Before the End of Dreams || Kaneki x Touka

Warning:  Sexual Content / Strong Language

Words(Before NSFW Warning):  750+

Words(Total):  1400+

Cover image poorly ripped and snipped straight from Ishida Sui from Tokyo Ghoul:re 124

So I was in the middle of finishing this one piece and ch 124 goes and drops on me and ruins all motivation to finish it!  I’ll still get around to it sometime this week, but in the meantime, what better way to come back after 4+ months of no writing with something super gimmicky :D  So yeah, this particular fic was inspired by the latest chapter, and is basically my own version of an extension of it, so blame Ishida for this having to exist :<  With this, I should hopefully be back to posting stories somewhat frequently.  Also, sorry if this seems all over the place and stuff x.x

Hope you enjoy! o/

It felt like his eyes were going to pop out of his skull ー they very well should’ve with how tightly her arms wrapped around his neck. The delicate touch of her lips had blown more wind out of his sail than any attack. The warmth of her body; her legs tucked between his; her soft chest pressed against him, things had escalated much quicker than he had ever anticipated. And it all started with the mention of his ghost of a friend ー all because he thought he’d cheer her up and relieve her of the despair he’s subjected himself to so many times. Not that it mattered anymore; the plan blew up in smoke, and now he’s pinned, completely at her mercy.

“Where has this taste been?”  He thought to himself as she had her way with him.

She wastes no time making up for the years lost between them, closing the distance as seamlessly as her tongue easing itself across his lips. Her silken touch made his skin tinge, his mind shake, and his heart flitter. As her tongue squirmed and smoothed around his, it felt like warm water were running down his face. He just couldn’t keep still any longer.

His arms reach around her back, pressing her more firmly against him. It was annoying how much fabric separated them, and the thought of her earlier offer made it even harder to ignore. Even harder to maintain was the growth below his waist that slowly began to press against her pants. She pulls her lips away for a moment, smiling brightly at him, as if she’d already known his secret.

“So it wasn’t just him after all who saw me in that way.”

His eyes avoid hers as he answers, “You’ve got me compromised here.”

She pulls his arm from her back and guides his hand to her breast. He feels something firm in the center, even between the fabrics.

“Now we both are.” She says to reassure him.

“Eh? So this is the same as…”

“Kaneki…” She kisses him again. “Don’t talk so much.”

She dives back in tongue first, only this time he reciprocates in full. She gave a sudden moan when he squeezes her breast. His other hand caresses the back of her neck, and his lips reach around to her cheek. She giggles mildly to his kisses, his lips slowly traveling down to her neck. He takes his time kissing and licking against her soft skin, leaving no spot unturned. He carefully studied her face all the while, eyes wide shut, with lips mildly parted with calm, yet hazy breaths.  

She tugs his shirt, lifting it up between them, and he separates just long enough for her to take it off completely. She traces the grooves of his toned torso, eventually stealing a page from him when she begins to mimic the things he did to her own neck, only with more force ー more passion. With both hands planted firmly over his shoulders, she runs her tongue all around his neck., moving up to his cheeks, to his lips, and then to his ears, where she relentlessly nibbles and sucks on them, if nothing else than for the mere amusement of hearing Kaneki squirm and moan.

“Ngh! It…tickles…”

“Deal with it.”


He pushes her gently by the shoulders, but she wouldn’t budge. At her own whim, she indulges in her fun for a while longer, soon raising from him with battering eyes.

“Had your fun yet?”  He asks with a mildly annoyed expression.

“Maybe. Or maybe I can’t help being so in love with you.  Maybe I’ve grown tired of seeing you go all the time, not knowing if the next time would be the last. Maybe I just want to keep you close so that I don’t have to keep worrying about whether or not you’ll disappear on me.”

As if consoling her, Kaneki caresses her cheeks. “In Cochlea, that might’ve been the case. I thought that I could die without regrets if I knew that it’d be for the sake of protecting you and the others. That was when Hide stopped me, and reminded me that there are still things in this world worth living for. Like him.”

She smiles at him brightly. “I’m glad that’s the decision you came to-”

He rolls on top of her, paying her back for earlier.

“And you.”


Only the moon could bare witness to the glowing look on her eyes at his sudden confession. Foreheads meld and hearts flow in sync as the night ages, both of them content with just being in the other’s company for the rest of the night.

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- Ugh, trust me if it weren’t for Shiro I wouldn’t lose my time with you.

- Finally something we can agree on.


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So much FLOOF!! ( 0 v0)!!! Can floof dergon and this floof birb combine forces to become the ultimate floofy team? ( 0 o0)!!

After some trepidation concerning Aingeal’s typing, he decides that someone that floofy can’t possibly be bad! 

Floof friends forever!