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your fave is problematic: welcome to night vale episode 100
  • we don’t know how the proposal went
  • who proposed
  • who the fuck proposed 
  • was the whole town in on it
  • was it huge and romantic or small and sweet 
  • did Cecil cry
  • did Carlos cry 
  • HOW 
  • THE
  • FUCK
  • DID 
  • THE
  • GO
  • DOWN 
Why Cecil Doesn’t Remember Having  A Brother in “Cassettes”

Cecil’s “brother” that he mentions in the episode during his past recordings comes out as transgender and Cecil has accepted it so much he now does not remember having a brother. He only remembers his sister who is married to Steve Carlsberg. Boom.

Edit: Thank you for correcting my previous insensitive language. I did not know that the word transexual was offensive and I did not intend to offend anyone. I have since corrected it and will strive to be more sensitive in the future.

Back before they were dating, Carlos would always listen to the radio when Cecil was on. It took him a while to reason why it made him smile so much, but when he finally did it hit him like a freight train and he ended up dropping a load of test tubes and dissolving a hole in the floor of the lab.