Highlighter Recommendations: $10 and Under

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ELF Baked Highlighter, $3.00
L-R: “Pink Diamonds”, “Moonlight Pearl”, “Blush Gems”

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Vivid Baked Highlighter, $6.00
L-R: “Peach Lights”, “Golden Lights” 

HARD CANDY So Baked Bronzer, $9.00
“Tiki” (Top), “Hula Hula” (Bottom)

COLOURPOP Highlighter, $8.00
“Wisp” (Top), “Lunch Money” (Bottom)

COLOURPOP Highlighter, $8.00

…And an honorable mention to the BH COSMETICS Carli Bybel palette, which is $12.50, but has four highly pigmented highlighters!

(Top) (Bottom)