But You Did.

Remember the day we met first in the gym? I thought you’d be surprised like the others, but you didn’t.

Also the match where I tripped in the middle of match? I thought you’d scold me, but you didn’t.

Another lunch time where I searched for you, all around the school, for trifle matter, do you remember? I thought you’d laughed at me, but you didn’t.

Do you remember the time I came to gym, drenched in rain and pain, told you about Aomine-kun? I thought you’d consoled me, but you didn’t.

The time when one of those ruby eye turned into amber, I thought I was lost.

Do you remember the last time you called me “Kuroko”? I thought you wouldn’t called me in that way again.

But you did.
Welcome back, Akashi-kun.

—based on that infamous poem recently, and Q267 Kuroko no Basket, and anything.

No, but really what the flying %##@$ Fujimaki thinking? The whole Rakuzan team is in the zone? Who’s next? Nigou? Riko? 

Someone needs to stop Fujimaki from drawing, the guy went crazy.

Thanks for making the zone a bankai of this series, Fujimaki. Way to destroy a good manga.

…………… Unless you wanted to destroy your own manga. Then I have to say you did a great job! Congratulations!