q-pot cafe


Cafe part two!

After Sword Boys Cafe, I headed in to Harajuku to meet friends for (more) tea at Q-Pot Cafe. Koji was there, and I was meeting some online friends in person for the first time, too! Everyone was so cute, and I’m glad I got to see them face-to-face.

The cafe was really cute, too, and they were all ready for Halloween. Why the Mexican theme? I don’t know. I’m not sure the cafe knows. Cultural sensitivity is not Japan’s strong point. I was, however, extremely charmed by the cheesecake that looks like a piece of cheese. And it was very tasty!

My drink was a spicy chocolate latte that was also very good. And check out the sugar shaped like bones!

Really, it was only a shame I was still so full from Machi Asobi Cafe, but that’s just the way the timing worked out. 

After the cafe, we wandered a bit and my friends went shopping. By the time I got home, my feet really hurt from my cute shoes (which, I’m sad to say, have been totally destroyed after five years of excellent service).

Stay tuned for Cafe Part Three, coming later today