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weird q but how do u get followers

u don’t u leave this site and invest ur time in a youtube career which will actually give you money

jk jk but basically if you want followers on this site, like basically all sites, you have to generate original content in some way. through art or gif sets or text posts or just a recognizable unique perspective. people follow you for what you can give them and if you’re just giving them the exact same thing they could get from a multitude of other tumblr users, or even better, from just going to the source of everything you reblog, then not many people are going to follow you because not many will see the need to. you have to make your blog “different” in some way shape or form.

also you have to make mutuals with people who also have a good amount of followers because if they reblog your posts then it will net you new followers and also spread the content quicker. both of them kind of go hand in hand… you generate content, and also make your blog have a similar aesthetic or theme to some other peoples, you follow them, they look at your blog, like it, and follow you back, the cycle continues. blah blah blah

tbh tho like … it’s really not a big deal to have a lot of followers on here like i guess it can be? nice? but once you have a good amount it just kind of becomes eh whatever also it sometimes feels like you’re just sharing a personal diary with a bunch of strangers which can be a good or bad thing depending. NOT saying i don’t appreciate all my followers bc honestly you guys are so nice and interact with me a lot and even tho i don’t always reply i do really appreciate the fact that u guys reach out to me and care about me like.. that’s awesome and also pretty surreal.

but also i’m taking it back on kidding about the youtube thing pls do that instead there’s no point in investing energy into your TUMBLR like.. you get no money from this lmao

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A, O, Q, U

A- are you single?
Yes! And to make this a mildly more satisfying answer, I’ve always been single since I haven’t dated. I’ve been /on/ dates, but I’ve never settled with someone. That is for… *sigh* multiple reasons. Long story short I haven’t found someone that I’ve liked enough to date yet and I have no interest in going through the motions just in order to be with someone. It’s a little odd for someone my age I guess, and the people around me get increasingly perplexed (and slightly worried) the older I get, but it’s just the way I am with this. I am well on my way to being the eccentric spinster aunt who travels a lot and dotes on my sibling’s offsprings.

O- one wish?
To have a home. And I mean more than a house. I want a place that is mine that I long for when I am a way, a place that I belong where all of it is a part of me.

Q- question always asked?
“Are you available for background commissions?” hahahaha apart from that I don’t think I get many other specific questions outside of like who are you and what do you do? I can’t think of any anyway.

U- 3 biggest wishes?
I’ve already answered this one but I’m sure I have 3 more wishes:

  • To have a job that pays well
  • To have a job that I am satisfied with
  • To have a job that allows me to grow

If I have to spend so much of my life working, I want it to be as fulfilling as possible.

» character development meme

Reblog, fill in with your own character’s information, and tag your friends!


Full name: Nyon Emifil
Nyny, Prince, Kena
Age: 25
Birthday: October
Ethnicity: human
Gender: male
Romantic orientation: Biromantic
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Languages: common used language, forgotten old language (Kamanium)


Parents:  Samon (father) and Ulana (mother)
Siblings: Uman (older brother) and Nyra (twin sister)
Significant other: Aron (uncle) […]
Children: none


Hair: short / mid-long hair, white/lilac
Eyes: lilac
Height: 1,89 m
Weight: 86 kg
Body build: muscular

Q U E S T I O N  T I M E

What would you say are your character’s strongest traits?

His Character. He is charming and confident. He does fear almost nothing and is willing to help other people, even if he does not know them at all. Nyon has a strong and good heart.

What would you say are your character’s weakest traits?

The conflict with his father. A dark secret he is hiding and a dark curse, that overshadowes his family

What is your character like when they’re in love?

He tries to impress the other person and he wants to do things the other part likes or loves. He wants to make the person happy as much as possible. He is a loving man when someone is able to get his heart, love and trust.

What kind of upbringing did your character have, and how did this affect them now?

Nyon was raised in a strong and serious way. He learned the etiquette and was also trained to fight like a real prince would do. The only loving part in his family was his mother. His father was not always harsh, but he changed. No one knows why exactly. But it affected Nyon a lot. He became stronger in some way, but also he was hurt deeply.

What is their relationship with their family like?

A mostly serious relationship with his father. A loving relationship with his mother (and later with his siblings). A trustful relationship with his uncle.

Is your character religious? What religion do they practice, if so?

He is not exactly religious. He thinks, that there is some god or are some gods. He often went to the cathedral with his parents. Nyon learned to “behave that way”.

How does your character deal with mistakes?

He can’t stand it, if he made a mistake. He wants to correct it as good as possible. Nyon is a bit stubborn, so mistakes can happen. He is kind of spirited.

What kind of friendships does your character have?

He has some friendships he cherishes a lot. Loyal, friendly, etc.

Does your character forgive and forget or do they hold a grudge? Why?

It depends. He can hold a grudge and it is possible he can never forget something if the mistake (or whatever) is too big or hurtful. On the other hand he can forgive mistakes and such, but maybe he needs some time to think about it.

How do they view the world they live in?

Unfair world. A lot of twists (fortune or unfortune). Mostly normal/okay. A world with a lot of inequity. Hard to trust.

Does your character think with their head or with their heart?

He often thinks with his heart and that can be a problem. He is often to hot blooded and it can bring him some problems. But also Nyon can think with his head and be a very logical and/or tactial person. It depends on the situation.

Is your character well-schooled? What sort of education did they have?

Nyon is well-schooled. He got private lessons and is an educated man, even if he does not behave like that most of the time. ( Intentionally )

Finish this meme with whatever you want to tell us about your character!

Quote Nyon:

“All evil is rooted in one good, and all wrong in one truth. The beauty of things lives in the soul of those, who contemplate them.”

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omg that anon w the polaroid like i can also imagine you and shawn after you've had sex and he takes a polaroid of you together in the bed cuddling and being all cutesy and blushing and it's just one of those private photos that only you and him keep and smile and blush to yourslef when u guys are away from each other asdjfdfuidfiuio <3

Q U A L I T Y C O N T E N T.