q: because i can

Deaf!Cas and Dean meeting online and end up meeting at a coffee shop.

Cas never tells Dean that he’s deaf but Dean figures it out when Cas writes it down on a napkin. Dean smiles and writes back, “When can I see you again?” Cas smiles.

5 years later, Dean is finally all moved in with Cas. One day, Cas signs to him that he’s able to get cochlear implants and he can finally hear. 

Weeks after the surgery, his cochlear implant is finally turned on. He hears his himself speak for the first time and the deepness of his voice surprises him. He smiles. 

Then his doctor tells Dean to talk to him.

“Heya Cas.” Dean looks from behind the camera that he’s holding and smiles at Cas. 

Cas’s eyes widen and covers his mouth. He can’t help the tears that fall from his eyes. 

Hearing his own voice for the first time? That was awesome.

Hearing Dean’s voice for the first time? That was pure bliss. He can’t wait to hear Dean’s vows at their wedding in a few months.

He also can’t wait to hear what noises he’s been missing out on in their bedroom.