes from that blog, that’s just me getting ready to queue your content! also, I would love to post your original content, so if you are a creator, please let me know your original content tag! 

N O T E S : 

  • at this time, I am not announcing a closing date, but this is subject to change.
  • these edits may take a long time, I would like to make some really high quality content for you guys. 
  • please DO NOT send me a message with your request. I am only accepting requests through my ask box (quidditchplayer.tumblr.com/ask)

I am going to start doing commission based sigil drawings.
I can do a photo of the drawing /OR/ a digital copy for $5. I can also draw a small approximately 4" x 4" drawing on regular paper in black ink, and mail it to you for $10 - $20 -/+ depending on shipping.

I’m also willing to take custom orders such as larger prints, different colors, all painted on different surfaces (currently I have canvas readily available along with PVC board and card stock) I can also charge the item on my personal alter for a while if requested. Cost for those situations would be determined after the project is discussed.

If you have any questions please see below- if you are interested or still have questions please feel free to send me a message!

Q: Why for a commission?
A: Because I work 43+ hours a week as well as have a chronic pain condition so putting energy towards extra things can be a little difficult. However- I love drawing sigils for people. The ones you see above are examples I’ve drawn for friends and have decided to share. Since I’ve sent them to my friends they’ve all come to me and told me that what ever it was they were trying to achieve happened with help of the sigil, therefore I feel as though it’s a gift I should share.

Q: What is a sigil?
A: Sigils are a symbol, usually associated with spells or magic/Magick or metaphysics. You take a phrase or something you are trying to embody and you turn it into a symbol. For instance, if you were having issues with a plant looking a little extra gloomy or not growing the way it should be, you can create a symbol for “grow” and place it on the pot of the plant.
Something to keep in mind though; sigils ONLY work as hard as you do. So in this example it would almost with as a subconscious or maybe conscious reminder to take extra good care of your plant such as remembering to water it or move it into sunlight. Like most forms of metaphysics, you create your world around you. Sigils just help you to give what you need more leverage. So basically if you don’t put any sort of energy towards it the sigil won’t do what you need it to. If you try and you do put energy towards it the sigil can help to amplify it.

Q: What if I don’t like the way it looks?
A: If that is a concern then this may not be the best bet for you. Since there will be genuine energy going into these, I may not be able to draw multiple versions. I can certainly try however it may increase the cost.

Q: so what do I need to do from here if I want to commission you?
A: send me over a message stating what you are trying to accomplish through the sigil and if you’d prefer photo/digital copy or physical copy shipped.

Q: how do I pay you?
A: either with PayPal for Facebook messanger.

Q: Can I request a sigil for anything?
A: not anything. I will not make a Sigil that is intended to cause harm to anyone or anything. I will not create a sigil with malicious intent behind it and it will be left up to my judgment on rather or not I feel that is the case. I’m mostly a white witch, I won’t wander down the left hand path that much, Keep that in mind.

Q: will you share my sigil publicly?
A: likely yes unless you ask me not to or it seems as though it’s more personal and should be kept quiet.

Q: Can’t I just use one of the ones you’ve already created?
A: I mean I guess you could if you wanted to be an art thief. You should also be aware that the energy put into it is not for YOU it’s for someone else therefore it may not work the same way.

Never had I thought one thousand people would enjoy my interpretation of Markiplier. It’s kinda unreal to me because when I first made this blog back in 2015– I wasn’t meaning it to be something super duper serious. In fact, I didn’t plan to stay more than a month or two because I knew YouTuber / Real Life people blogs were frowned upon harshly back then. They still are, but depending on parts of different communities– you’ll come to find a lot of sweet hearts and accepting people who have different tastes and a friendly vibe. That’s all you lovely folks who stuck around or just followed– you’re all the real MVPs. I know it’s just a silly number and lives shouldn’t be based around a number meaning for popularity but this number, to me, signifies that I’m good enough and that I’ve done a good job at what I do. It gives me reassurance that I’m, blatantly, not a failure at something I love to do. I know you should stick to what you love regardless of people who don’t agree but– it just gives me more confidence to stick around longer and to meet new faces and to make memories. I know this isn’t terribly imporant now– I’ve missed the opportunity to make that Q&A video and have no dyed my hair for the milestone– but perhaps sometime soon I may be able to make up for it.

Mark has been here for, coming up on, two years this March and I’m more than excited to be here for another. Life may be busy and get hectic but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving any time soon or want to. So with that I just want to say a big thank you. Thank you for sticking around the blog; thank you for lending personal advice when I was in rough spots, thank you for interacting with me, thank you for messaging me both out of character and in character, thank you for being respectful to my blog and other peers, thank you for being so nice, and thank you for being so accepting of my presence. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t had such wonderful people along for the ride, and to the new followers? Welcome to the party ~ I hope you enjoy your stay and perhaps we can write sometime if we mutually follow each other. Let there be many more years to come for this blog!

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Hey all! Just a quick introduction here, as I prepare myself for (the hopeful) onslaught of asks that you may or may not be sending in to me! I’m King Q and I’ll be joining our lovely Queens by spreading some hot gossip around!


Q: Have you ever thought it was possible Randy’s mistakes are because of an inadiquete teacher?

A: Nomi: *Scowling* Yes, I am quite aware that perhaps I may not be the best teacher, but who else would be willing to take up the burden that has been given to me? I was unprepared, forced to fight my worst enemy– I would never ask another human being to do my job even for a day. I may not be an “adequate” teacher, but I certainly give it my best. *Sarcasm* I sincerely apologize if I am not “good enough”, but I am not here to impress you.

00Q: hurt meme prompt fills. @cassellate requested “I fucked up, why do you not care?” from this hurt meme.


