Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday“ [x]

Wilma Rudolph

(Congratulations Seirin High

KnB q264 spoilers

I hate chapter 274 of KnB so much oh my god no I hate it more than I hate hot weather and that’s a lot of hating. I’m crying because this is literally the worst ending ever are you even fucking kidding me? Rakuzan was stronger than seirin at first and now they fucking lose??? Was the ending even thought about or was it just drawn for the sake of it???

Jfc I hate this chapter so much. I hate the ending. I won’t even believe in the ‘Seirin had to win because they’re the main characters and they were strong’ bullshit because Rakuza won 5 years in a row??? Like??? They won because they are fucking strong????