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Do me a favor and look at these two.

After Lance gets the wind knocked out of him, The Gladiator spins him around and throws him against Keith and /they landed so almost perfectly symmetrical/. I just???

These dorks are gonna be the death of me.

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I know that WE know that Lydia loves stiles but when he said "you don't have to", I'm just confused as to how he knew....her feelings weren't as obvious

1. they are emotional tethers (they can communicate through DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS let alone face to face)

2. just the fact that she tells him “i didn’t say it back implies that she wants to

3. “[stiles] knew, he paid attention to her, he remembered.” 

4. how can

he NOT know

when she looks at him

like this

she’s so in love with him; he just knows.

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Yandere!Madara becoming obsessed with you, and killing off everyone you get close to. Panicked, you rush to your boyfriend’s place to try and convince him to leave the village. But when you arrive, his home is in ruins and the only person in sight is Madara, who smirks up at you once he notices you.

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“Oh, hello, (Y/N). You took quite some time to get here. Please do excuse the mess. I might have lost my control a bit… Well, let’s go home, shall we?”

i bet lance has an aloe plant

just a lil plant he owns in space

he got it off of a market cause he recognized it and found that it’s just an aloe plant alien variation and 1) his skin feels dry af 2) wants natural products cause he’s like that

he started taking care of it to grow more aloe and researched a lot on how to care for his little plant

but!!!! after caring of it for a while he fell in love with it and couldn’t bear to use it as originally planned

so now he has a lil aloe plant 🌱