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Do me a favor and look at these two.

After Lance gets the wind knocked out of him, The Gladiator spins him around and throws him against Keith and /they landed so almost perfectly symmetrical/. I just???

These dorks are gonna be the death of me.

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I know that WE know that Lydia loves stiles but when he said "you don't have to", I'm just confused as to how he knew....her feelings weren't as obvious

1. they are emotional tethers (they can communicate through DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS let alone face to face)

2. just the fact that she tells him “i didn’t say it back implies that she wants to

3. “[stiles] knew, he paid attention to her, he remembered.” 

4. how can

he NOT know

when she looks at him

like this

she’s so in love with him; he just knows.

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G1 Starscream: My Thoughts

So I just really love G1 Starscream and I want to say why. Because I can.

G1 Starscream has stuck out to me since I was a mere child of a soul. I was probably like 6 or 7 when I decided Starscream would be my favorite. My tiny child self noticed the similarities between him and I, and he just stuck with me ever since then I guess.

SO, let me start by saying I love his design and colors.

I love how they gave him three main colors instead of just two like most of the seekers. Red, white, and blue are definitely the best color combos they could have done. AND his cockpit doesn’t even clash with those colors either. Overall, his colors are just perfect to me, I love them.

My favvvvvorite thing about him is his personality. Starscream is determined af and probably lives off of salt and spite. I’m like 97% sure. He could also kill you and is highly skilled in combat, and don’t forget his wicked awesome jet mode, ooh la la.
He has shown to be intelligent and also kinda stupid at times. And there’s like a 50-50 chance if he’s using common sense or not. It’s great. He’s like a 30 year old child all in one.

Which brings me to my next favorite thing: He’s fucking adorable. He looks like a kid!
And his pout too-

What a child, what a fool, what a foolchild. His expressions are great, his personality is great, he’s just– so great.

In this video, he shows scientific intelligence (which is brushed off) and he shows fear and concern regarding what’s happening with the island. He’s afraid for his life, it seems. And it’s one of those episodes where you think, “Huh, I wonder if Starscream ever just wants to leave the Decepticons?” But then you watch the G1 movie and you see him havin fun killing people and you think, “Ah, there’s the Starscream we know.” 

I just love how complicated his character is. He’s not always so simple. He’s not always a super killer bent on destruction. He had a friend once and actually cared for people, he’s broken. But his love for being on top is what leads to his downfall every time.

It’s all fun and games until a red, white, and blue seeker gets vaporized.


Yandere!Madara becoming obsessed with you, and killing off everyone you get close to. Panicked, you rush to your boyfriend’s place to try and convince him to leave the village. But when you arrive, his home is in ruins and the only person in sight is Madara, who smirks up at you once he notices you.

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“Oh, hello, (Y/N). You took quite some time to get here. Please do excuse the mess. I might have lost my control a bit… Well, let’s go home, shall we?”

Honestly the show took so much from Clary’s character development like I am so pissed and mad that ALL FEMALE characters are treated this way. But what can I expect when the freaking targeted audience are 18-35 year old males … hence all the technology and unneeded hook ups and whatnot.

But the meeting. The downworlder meeting, they took a very important part of it. The red banners behind them? You remeber right? NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER ABOUT WHAT THEY MEAN AND WHO CREATED THEM. 
Only book fans know what they mean and what they stand for.

Now before I accidentally start a war, listen first. Alec is FUCKING GREAT, okay? He is amazing. But the one that made THE FIRST STEP into uniting Downworlders and Shadohunters was Clary.
She was the one who stood up in Alicante, in front of the Clave and Consul and she held a speech and used her rune powers to make them see, make them believe, make them open their eyes.

And later she sat down and thought carefully of the way she should draw the symbols for each and every Downworlder. She put a lot of thought and consideration. 

Cassie has AMAZING CHARACTERS and the female ones are always so exceptional and inspirational.

What the show did, was make Clary a cheater IN FRONT OF SIMON’S EYES.
Make her the unfaithful, lying girlfriend … and it didn’t start there. It was the moment they decided to make her fall in love with Simon. Simon, who knew she didn’t love him the way he wished she did. 

Isabelle is an addict and THAT IS THE ONLY THING that is being said about her ever since she took that drug (WHICH THEY ALSO GOT WRONG). And suddnely this badass need the help of NOTICE! male characters and their support in order to go through her addiction when it was them that got her into it in the first place. They took so much away from Izzy’s amazing fighting skills and her sass and her wit and her CAPABILITIES. She is super mega strong, but god forbid she gets too strong, because oh boy.

And Maia? They only include her in episodes where is either trying to kill Jace or swooning over Simon being all so sad and regretful that she didn’t make a move on him sooner only to have her take this frustration on Jace and hook up with him. So Maia is suddenly only there when a potential ‘‘love interest’‘ is there. Honestly the show didn’t display much to her story other then that. We never talk about what actually happened to her, instead she is mad at Clary and Simon for being together.

Maureen? Fucked Simon, got mad he called her Clary and disappeared forever.

Camile? Got captured in 0.2 seconds … like dafuq.

Lydia? Not even in the books, but even the show treated her like a pathetic weakling and shipped her back to Idris.

Oh and the attempted rape scene? Didn’t bother Clary at all as it seems, because she never talks about it. Does anybody ever talk about the real problems on the show ever? 

Dot is also kindo into Magnus hmm … I can recognize a pattern of ‘’ALL GIRLS HAVE BOY PROBLMES’’ 

Did you fucking even try reading the books and understand what the actual plot line was? 
Oh wait, no they didn’t because they killed Jocelyn in the STUPPIDEST WAY POSSIBLE?
say what? a demon? in the institute? IN A SHADOWHUNTER’S BODY …

Seriously this is the worst fanfiction I have ever watched and the worst attempt at an adaptation.

Thank the Angel for the books, every week I am proved that Cassie did an amazing job, so good that even a TV show can’t portray it in a proper way…

May I please Direct Your Attention To:

  • Ryan Bergara taking selfies of him and his sleepy boyfriend, either making goofy faces or using Snapchat filters.
  • And he saves them all.
  • Especially during the Supernatural episodes where Shane is out like a light but Ryan is wide awake; trying to distract himself best way he knows how: With Shane.
  • Video recordings of Ryan pressing lazy kisses to Shane’s face and soft hums of sweet nothings against Shane’s skin.
  • And bonus for Shane knowing about the recorded memories and never saying anything because oh god it’s too adorable and he can’t get the smile off his face as he flips through the picture and videos.

Alright, back to your daily programming.