My bias towards Izuku being #1 son is showing, but Todoroki really needs some positive reinforcement.


Bond helping Q recover from a panic attack during a flight. (Alludes to his fear of flying. This scene’s been stuck in my head for a while. Dunno about the possible time-frame but I’ve put him in his striped turtleneck from Spectre! <3)

“Thank you, 007… The sickness bag, rather ingenious of you…”

“You’re welcome. Yes, it’s not often I’m providing useful items between us.”

“Agreed, it’s rare. Well, I’ve caught my breath… so, um… you may return to your seat now. I - I just need another minute or two…”

“Q, I plan to return with you. My martini can wait.”

Shit, Bond… What do you imagine people will think if they see us leaving a plane lavatory together?”

“Oh, I can certainly imagine… but, to be quite honest, I’ll only mind if you do.”

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“Oh my God,” she says. “We killed her. We killed an old woman because we were having sex. I think that’s a crime. I knew this would turn into ‘Thelma and Louise’. I’m not ready to drive off a cliff into the Grand Canyon.”
         >> The Great Wide Somewhere <<  by Amycarey

so, peridot and lapis always believed they deserved better than what happened to them… and jasper didn’t. this just confirms to me more than ever that she needs a support system. her lack of one just. tore her apart mentally, by letting her perpetuate and reinforce her toxic ideas about herself without any real outside input from someone who knows her issues and still accepts her.

@ the entire show, please help her.


       Dorian looked at the carpet, at all the threads woven together. ‘What do I do now?’ They were gone: the woman he’d loved–and the man he hated. He met her stare. No calculation, no coldness, no pity in those turquoise eyes. Just unflinching honesty, as there had been from the very start with her. 'What do I do?’
       She had to swallow before she said. 'You light up the darkness.’


Andaman Islands, India

the next person who tries to say queer isn’t a slur or has been reclaimed for everyone, i’m dragging them down right to where i live in the bible belt and i’ll let you hear every queer, fag, and d slur that gets hurled at me just for being open about liking multiple genders. i’m literally terrified to come out as a trans man because my coworkers CONTINOUSLY called another trans man who i worked with a queer because he was open about being trans. you can come here and listen as people who i know and work with call other lgbt people and especially trans people “queers”, along with “it”. you can hear all of these straight cis men call anyone who seems they could be remotely gay, a queer.

queer is still a slur and i get reminded of it every day, so stop saying it’s not, stop saying it’s been 100% reclaimed, and stop calling this the “queer” community.

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I live your blog!!! I was wondering if you can know of any good pictures of youngjae surrounded by confetti? :)

Hi dear, 

Thank you so much for loving my blog. Talking about confetti, Youngjae has a love and hate relationship with it..well actually not really..kekeke Anyway, these are some of the photos of Youngjae surrounded by confetti. I’m sorry that I had to include JB too since their photos with confetti look so beautiful~ enjoy^^

Sorry I had to include JB since these photos are beautiful ~

Aren’t they perfect and beautiful? kekeke 

I told you that Youngjae has love and hate relationship with confetti right? So these some of photos which Youngjae doesn’t like being showered by too much confetti~ kekeke 

Bonus for you, cute Youngjae with confetti~