I saw a tweet today that pretty much said “as a q*eer poc I feel just as threatened by Hillary and the DNC as I do by the Republican Party” and I just
You feel /more/ threatened by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats than a political party of people who literally want you dead??

Y'all are just so far up your own asses I’m just appalled you’re going to let Trump get elected and start WWIII istfg

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Hey! I was wondering if you could show us how you do your noses (step by step maybe?) or different noses you've done/can do? I really suck a noses and they seem to mess up my drawings. I am in love with all of your art btw c:

Well, I don’t really now how to do a step by step tutorial because I just… draw a nose as best as I can x)
Remember that I constantly use references, which is why I don’t ever sketch for general forms or poses, the lines that you see in my drawings is the first and only sketch that I do. So I cannot make one of those tutorials where you begin with simple shapes and lines and then add details and clean up and all that. I just draw everything straight away. :) So I took a few minutes now to just give some examples of noses that I think I have established for some of the characters so far:

So I guess you can observe the lines and shapes if that’s helpful and if it makes sense :) I always start with nostrils, then the tip of the nose, then the “nasal wings”, and then the bridge.
Drawing the portrait series (using references for general proportions) is really helping me learn about human face and how everything works, so I recommend observing real people in photographs (or real life) and just draw what you see.