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Were will and hannibal's wounds fatal? Have you seen metas about their injuries yet? I would love to read them! :)

bodymore-murderland and I were having a lively discussion about this just last night, actually! 

She reckons the bullet-wound was just a graze (meaning Hannibal could, theoretically, be the one to pull Will out of the water). Whereas I thought the bullet went right through him, because 1) that is Dolarhyde’s M.O. 2) that wine-bottle was in front of him, not at the side, and 3) Hannibal wouldn’t collapse clutching his gut for just a graze.

If I’m right, it would have to be Will who saves Hannibal from the ocean, which is… just… frankly astonishing, to think about. 

I feel like their chances of joint-survival are much better if it’s Hannibal who saves Will, because of Hugh Dancy’s interview saying that, if Hannibal lives, then he’s obviously going to save Will. (I find it highly suspicious that Hugh has now referred to a beach-holiday scenario on more than one occasion.)

Also, there is Janice Poon’s blog entry for the finale in which there is mention of one of them being in a wheelchair (meaning that The Table could actually be set for four! )

I’m pretty sure Will is alive. As a matter of fact, I think he’s in the kitchen helping Hannibal drain the vegetables. And why? Hasn’t Hannibal always cooked alone? Well he can’t if he’s in a wheelchair! Which still fits with the number of dining room chairs. Will is cooking under Hannibal’s instruction and any minute now, they will emerge. Will pushing Hannibal’s wheelchair and Hannibal cradling the vegetable platter in his lap. Which still leaves a chair for David Bowie or … Jody Foster!

But she did then go on to call that ‘silly’ and ‘wild speculation.’

But apparently the original script called for Hannibal to slice the leg, so we know his arms at least are okay!

And I realise I haven’t actually answered your question, so:

No, their wounds were not fatal.