( LUCK )   when i chose Kagura as my Muse, i honestly didn’t think that it would work out, since our personalities are the exact opposite of the other;; but i’m honestly glad that i took the risk since i would never have the chance to meet the people i have made friends with here if i didn’t. i honestly do not know WHERE you people came from but as i have said —– know that this stretches out to everyone when i say that i appreciate EACH & EVERY single one of you; ♥ 

       & i know that this fandom has had its own ups and downs, but i’m glad that we managed to come through it all —- and should we face another problem in the future, i know that we will get through it again, together. truly, a lot has changed during the year and a half that i’ve been here but never have i been more CONTENT in where i currently am, than i am now. & please don’t feel down if you’re not here, as i have said, i appreciate each & every one of you, truly & i can’t begin to tell you all how much i do;; again, thank you so much lovelies, stay awesome & much love.  ♥ ♥ ♥

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Five Nights at Cuties

Imagine Sherlock asking John to do some sit-ups for science, and John does with Sherlock holding hown his feet so he won’t cheat. And that goes on for a little while and then suddenly, John leans forward when sitting up and presses a kiss to Sherlock’s mouth and then continues the exercise as if nothing had happened and Sherlock just sits there turning red.