having read the translated version of Q267, i feel like the most bittersweet moment were these few panels because the kiseki no sedai immediately sense that their old point guard, their old friend, akashi was back after all this time. 

just another small moment that where fujimaki shows just how strong the kiseki no sedai and their bond really is/were. 

KnB q267 Spoilers

The chapter is just amazing. I have no idea what any of it means (excpet for “It’s been a while, Kuroko”) so I’m just guessing things. 

I agree with Rakuzan entering the zone. Why? If Seirin can get so many things (Kuroko’s magical eyes, double zone, etc.) then Rakuzan can enter the fucking zone all they want. Sure, I do find it a little ridiculous but that’s only because I have no idea what the trigger for it was. 

They all obviously love basketball but now that Oreshi is back I’m sure that he is trying to bring team work back. Playing basketball as a team was what he did and what he wants so I’m not surprised Rakuzan played so well. 

Bokushi only wanted Victory and would abandon the team for it. Rakuzan wasn’t too happy about that and I’m pretty sure we all know that even Mayuzumi didn’t feel too happy about that. Oreshi is bringing team work back so Rakuzan is playing again. This is something they wouldn’t be able to do if Bokushi was still playing. 

I’m curious as to what the Kiseki no Sedai and Kuroko are saying/thinking now. What is Mibuchi thinking? He certainly can tell the difference with Akashi or it’s the fact that he isn’t thinking just about victory. His mind is cleared so maybe it’s just showing why they entered the zone. How will Seirin react? What will Kuroko do now? Will we see the second zone which Kagami was close to entering? and what is Akashi’s second ability? Is it related to the fact that Rakzuan is in the zone?

No, but really what the flying %##@$ Fujimaki thinking? The whole Rakuzan team is in the zone? Who’s next? Nigou? Riko? 

Someone needs to stop Fujimaki from drawing, the guy went crazy.

Thanks for making the zone a bankai of this series, Fujimaki. Way to destroy a good manga.

…………… Unless you wanted to destroy your own manga. Then I have to say you did a great job! Congratulations!