The incessant, regular beeping should be life-affirming, but instead it’s bitter; it grates on Q’s nerves and makes him taste a threat of tears in the back of his throat. The smell of Medical is all starch and clings to Q’s clothes and hair - he’ll have to shower for hours to get it out properly.

He should have done more. He should have delved deeper, been more thorough, he should have checked and re-checked, not slept at all - then James wouldn’t be lying here, in this hospital bed, unconscious, with machines keeping track of his heartbeat. He looks so prone and so distant the crisp, chemically clean whiteness of the sheets, bed frame and tubes. He’s right here, but somehow he feels unreachable. Because Q knows he won’t answer when spoken to. He won’t smirk, he won’t hold Q’s gaze with those electric blue eyes.

Q fucked up. He missed a hidden bomb and James almost didn’t make it out of a blown-up building. The extraction team met up with him when he was getting away, caught up in the rubble - he had a serious concussion, which is why he’s now laid up unconscious in Medical. He also has three fractured ribs and a small collection of cuts and bruises.

There is dried blood on his scraped knuckles; Q stares at it, swallowing back the taste of tears and self-hate. He so very badly wants to reach out, take a hold of James’ hand, feel its warmth reassuring him that James is alive. But he can’t. He can’t bring himself to do it, too wracked with guilt, worried James won’t want to see him, and rightly so. The doctors reassured him he’ll wake up soon enough and will be right as rain once his ribs heal - but it doesn’t matter, not really. It could have been so much worse. If James had been slower or had been blocked on his way out, he would have died, caught in the explosion.

Because Q fucked up.

Teeth clenched and stomach in knots, Q sits, watching James, waiting for him to wake up. He’s almost more apprehensive than impatient; he dreads the look of resentment in James’ eyes, doesn’t want to see the upset over the hurt he’s caused him, over the way he’s failed him. Even though he knows he deserves it - he did fail James, plain and simple.

He doesn’t know how much time passes, but it can’t be more than a couple hours before James grunts quietly, eyes fluttering, struggling to open; the heart monitor stutters and then beeps in a quicker rhythm. Q swallows, tense, leaning forward in his chair, spine strung straight, eyes wide and trained watchfully on James. He suddenly realises he’s holding James’ hand, an impulse of affection. Because he knows he’s allowed to, because sometimes, on the spur of a loving moment, James likes to hold his hand in public, eyes shining with high spirits and love.

Q swallows again, throat tight, hoping James will still look at him like this. Oh, he knows James won’t stop loving him, not because of this, but… it might be a while before he looks at Q with this beautiful affection that makes his eyes go soft, crinkling at the edges in charming crow’s feet brought out by a smile.

James blinks, frowns slowly, eyes sliding over the room until they land on Q.

“Q…” his voice is a dry rasp and Q instantly reaches for the water by the bedside and pours some into a cup.

“James,” it’s a good job the cup isn’t plastic, otherwise he’d have crumpled it up, holding it this tight. “James, I’m so sorry. How are you feeling?”

“Mmm, absolutely peachy,” James drawls and demonstrates by managing to half-sit up, cracked ribs and all. The pain meds must be working well. Q passes him the water which James drinks eagerly and then peers at him with clearer eyes. “Are you alright?”

Me? Christ, James, I-” he swallows the words back, unsure what he was going to say anyway. “Yes.”

“Good,” James growls. “So you can find the doctor and get them to let me out of here. I want to go home and sleep in my own bed.”

Q’s heart skips a hopeful beat at James’ words, at hearing him speak of ‘home’ and ‘his own bed’ - he’s been living with Q for just about five months now, but they never actually got round to discussing their arrangement. They’re both pleased and comfortable with what they’ve got. Q sincerely hopes to keep it.

“Q?” James is looking at him, puzzled. Q may or may not snap.

“Why do you not care?” he asks in a confused rush.

“…what?” James is a bit slowed by the drugs and the distant pain.

“I almost got you killed! I fucked up, why do you not care?”

James frowns, possibly because of Q’s words, or possibly because some pain is beginning to get through the morphine. The beat of silence stretches and something screams inside Q.

“I should have been more thorough, I should have run better scans and checks, I should have found out the building was rigged to blow up. Christ, you could have died, James!” he runs a shaky hand through his hair, bites his lip.

“Q, I know you may be surprised to hear it, but you’re not all-powerful,” James says, and Q wants to hit him, wants to scream, because how can James make a joke right now! “And everyone fucks up. I’m fine, I’m alive, nothing broken.”

“You’ve got three cracked ribs.”

Cracked. Nothing broken, still correct. Q,” James reaches out, careful fingers finding the edge of Q’s hand, slow and inquisitive, like approaching a spooked animal. “Q, everyone fucks up. I fucked up too - if I hadn’t let him get away two days earlier, I wouldn’t have had to follow him into that building. It’s fine.”

“I don’t want you to die,” Q says hollowly. Q’s heard agents die before - choking, bleeding out, suddenly vanishing when blown apart in an explosion. Sometimes, on days when he’s too stressed, too tired and too wrecked to keep it at bay, it haunts him that he could hear James die too.

Something flickers in James’ eyes; a vague recognition and understanding. He may not know exactly the sort of fear that Q carries, but he’s heard and seen people die before him too. People he cares about.

“I know,” he says, voice a soft, deep rumble, so soothingly familiar and so calmingly near that Q closes his eyes for a second, taking it in. “And I didn’t. And I don’t intend to. So go find that bloody doctor and get me out of here,” his voice dips into a playful drawl, and Q is unable to hold back a smile, doesn’t want to hold back a smile.

Q nods, lifts James’ hand to his lips, presses a kiss over the scraped knuckles, and goes to find the doctor.