You know those few people on tumblr whom you’ve never talked to, that when your stalking their page and find out they have a date, lover, relationship, you just want to smack them for being selfish?

Cause your completely in love with this stranger and its suddenly their fault your jealous?

Yeah. We all have that.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I am at ease with my sexuality.

I just had a conversation with my dog groomer(a very hot dog groomer) about my pansexuality and love for transmen and butch women.

This may not seem very important. But the fact is, I openly told somewhat of a stranger my personal life and I never even hesitated.

If thats not acceptance, then I don’t know what is.

My uncle watches The Mentalist and kindly came in to inform me of Malcolms appearance in an episode. And even though I don’t like the show I am sitting here watching this gorgeous man smile and speak. Gosh, its beautiful.

I could be watching more Supernatural right now..oh, the things I do for this man.

I started watching Lip Service at 2 AM last night, and ended up watching all of season 1 till 9 in the morning. Basically said screw sleep, and fell in love the Sam.

Dear god, Heather Peace. Her voice and her jaw and her face are all flawless.

And I’m kind of annoyed with Frankie. She just gets in the way, and I don’t care how hot some one is, its still rude.