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Can i have a overprotective!Genji? I....i like The overprotective bros And more if they ARE The lil' Bro. Like, Mccree is like "DAMN your bro is hot" And Genji is like "if you DARE to touch him you gonna pay" Plz? Only if you want!! I love u :3 -atte anon301

*whisper* I’ll Mcfuck you up 

Thank you for your request anon, I may have had a bit too much fun with this 


Game Grumps — Super Mario Sunshine  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Oh, yoU’RE ON!”
  • “Can’t feel my legs.”
  • “You traitorous bitch!”
  • “You just remain ugly.”
  • “Let’s go to, like… Hell.”
  • “Thank you for that out.”
  • “She had a nice tushy-tush.”
  • “Well, that’s… that’s irrelevant.”
  • “And she’s quite a pretty girl, too.”
  • “Dude, its like we share one mind.”
  • “That’s a pretty specific question…”
  • “My hands are too big for this guitar.”
  • “Do you need—-? Hold on, I’ll get help!”
  • “You know what to do. —- No, not THAT!”
  • “There was, like, an explosion of Mentos!”
  • “I just learned how to do this. Check it out…”
  • “I’m not crying! Somebody put tears on my pillow!”
  • “I was thinking of how to invest in the black market.”
  • “Did I ever tell you I got invited to an orgy one time?”
  • “Instead of talking, I accidentally slid on the floor and fell.”
  • “Outside I was like, ‘oh, do tell’. But, on the inside, I’m like *screams*.”
  • “You wanna GO? You wanna THROW DOWN? I’m fine with that, you piece of sHIT!”