23. Lease (least) favourite villain

Oh… another good one! Keep this up!

I think most people put Etemon here. Frankly I find he makes me laugh a lot, dub or sub, so I can’t really hate him. To be honest, I think Devimon takes this spot. I mean he stands around in his castle (?) all day and sends minions to do his work, has a great opportunity to kill the kids and uses it to split them up then chooses not to chase after them and is really, really dull, having seemingly no motives or real goals other than to just be evil. He doesn’t even give the kids a fair or good fight, just overwhelms them with sheer power in a less than impressive fight and has to be killed by an op Angemon’s full power combined with the others. Not as cool as a proper fight.

Hamlet Tickets

I have 2 tickets for the October 28th, 7pm Hamlet that I need to resell (I have a new job and can’t attend).  I paid 180GBP and will sell for the same price (stalls Q23 and Q24).  I tried reselling earlier this year, but the potential buyer changed their mind, so they are available again.  Probably easiest to contact me at nothing_more_than_this [at] yahoo [dot] ca rather than going through tumblr.

BTW, I attended the opening night performance by buying a ticket from someone else here on tumblr, so I know how the reselling / rebooking with the Barbican works ;) 


2015 Ağustos Ayının En İlginç 10 Arkeoloji Haberi
Tarihin bilinmeyenlerle dolu olan zamanlarına ışık tutan arkeolojik çalışmalar Ağustos ayında da çok değerli bilgileri gözler önüne serdi. Özellikle şempanze ve maymunların Taş Çağı'na girdiklerine dair gözlem ve bulgular bilim dünyasında oldukça ses getirdi. Arkeofili'nin her ay hazırladığı içeriklerle arkeoloji haberleri karşınızda.