The Insidious-Hetalia AU comic. A collab with @emeralddrop 

Story by: @emeralddrop - Art by: me

Sorry it took me a long while. Q7Q But I hope you all enjoy! Emerald already finished the story, I’m just slow. Emerald will have a fanfiction version of this and it might be different, so heads up! ^v^ I will continue it next time. ;v; And sorry for the grammar errors. =7= how do you sfx lol

It’s read from left to right 


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Guys I hate to be that person but out of my 38 followers like 30 of them are spambots or people looking for followbacks who I don’t trust and it’s really depressing so maybe follow my insta? I upload all the sketches I don’t put up here so it’s something new Q7Q/


So, my family made up. Idk how. They went out, then hours later called me and told me, we gonna watch a movie and we watched Kung Fu Panda 3, AND I HAVENT BEEN IN THE MOVIES FOR A WHILE. THE SEATS BECAME SOFAS THAT COULD TURN INTO BED YOOOOO. SO RELAXING AND THE MOVIE WAS SO AWESOOOOMEEEE!!! I love pandas and I love kung fu panda. SSFGHJKGJM

I love Dreamworks Q7Q Still my dream to work there.

q7q asked:

oi how you feelin? we haven't spoken in a couple days so im checkin up on u xo

Sorrys bbys, I have been good just busy af. I went into a game jam all weekend then into uni then into my parents visiting D:

  Toll and smoll cutie pies ; collab’ with the most Awesome Potato in the world aka my best friend~! \o/ <3

She drew and I coloured~ *3* Just look at how cute these two are in her artstyle gosh~!!… *0* I just can’t stop staring at our collab’ (and at their heigh difference xD) ahh~ q7q

For the osomatsu fans out thereeeeee~~~

As you can see from my recent reblogs on my page, I have officially became a osomatsu trash qvq
But the problem is I don’t have much people to talk about it with OTL
So I’ll like to ask if anyone’s interested in osomatsu and also other osomatsu AU stuff please contact me or I’ll find a way to contact you….?qvq
Ahhhh I wanna talk about karamatsu so bad q7q
Please send me a message and I’ll give you my Skype name (Or you gimme yours so I could search you qvq)

I AM SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY apparently the Arts&Crafts movement is linked with the Art Nouveau style in english speaking countries so at least I don’t have to study everything from scratch and I can use a lot of old stuff as inspiration Q7Q

alexon-charm asked:

17! :)

17. What would you absolutely refuse to draw?

Hmmmm… Mecha will kill me, but it’s still ok. They’re just hard to draw. I just yoloed Genos from Onepunch Man when drew him. lmao (I have considered him mecha) xD Hahaha 

I will refuse Nsfw furries. I don’t hate them, I’m just not into them. Q7Q As well as other people’s kinks, are not my business. =//7//= (Enjoy what you enjoy yall. Life is short. Don’t let anyone stop you from what you enjoy unless it’s a crime or something bad for your health) >v0 <3

hideandgotardis asked:

I decided to send this to you because I figured it would make your day! Sorry for bothering you, but I really love your art. It deserves a lot more attention than it gets. Please keep up with the good work! You are very talented!

Ahh thank you so much, you’re so sweet ! q7q I wasn’t expecting this at all oh my~ qwq

Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all and you’re right, this made my day~! **

Ahh thank you so much again ; I’ll keep drawing and trying to improve in my art as much as I can ! (*^ω^)人(^ω^*)

redprincesophie asked:

u.ú viste a mi queen solo cuando demostro su valia...Y NI SIQUIERA RECORDASTE QUE LO DIJE YO. ;A; ESO SIGNIFICO EN TU VIDA?! -cries in spanish-


castaform asked:

b (at least your posts are) e, h, m

b= You’re funny 

e= I wish we talked more
h= You make me happy
m= You are awesome

ahhh ahhhhhHHH !!!!!

Q7Q !!
my god you are my fav person thank yo uso much !!!
[if you wanna say hi, go for it, but im a massive nerd]

thequeerwithabeard asked:

Did you draw that cotton candy Garnet? It's sooo good! Do you sell any of your work?

Hii! Yepp that’s my work! I’m really happy that so many people liked it :’> so thank you very much!! ♡♡.

To your other question: Unfortunately I don’t really have prints or other products yet (I also know nothing about international shipping Q7Q maybe someone can help?).

Tho I do take digital commissions! Also in the style of that garnet fanart, so if you’re interested check out my commission info and shoot me a message :’>